Ernie and Friends go Japan

April 23, 2009
By Gabriel Moses BRONZE, Bethe, Alaska
Gabriel Moses BRONZE, Bethe, Alaska
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Ernie was on his way to London with his friends Jamie, Thomas, Marc, Johnson, Michael, and Markham. Ernie and his friends went to an ice bar. While Ernie, Jamie, and Thomas were at one side, Marc, Johnson, Michael, and Markham were drinking a 40oz while Johnson was buying it. Ernie, Jamie and Thomas are on the other side sitting down on ice chairs and drinking beer.
At the end of the day they were on a boat on their way to Ireland. On the boat Ernie and his friends were eating food and watching American football and they were cheering for the New England Patriots. When they reached Ireland the Patriots won a game. So Ernie and his friends were doing a commercial for Kellogg’s they had to say words for the commercial and all of them attended it and got paid.
After the commercial they walked around and skated and meet some girls and ate out with the girls and then brought them to their apartment and got to know each other better. So when they left they went to India for a skate contest and all the them went to their hotel first then they went back to the contest then joined then they announced the winner and it was a tie against Jamie and Michael. When it was a tie Michael and Jamie had to face off and then Jamie goes first he does an inward heelflip and Michael is up and he does a 360 laserflip into a 50-50 and he won $10,000 dollars.
So they go back to the hotel and they all rest from a hard day and wake up in the morning and eat breakfast and head to China by car the car was called a Volts Wagon colors. When they reached China they rent an apartment and take a rest for hours, when they wake up they go see the dictator. The dictator was name Mei Youi Hoi and asks why they don’t have any skate parks? He responded, “We can’t skate that’s why.” When they headed back to the apartment they found couple skate spots they skate for a while then went home. When they woke up they saw that Markham was not their and they were worried a got taken away by people but he came back with some breakfast. The following day they drove to Hong Kong when they were in Hong Kong they ate out.
When they were walking they spotted a wannabe gang. The gang was called crouching tiger hidden dragon they grew near to Ernie and his friends the gang tried to beat them up but they turned the table around. When they found a restaurant then they ate a lot. The next day they had to catch a flight at 12:00 o’clock and it was 10:00 o’clock they were more then a mile away from the airport. When they reached the airport Ernie was with Johnson and they were walking and a China police man was coming and accusing him of doing something bad so they were fighting. The brawl was going for ten min and it was over and Ernie kick the China police butt. So Ernie and his friends went to the loading area and finally went to Japan.

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