Beauty - Revised

April 22, 2009
By Alison Neshek BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Alison Neshek BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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She is so beautiful. Everyone is who is out in public these days. So far all of the Natural Beauties have been overtaken and challenged by the Fakers who go in for surgeries and risky methods to be beautiful. You can hardly tell any of them apart anymore. The only way to spot a new Changeling is if he or she stops at every reflective object to observe themselves in. I envy them. They have a perfect life with beauty; people are nicer, they can get away with things an Unsightly like me couldn’t even think about without being caught, they even get better jobs! The whole method is unfair!

Spotting an upcoming window I pull my hat down lower, my jacket collar up my sunglasses on more firmly trying to prepare myself for the assault waiting for me. Unfortunately the sun decided to make my day even more miserable by peeping out of the clouds just as I pass the window making my reflection ten times worse. I gasp at the unseemly sight and try to walk faster but instead bump into two new Changelings, brand-new by the looks of it. They recoiled when I touched them. I fell onto the sidewalk, my hat and sunglasses fell and my jacket slid. I was revealed out in the open. A child started to cry at the sight. I struggled to get up and hoisted myself up on a ledge. I realized to late it was the window ledge I was grasping onto and got a full view of myself; heart shaped face, snow white skin without a blemish or mark, waist length golden hair reflecting the sunlight, full pink lips, large blue eyes framed by black lashes, curvy figure. I screamed at my reflection and ran from the Beauties and their perfect looks; dull hair, small eyes, round faces, large and bumpy noses, blemished skin of all colors, crooked teeth. Their thin pale lips, under eye circles, big eyebrows, under and over bites, all of it. They were just too beautiful.

I ran all of the way to the Doctor’s and burst into the room. The receptionist gave me a weird look as I rushed up to her desk. I pulled a thick wad of dollar bills out of my sweatshirt pocket and pushed it towards her so as she would not have to touch me. “I would like to be Changed.” I said in a clear voice not breaking eye contact. She smiled at me after I said this. Walking around to the front of the desk she put her arm around me which startled me so much I made a sound of fright. She calmed me then spoke. “My dear, you are safe here. Be happy young one! You are about to enter a whole new life!” she lead me into a large white room with a light that blinded me. She laid me down on a small sterile cot then put me under. I wasn’t afraid. I was finally going to be beautiful for once in my life.

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