When The World Ends

April 21, 2009
By SeanS. BRONZE, Dauphin, Pennsylvania
SeanS. BRONZE, Dauphin, Pennsylvania
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My name is John. I am twenty-five years old. I was in the U.S. Army, went to college and graduated. Now I am going on a dream vacation in Hawaii. I purchased a beach house next to my girlfriend’s beach house. When I got there the people were so nice they gave me tours, carried my luggage and showed me my beach house. The next thing I did was go down to the ocean. The water was so calm and cool it felt great.

That night I met Marley at the restaurant next to the casino. We ate and went to the casino. I went through a couple thousand bucks left and it was done. I went home and the next thing that happened was weird. There was an earthquake which is odd because I’m on an island. I wacked my head on my bed post and passed out for ten straight hours. When I woke up it was very bright out and there was no one in sight. I was hoping Marley got inside.

As soon as I got up I ran to her house. She was inside lying on the floor. She was asleep; I guess she was knocked out too. I sat on the floor next to her until
she regained consciousness. She woke up and just flipped out like she did not know me or something. I slowly calmed her down and was fine.

We walked around the town looking for people but there was no one around. It was getting dark so we headed back to the beach house. When we got to her house there was a loud screech coming from somewhere. I looked towards the city and there were little figures running towards me. They were not human so I locked Marley inside her house and told her to hide, then ran across the wet sand to my beach house to get the gun that I always brought with me.

Slowly I walked over to Marley’s house the door was broken in and there was stuff being thrown out of the windows and entry ways. I peaked around the corner Marley was under the bed silently. The once people were hideous. They had dark gray skin, no hair and they grunting or breathing very heavily. When they would get tired they would stand in place and hunch forward with their eyes open. I whispered to Marley to slowly head for the sun roof.

She climbed out from under the dresser and headed for the sun roof. I ran over to the ocean and shot the gun they automatically went toward the shot. They were unable to touch the water or they started to melt. So Marley got on top of the roof but then she fell to the ground. They immediately turned to her. I ran out of the water screaming to marley to run to my house. I started shooting them one by one until I ran out of bullets. By then I was ahead of them but not by much. When I dropped to the ground to dodge the tree they chucked at me. I went inside and bombarded the door with everything I owned. While that was being done Marley ran to mt gun cabinet and grabbed a couple guns, bullets, and shells. They continued to smash the door in but we held strong. Marley and I went up stars and sat on the bed waiting for the big crash but it never came.

It was almost daylight and there was nothing in sight. Marley and I climbed through the window and found nothing but wreckage. We wondered when they might be back but this time we would make sure were prepared for them and they will not live to see another day. Because we are survivors and they will lose. Whatever it takes we will prevail whenever that day comes. But until then good ridance.

To Be Continued………

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