Killer House

April 22, 2009
By Devon Carver BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
Devon Carver BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
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I was running as I do everyday at 7:30. Going to breakfast at my favorite place, across the street Bed n’ Breakfast. I was eating eggs and bacon, when I heard an alarm go off. It was the national bank of Hatboro! Next thing I knew the robber was running away from the cops. Firing blindly at the cops. Not taking in everything that was going on, I took cover behind my table. I looked up to hear the shriek of a woman. It was a cop on the ground and loosing a lot of blood. I quickly ran over but tripped and got knocked out.
Next thing I knew I woke up on my couch to the sound of Channel 6 Action News, not knowing if what happened was a dream or if it was real. I saw my brother Cole watching T.V. “So Brian you’re finally up.”
“Yea what happened?”
“ You were knocked out when I came to see what was going on, so I took you home.”
I quickly jumped up. “Is the cop ok?”
“I don’t know Brian that’s why I am watching the news.”
That’s how Cole always is, either watching T.V or causing trouble around. He hasn’t shaved in a month so he has a nice little beard going on. Then I heard on the news that a female cop named Pvt. Mary Sudd had died from a gunshot wound early this morning.
One year later I was still trying to forget that horrible memory. My brother and I had to move because my brother got this really big promotion so we had to move to Doylestown. We are at the house getting situated when my brother said, “I’m gonna go talk to the moving guys and see how much more stuff we have to bring in.”
“Ok,” I said.

My brother and I went to Dinner that evening. He had the steak and I had lobster tail. We were talking about where we were going to put the new flat screen we were getting soon and we both decided that the living room is where it should go. We went home that night and later I heard a noise. It came from the kitchen. There was a bullet round from what looks like an AK- 47, shocked and scared I didn’t know what to do. I asked my brother if he knew anything about this and he said no. We were looking in the house for intruders but the house had not been broken into. All the windows were closed and locked, and all the doors were closed and locked. It was weird but maybe the people who used to live here had a gun to keep intruders away. I had a shower and went to bed that night.
My brother Cole was really quiet that night; well maybe he was just tired. But he had work today and I stayed home. It felt weird going around a house I have only been in for about 2 days. So I was going to go down into town and see what there was to do there. There was a nice burger place called, FIVE GUYS. Their burgers were amazing. I went home to my brother sitting on the couch watching T.V. I said hi and gave him a burger. He liked it too. We went to bed that night with no problems around the house.
The next morning I went to get the mail. There was an insurance bill for a Mrs. Sudd. I have heard that name before but I do not know where. I asked my brother since he has off of work on Mondays. He said he doesn’t know who that is. So I went to the post office to see if they would take this mail back. They said they didn’t know about a Mrs. Sudd moving. Then it hit me. There was a bleeding cop on the ground in front of me screaming “Help me!” Then I heard a man
“Sir?, sir?, are you ok?” I said yes then quickly went home to my brother I told him, and he did not know someone who got killed used to be here. I went to bed that night thinking of that memory, and I couldn’t sleep. I heard a voice, a really faint voice. It kept saying, “Is that the Devil?” I didn’t know what to think then the spirit had my brother and was screaming. “Why! Why! Why!” Then I woke up, it was 5:14 in the morning. I got up and got some coffee getting ready to do my early run as I do every morning.
All day I could not stop thinking about the dream. When I was running, when I was eating breakfast, when I came back home. I couldn’t get it off my mind. I tried to forget about it and watch some T.V. Then all of a sudden the T.V turned off and I got worried. I thought that the plug came out but that was not it. It just shut off. I went into my room to watch my T.V and luckily it worked. I was waiting for my brother to get home when I heard a lot of gunshots. I jumped on the ground, and went to the window to see who was doing it. But no one was there. Scared to death I locked all the doors and windows. I sat in my room with a knife just in case there was someone out there. My brother came home about a half an hour later and I almost knifed him because I thought he was an intruder. He swatted the knife away and he asked me what was wrong. I said, “I thought someone shot a gun at me.”
The next day was pretty normal, no signs of anything wrong with the house. It was about 9:00P.M and I was about to take a shower when I heard my phone ring. I went to get it and I answered, “Hello?”
“Is he there.” the strange voice said.
“Who is this?” I asked. “I’ll find you kids that are doing this.”
Then the person hung up. I was wondering if it was a kid just trying to spook me or something else. I went to sleep knowing that I would be safe considering that there was a new safety alarm system that my brother installed.
I woke to an alarm going off, my brother and I were both startled. We didn’t know what happened, but quickly ran to the door to see who came in and all the doors and windows were closed.
My brother turned the alarm off, and he said, “I’ll take it back tomorrow.”
The next day we took it back and we went home. I went to get the mail. Bill enclosed for Mary Sudd. I took it back to the post office and they said that they were sorry for the mix up. I went home that day and my brother was on the floor, laying there motionless, like…… like …… like he was dead. I called an ambulance and they picked us up. We were in the hospital for 8 hours. The doctor did not know what was wrong with him.
We went home that day hoping everything would be all right but when we got out of the cab, everything in our house, in our driveway and in our yard was broken. I quickly called 911 but my phone died quickly. I went inside with my brother to get the charger but it was in the fireplace! Now something was really wrong. Then the doorbell rang. It was a kid about the age of 10. He said, “Do you know wear my house is?” Me and my brother looked at each other with a disturbed look.
I told the kid, “No we don’t know where your house is, are you lost?”
“Never mind.” The kid said and walked away.
Me and my brother were both confused about what was going on. We boarded up the house with 2x4’s and we went to sleep, only to awake to rocks or something hard being thrown at the house. We went outside to see what was going on, and it was the same kid just standing there.
“We told you to leave!” my brother said.
The kid just stood there like he didn’t even hear what was going on. Then the kid just disappeared, like a ghost. It was weird. The past three nights have been horrible. We keep seeing the kid and a ghost that is a girl, about six feet tall. I couldn’t make out her face. It wasn’t like the kid who looked real. It was like a spirit. We tried to tell the cops but they keep telling us, “Get some sleep, you will be all right.” We can’t move again because this house will never sell with all the boards up against it, so we had to wait it out.
I got home one day and there he was……. My brother…………on the ground…….dead. I didn’t know what to do so I called an ambulance. The doctors had no idea what happened, how he died or who did it. I went home that day to look for clues and there he was. The kid from outside. He was crying so I said, “What’s wrong?” He said, “My mom is dead, she was shot in the leg.” I looked at him puzzled.
Then I realized what was going on. His mom was the cop who got shot. The killer was still loose and this is where they used to live. It all came to me but why would someone kill my brother? Then just as I said that, I felt something next to me. It was a spirit. It was my brother, I could recognize him anywhere. I looked at him and he said, “Hey listen, I was the one that killed the cop.”
I just looked at him surprised and confused. “But, but why?”
“That’s how we got this house. I used the money I stole.”
Then his spirit left. I looked at the kid, and he looked at me.
Then child services broke through my door. “We knew there was a kid still here.” said one of the women. The kid looked at me and said, “Don’t let them take me.” So I went to the lady and it was settled with some paperwork and a signature. I was 29 old enough to be the kid’s legal guardian.
When everyone left I saw a spirit again. It was the kid’s mom, the cop that died. She said, “Thank you for taking my son.”

The author's comments:
I really liked making this story and I hope you like it!

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