The Life of Wilson Thompson

April 23, 2009
By Daniel Mark BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wyoming
Daniel Mark BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wyoming
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There was once a man named Wilson Thompson who was not at all an ordinary man. One of the first things you should know about Wilson Thompson if that he is a thirty-six year old man. Another thing you should know about Wilson is that all of the men in his family lose their hair at a very early age. As you can imagine, this is quite embarrassing and they did everything they could to prevent it. But as much as they tried to prevent is they still lost their hair. Although some of them were able to keep it a little longer, no one kept their hair, until Wilson Thompson.

Shortly after Wilson’s thirty-sixth birthday, he came to own the family paper company. His father, Jefferson Thompson, had decided to retire. Knowing that he would soon loose his hair, Wilson took up a secret hobby of searching for the solution to hair loss with the extra money from his new position. Because of this new hobby, the paper company suffered. Wilson had very little time to pay attention to the company; He was always researching hair growth formulas. He tried everything from usual hair growth formulas to wearing perfume instead of cologne, which was a rumor that he had heard worked.

One day Wilson was walking down the street and a strange man came up to him. The man told Wilson that he had the solution to hair loss. Wilson was suspicious at first, but he was so desperate that he decided to give it a try. He bought a small bottle of the liquid for a high price. After that he rushed hoe to give it a try. He rubbed it on to his head excitedly. At first he was disappointed because it didn’t work, but then his hair started to grow a little bit. The next thing he knew, he had hair again!

He rushed to the phone and called his father to tell him the wonderful news. His father was very happy for him and also a little jealous. Wilson put on his hat and jacket and headed out the door. He planned on showing the world that this Thompson would not lose his hair. That’s not exactly what happened though. As he walked towards the door he passed a mirror. He looked into the mirror and realized that he had too much hair. The hair solution had kept working and now his hair was getting too long.

There was a knock at the door. Wilson cautiously opened it. It was the strange man who had sold Wilson the hair solution. Before Wilson could say anything, the man grabbed Wilson and dragged him out the door. The man led Wilson to a car and shoved him into the back seat. This man was much stronger than Wilson, which wasn’t saying much because of Wilson’s lankiness. He had no choice but to sit there and see where he was going.

Eventually the car stopped and Wilson got out. He realized that he was at a circus. He had always wanted to see a circus, but he never seemed to have a chance. But Wilson realized that this wasn’t what he was there for. He was being forced into a room by several strong men. As soon as he was through the door, it slammed shut behind him. There was a very bright light in his face. He realized that it was a spotlight, and he was on a stage! The strange man that Wilson saw earlier was walking towards him. Wilson realized the man was a ringmaster. He was in a circus! The ringmaster announced to the crowd that this was the world’s hairiest man.

Wilson was shocked, but it was now that he realized that he shouldn’t have trusted the ringmaster. He also realized that he shouldn’t have been trying so hard to change his hair loss problem, which was natural. He had made too many mistakes. His father wouldn’t envy Wilson now, no one would, because he was stuck in the circus as the world’s hairiest man.

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