Life In The UFC

April 22, 2009
By Mitchell Pete BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Mitchell Pete BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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My name is Jr Peterson. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I am 28-years-old. I have a family of three. My wife named Jennifer, she is 26-years-old, my daughter Sally is 4-years-old and my son Rick is 6-years-old. I drive a Hummer 2, which has a nice system. I love to drive, I bring my family out camping in the near by parks near Denver.
Actually, I have another name, it is a fighter name, and it is Pitbull Peterson. I like to watch UFC on TV and decided I wanted to try joining. After I saw my friends fight, decided that I wanted to do something with my life and hit some people. Well, I am at it. When I was 21-years-old. I went to the Martial arts headquarters to find out the qualifications. I began to train for my qualifying fight.
Things haven’t always been good in my life. During my school years I got bullied a lot. After that it was kind of hard to make friends and I ended up being quiet and reserved. I traveled a lot and did many things. I spent time in Alaska running dogs. Spent time in California being a beach bum. I sky dived with my father in Arizona. I bungy jumped in Boston. Won a big poker game, then I traveled the world. I visited China and saw the Great Wall, and visited Japan and went to see the bombsites. I went to Mexico and saw the Aztecs ruins. Also to Australia and saw the Great Barrior Reef. But I was always alone and lonely.
For the next six months I trained. I ran for an hour and a half everyday. I lifted weights for an hour everyday. Then started to train in the ring. I didn’t have so many friends because I was too busy training all day. I was still very lonely. I joined a gym to get my training routine on a tough schedule. This is where I met my two first best friends. Billy and Chuck, they where also training for the UFC and they belonged to the gym that I just joined. It was great we did everything together,train,run,practice in the ring,eat out together,and spent a lot of time together.
I made it to my qualifying fight against “Bone Crusher”. This is the guy that everyone had to fight to make it into the UFC. The fight was very tough, I almost lost in the first round but I came back and kicked some butt. This fight lasted for four rounds. I knocked him out. The ref stopped the fight in the fourth round. We went into the middle of the ring and the ref raised the winners hand. I won the fight. I felt very good because I won and I was on my way to be a UFC fighter.
During the fight I kept noticing the ring announcer. She was young and very beautiful and I was dying to meet her. Luckily she was anxious to meet me too. She showed up to my dressing room. We went out for coffee and we talked and I got her number. A week later I ended up asking her out to a dinner and a movie. That night I ended up asking her to date me, she said yes. My life is much better since I joined the UFC. I now have two best friends that I always hung out with and a girl I was planning on marrying.
For the next six months my life was busy. I was training hard for my next fight and, of curse, spending a lot of time with Jennifer. We planned a long camping trips on weekends of Labor Day. We decided to drive to Yosemite National Park and camped there. The drive was very nice and we saw a lot of wild life. After a nice dinner we cooked over the fire, I decided to ask her to marry me. I even had a ring. She said, “Yes”.
After going back to Denver the next few weeks were so busy meeting each others families, planning the wedding, and making time to train for my next up coming fights. I had fought “Bone Crusher”, “Larry Birdman”, “Quinn The Eskimo”, and the main fight with Mayweather was coming up in two weeks. I had won all the fights that I fought so far. I am looking forward to my main fight, I hope I win. He is known for the featherweight division in the UFC.
The featherweight fight was scheduled to be in Las Vegas, Nevada. My friends Billy and Chuck were fighting a day before me. We all ended up driving there, Jennifer would fly out the day of my fight. The UFC put us up in the MGM Grand hotel. The fights where also going to be held at the MGM. I was looking forward for my main fight
with Mayweather. No matter if I lose or win, if I lose all I would do is train harder, if I win it will be another win for my record.
Jennifer’s flight made it in that afternoon, she showed up to the fights. We went to bed. Got up early, then Billy and Chuck had to fight around five that late afternoon. Billy fought first, he ended up losing, and he lost by tap out. Chuck fought around six thirty, I had to watch his fight cause I had fought this guy before and won. First round he was down. Second round Chuck had him good almost knocked him out. Third round he kicked him up side the head then the guy knocked out. After the fights we went out for dinner, then out to a bar. We went back to the hotel because I had to get my rest. I had a big day ahead of me the next day. We went to bed.
Got up the next day with my mind on my fight. My main fight would be the last fight of the night. I went to watch all the fights before mine. It was time for my fight. I went to my dressing room to put my fighting stuff on, prayed a little and psyched myself up. My helpers and I walked out when it was time for the fight. My opponent walked out with his people. They announced use then we met the ref, the fight started.
The first round was kind of slow we hardly throw any punches, second round got a little better we both threw punches, we got hit every once and a while. When I got hit, it hurt. Third round I was throwing some good punches always hit when I threw a punch. The noise was so loud. Everyone was screaming and on there feet. It was hot. Sweat was running down our faces and down our bodies. I could taste the salt as my sweat ran down in my mouth. Fourth round was out-of-control; we started to kick and punch. I kicked him in the rib then he got pissed and tried to kick my rib, he missed and kicked my wrist. I got hurt I didn’t know if I could finish the fight. But then I ended up throwing an upper cut and knocked him out. I won the featherweight spot in the UFC. After the fight I went to my dressing room. Then Billy, Chuck and Jennifer showed up. “Great fight”, “what a match” they said “what a champ”, Jennifer said. “Thanks.” I said, “That’s what I have been training for, to be a champ.” Mayweather even came and said “good fight!” “keep it up.” The next day we packed our things and went back to Denver. That weekend we had a big Bar’B’Qe, inviting the families and friends. It was my celebration for winning my featherweight spot in the UFC. We had steaks, and hotdogs, beer, pop and other snacks. Everyone was having a great time, throwing the football around, playing horseshoes, and kids playing tag. I sat back watching everyone and thought about my life. I felt very happy I had a great family and friends. I wasn’t alone anymore, I met my goal of becoming the UFC’s featherweight champ and I still had a great life ahead of me

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