All Gone.

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

The sounds of the screaming fans outside was hurting my ears. I was so excited to finally have a gig. We all were. “Jammmmmmmmaaaayyy! Jaymay! Its time! Lets go!” Ugh. Windro. Windro always said my name Jay May, instead of Jay Me. My name is Jamie London and I am fifteen. I am in a band, Pattz. I sat down behind the stage to nervous to go on and play the drums. Ariana came back stage. “James, what up? Why you ain’t gotton to the stage? We all waitin’ on you.” “Ari, I can’t go out there. I can’t play the drums in front of all those people!” “James, you will do fine, if Hailes is singing in front of everyone you can definitely play the drums.!” She grabbed my hand and dragged me to the stage. She went up to the mike, “Hey, this herrrrrr is ma friend Jamie, now she got a little stage fright, lets help her out.” I smiled. Arinna held my arm up with her tattooed arm covered in sheer black lace. “So, we got Jamie here on the drums, Hailey at the mike, but we call her Hailes, Windie at the guitar, me at the keys and Reil at the base. Lets Go Pattz!!! 1, 2, 3, 4!”

We are born for this! I thought as I banged keeping with the rhythm, there was nothing for me to be afraid of. Jamie Zoey Ann London has nothing to be afraid of. None of us do. Hailey Phobee Lynn DeLuca, Arianna Colette Anderlin, Reily Roxy Jude, and Windrow Oliver Carlisle Perry. None. And as Pattz finished there last song and headed backstage. I saw Grandma Julieanne at the end of the hall, only one thing, Grandma Julieanne had been dead for five years. “Grandma?” I studdered. She walked to me. “Lilliana Rose London. Come forward. Speak with me.” I froze. Lilliana Rose was my birth name. I had it legally changed when I turned fourteen. She came closer. “In private Lilliana Rose.” She ushered me forward until we were in the bathroom alone. “Lilliana Rose I came to warn you, Danika Alusha is going to die. As will Linda Ruby Luna. Sherries and Carl as well. Tonight. Don’t try and save them. Go stay with Rene Carlie and Patrick in New York. You will be happy and safe.” “Grandma Julieanne what are you saying wait! Julieanne!” and with that she was gone. Forever. I was so confused.

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