A Bully Named Lance

April 21, 2009
There was this one boy named Lance. Lance was 19 years old. He lived in Seattle and the year was 2009. When he was a little boy older kids use to abuse him and bully him. His friends at school called him names. Lance sticked up for himself now and he is a bully at his school to other kids. His old friends use to beat him up. Now he has new friends that he made. Now that Lance is grown up, he bullies people that use to be like him when he was young, wimpy, and has low confidence. Lance gets into fight a lot and sometimes the cops have to pick him up and put him behind bars for a couple of days. He gets into fights like that because the person calls him racist name and other names like that.

One day Lance walked to school and he saw two kids playing on the street and he went up to talk with them and they made fun of him so he got mad and started calling them names. Lance bullied those two little kids because they bothered him and he said, “WHY THE HELL DID YOU CALL ME NAMES? NOW YOU TWO KIDS ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!” Then on the way to school he saw his other bullies and they saw him. Lance started running and the bullies ran after him. Lance was running forever until he got to school and he lost his bullies. The bullies’ names were Mr. and Jr. and they always stole Lances lunch money. So now Lance always runs away from them. Mr. and Jr. are your typical kind of bullies.

Lance was getting tried of getting bullied so when he saw his bullies the next day he stuck up for himself and stopped letting them bully him. Lance put up his fists and said, “IF YOU WANNA FIGHT LETS, FIGHT!” and his bullies put up his fists also. The bullies starting fighting with Lance at school so Lance fought back and never backed down until he defeated them. Lance won the fight and he never felt happier. Now when the bullies see Lance they get scared and run away. Now that Lance was over with those two bullies he feels better now that he got that problem off his back. The next day the cops came over to his house and had a talk with Lance. It was about the fight. The cops asked him why he beat up those kids yesterday. Lance said, “ THEY WERE BOTHERING ME AND THEY ALWAYS BULLY ME. I DIDN’T WANT THEM DOING IT ANYMORE SO I STUCK UP FOR MYSELF AND IT WAS SELF DEFENSE!” After that the cops believed him and left so Lance felt better.

Lance felt sorry for the bullies because he beat them up and now he knows how those other kids that he bullies feel. Lance decided to say sorry to the other kids that he bullies and he is going to stop the bullying that he is doing. After Lance said sorry he asked them if they wanted to be friends by saying, “HEY I’M SORRY FOR BULLYING YOU TWO THE OTHER DAY.” Now Lance made two new friends and he is going to stick up for them. When he goes to school he sees his new friends getting picked on by other kids so Lance sticks up for them and his new friends trust him now and they are happy for him so they hang out with him all day. Lance doesn’t want to bully anymore. He started bullying because he always use be picked on by bullies and abused by his bullies. He got tired of being bullied so he started bullying. After Lance stopped bullying he does a lot better in school and gets straight A’s. Lance got another problem off his back and the problem was he was addicted to bullying.

Now that Lance isn’t a bully anymore he isn’t scared and has more confidence then he ever had before. He isn’t a wimp anymore too. Lance has made a whole lot of friends now. He even sticks up for himself and his friends. Lance is over with his bullying days and now more and more people are starting to respect him for what he use to be and now what he is. When people pick on him now asked asks them to stop harassing him in a polite way. His friends are very glad that he stopped bullying. Lance has stopped bullying forever. The end.

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