The Crash That Might Ruin My Life

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Hi my name is David. I am going to tell you about my dirt biking career and my problems. In the story I crash my dirt bike and I’m Having problems because I broke bones and lost blood. They wont let me ride till I heel. But that might take months. I don’t know what to do anymore.

When I went to Alaska for a race. I got my dirt bike out and went around the track to practice for the race I had to win. I was going around the track and all of the sudden I was flipping and turning all over the place. I finally landed on the other side of the track. I was all beat up my leg was broken and I broke my collarbone and I also lost a lot of blood. I had a big cut down the side of my leg it was so deep you could almost see my bone.

The doctor told me that I couldn’t ride my bike for six months because of the damage I did to myself. When he told me that, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing I didn’t want to believe him one bit. I call up my wife and told her what had happened. That I was in the hospital in Alaska. She was very considered about what had happened she told me that she was going to get on an airplane first thing tomorrow. I told her okay and that I loved her and I hung up the phone with her.

The next day when I woke up my beautiful wife was sitting by my side waiting till I woke up from my peaceful deep sleep. Then she gave me a kiss and said good morning and I said it back grateful she was there for me knowing that she loved me and care for me. She told that the doctor said, “I had to be bed rested for six months then it hit me again”. I couldn’t ride my dirt bike or race for six months. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with not riding my dirt bike for that long.

Two days after I was admitted to the hospital I was able to go back to my loving home in Hawaii where the sun is hot and humid and calm. I final get to see my two beautiful kids Josh and Stephanie. They mean everything to me their my everything. As soon as they saw me pull up into the driveway of our home they ran up to the truck and gave one big hug that I will always remember. Then they helped me with my bag and stuff and brought them in for me.

Later that night we had dinner it was so peaceful looking at my kids seeing the curiosity in their eyes so I asked, “them if they had any questions for me”. Then they both jump up and started asking me all these questions. I started to laugh and said, “one at a time kids please”. Then my wife just looked at me with a slight smile on her face I love it when she does that look. Then Josh started to ask me questions first, then Stephanie but she didn’t have any, Josh seemed to have a lot more then she did.

Months went by I was feeling great my collar bone was a little sore and my leg of course was still in a cast. My stitches where out now from the big gash in my leg. But other than that I was okay I thought it was going to be way worse but it wasn’t. As the days went on I was feeling better and I was messing with my dirt bike again not riding, Just getting it ready for the big race coming up in a couple of months I was so ready for it. I am so excited for it to come I wish it was here already. That’s how excited I am, I haven’t rode forever.

More months went by and I got my cast off finally it was weak for a couple of weeks but it is fine now. Finally the moment was here, I was waiting for this moment for months. My wife and kids and I got all my stuff together and got in the truck. Five minutes later we where on our to the track. When we got to the track I stepped out to smell the track I couldn’t believe I was there all this time and I was finally here. I got my riding clothes on and started my dirt bike. In tens minutes the race was going to start. I was so nervous to be there.

I brought my dirt bike to the starting line to begin the race. All the people was there that was going to race. I have never seen that many people there to watch a race before. Then all of the sudden I hear the horn go off that means the race is starting now. I took off I was in fifth place starting out. I went around and around the track nonstop. It was crazy all the dirt bikes around me. Then all of the sudden I was in first place. And I won the race in first place it was exciting. It was the best race of my life. I would have never thought I would of won that race. When I got off my dirt bike I ran to my wife and kids and gave them a big hug and kiss. My wife told me she was proud of me and that I did well and to keep it up. After that race I did better in my races and I felt more confined in racing. One day I hope my son can grow up and have the same experience as I did.

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About the author:

The author is a 15-year-old girl. That is absolutely in love with dirt bikes. She spends her evenings riding after school. Till she can’t ride anymore. And in the summer she rides all day. She’s from Pineville, Louisiana.
But now is living in a small town in Alaska called Bethel. She lives with her father. Her mother lives in Louisiana still with two of her sisters. One of her sisters lives with her in Bethel. All together she has three sisters.

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