Feng Shui

April 22, 2009
By Emily Boone BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
Emily Boone BRONZE, Saint Louis, Missouri
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I am Mother Nature.
I am peace.
I am balance.
I am the authority on creativity. “Feng shui” my foot! Raking pebbles into a circle will get you nothing.
Watch those pebbles tumble across the earth as I rumble and shift, and then tell me how “inspiring” you still find your rock garden.
Stand atop a mountain and count her sister peaks around you, and then tell me that you could arrange them more “harmoniously”.
Bask in my brother sun’s warmth and tell me that you would prefer to work under a fluorescent glow.

I hear you whine about how your Ch’i is “blocked”, how your life isn’t “balanced”.
You’ve built your walls, you’ve shut your windows; what else did you expect?
I. am. Mother. Nature.
Source of all things green and growing.
You want your Ch’i? I AM Ch’i. I’m not just the life source, I am life itself.
Retreat inside your dead wood and stone blocks, and yeah, I think you’re going to feel like I’m a little “blocked.”

So quit rearranging your sofa and come outside.
I don’t mean a city park, because that was built and planted by some architect who thought that he knew better than I do.
Meet me in the wild places.
Stand on the edge of a cliff for once, I promise to inspire you, not shove you off it.
Bring your pens, your books, your paints, your film… I will be your muse if you will only listen to me.


Even as I ask this I know that you will not come.
You will continue to hack and burn and drill your way through me, cutting my trees for your furniture and crushing my mountains for your pebbles.

And when you have killed me.
When all that you have is the dead rock of the world.
You will sit in your cities, so perfectly aligned, and the balance you so desperately sought… will have died with me.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this because of our environment's plight. The natural world is very important to me, and I want to do everything I can to protect it.

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