The ThEIF Of The East

April 23, 2009
By Zachary Kalistook BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Zachary Kalistook BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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Bob Snitter was born in Cleveland,Ohio. When he was 29, he moved to Baltimore,Maryland. He didn’t like living in Baltimore. He only lived there for a day.
He moved to Glen Mills,Pennsylvanyia he stole from walmart,the mall and fred myers.
He got tired of stealing in Glen Mills,Pensylvania so he moved to Pittsburgh,Pensylvania.

When he was stealing the police almost caught him and he ran off. He relocated at Bar Harbor,Maine. He stole from walmart a dozen times. The sheriff saw him stealing and almost brought him to jail. He moved to New York City, New York. He thought the stores didn’t have any security.

He stole 3 times until he got caught by the security. They told him to bring back the stuff but he never listened, He quickly moved to Delaware Valley before the police came for him. He played soccer with a few people. Then him and his friends played baseball at a baseball field. He was running when he saw the swat team.

He shot a few hoops at the basketball court. He played volleyball by the beach, his team always lost. He loved gambling with people he didn’t know. He smoked like every morning. He was always drinking when his parents called him. He played pool on the internet.

He stole his 1st car the owner didn’t care,because his family was rich. He lied to his parents that he bought his 1st car. The police got him for stealing. He lived in the jail for the rest of the week. He had to work very hard. He had his own job in jail.When he got to jail he thought it was a bad jail. He meet a lot of people. His best friend was Bill.

They asked each other how they got to jail. Bob Said “I got caught stealing.” And Bill said “Me too.” They learned they got into jail for stealing. They learned there lesson. They got out of jail the next week. He learned to listen to his parents.

He learned how to listen to his parents. He stole from the malls and stores again.
He decided to move to Canada, because they had no security at stores. He kept on changing the way he looked. The people at Canada wondered where he was at during the week. He stole from the bank that had the most money. he sent a lot of money to his family.

He told his family he won the lottery. He was so rich he bought things with money he stole. He thought he was a really nice person to his entire family. Then they got so confused about his live. Bob and Bill meet each other again. Bob said “He still stole from stores.” Bill said “He is still stealing to.” Bill said “He came to Canada to steal from banks.”

Bob and Bill said” Wow we are planning to go to the same locations.” He was so happy his best friend would follow him now. His family was worried about him for not communicating again. His parents were wondering what was going on with him. We both Knew each other since we were 13 years old. We lived close to each other are parents didn’t talk to us. We both decided to do criminal things to stores.

Our parents didn’t feed us much at home, I was hyper when ever I bought pop. I was very wild when my parents left town when I was a kid. No one understood what my parents did at the bar. The kids at my school always made fun of me in the past.

They told my parents “To let me stay home, during my childhood.” Bob was my only nice friend. We had meeting about school everyday after my grandma and grandpa died. We ended up being the smartest people in our own class. Our teachers didn’t teach us anything.

The teachers couldn’t believe how smart we were in high school. They couldn’t believe we started to steal after college. We were in college for 11 years. They had a very big plan to steal from the richest stores. They loved to hangout with each other.

He broke all of the laws. He hated to tell people about his life. The people who tried to locate him were to slow to find his location. There were so much people who didn’t like them. They lived with each other. There was so much strange things happening in their life.

They ended up being on the wanted list in an international country they never been to in there life. They tried to clear their names but they were unsuccessful. The country had the investigation with out them at court. The people told them they never lived in the country, they found out about the mistake. The country dropped all the counts on the investigation. They lived happily after they dropped the investigation.

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