Lukie and His Party Days

April 21, 2009
By Ashleigh Naneng BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Ashleigh Naneng BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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There’s this guy named Lukie, and he’s 23 years old. He’s really tall about 5’ 6”, muscular, skinny, and very attractive. He also has beautiful big blue eyes. He’s a very fun and outgoing person.
He loves to go out and enjoy himself with friends. He goes out partying with his two best drinking friends, Ryan and JoLisa. He started drinking at the age of 14. Even though he goes out and parties all the time, well every weekend, and his parents don’t really appreciate it, they spoil him really badly just because he’s the only child. They got him his own house, and his parents pay for everything. They even give him money whenever he wants to go out and drink. Even though he drinks like every weekend, he always gets paranoid and he doesn’t know why. He always thinks he’s going to get into trouble with the cops. While he’s intoxicated he can get a little crazy, he gets into fights with everyone and anyone.
Lukie does look for jobs sometimes, but they don’t want to hire him because they hear things that they don’t like. So he just goes out and drinks with his friends. It was a Friday night and Ryan, JoLisa, and Lukie called up each other and planned on going to one of their favorite bars that they go to pretty much every weekend, when they call up each other they always put each other on three way so they all can talk at one. First it was JoLisa that calls Ryan, then Ryan puts one more line on for Lukie. Ryan says, “ Okay what are the plans for tonight?” Jolisa then says, “Umm what do you think? Were going to the place we always go to” So they hung up the phones and went to meet up with each others. Once they got to the bar, they are themselves until they start buying their booze. They all take their shots at the same time. They try to do whatever they can to enjoy themselves while drinking. But every time they go out drinking, Lukie ends up getting into some fight with someone he doesn’t know. That person was so drunk, he “accidentely” bumped into him. So Lukie got up from his seat, looked at him and swung his fist towards that strangers face. This is the first time someone accedentially bumped into him. The only reason why he ends up getting into fights is because most of the single ladies hit on him and some guys get jealous of him. But this is the first time and night he actually didn’t get into any fights. The only thing is that he really likes his friend JoLisa, and he feels kind of funny when all them girls hit on him. He really wants to tell her how he feels about her, but he’s just too scared, that if they do end up going out that it might ruin their friendship.
They make it the next day back to Lukie’s place that night. Lukie is the first one to wake up, and he thinks about things like if he should tell JoLisa how he feels or if he shouldn’t. He really wants to wake her up but he didn’t know what to do. He then wakes her up, and brings her to his balcony, and sits her down. He say’s, “JoLisa, the first time I met you I knew we were going to become good friends, but there is something I also want to mention, its kind of hard, but I don’t want to keep it in much longer, so the thing is that I…” Then he froze and chokes up. He knew he was able to say it but he was scared. But he tried again saying, “The thing is that I think I, I, I, I think I’m in love with you. Now I know you might not feel the same way or like me like that so I understand, I just had to let you know how I felt about you.” So then after Lukie tells JoLisa, he gets up and walks away.
A few hours pass, then JoLisa and Ryan then go home. Once Ryan left the house it was just Lukie and JoLisa. They were really quiet. JoLisa really wanted to say something but she didn’t know what to say. She did feel the same way about Lukie, but she just didn’t want to say anything because she didn’t want anything to happen between their friendship. She thought that if they went out that if they broke up, they wouldn’t be friends anymore and never talk. But when he sat down, she sat next to him, and told him the same thing, that she felt the same way. But they then told each other that they couldn’t be together, they then agreed and say it was okay.
So then once everything happened, Lukie tells JoLisa something, she got really scared, because it was the second thing he had to tell her. So he just went for it. He told her that he was going to treatment, and she asked him for what, so he told her that it was for drinking, but she didn’t get it. She thought he didn’t need treatment, but he was tired of drinking, he thought he drank a lot. So she asked him “Where is your treatment going to be?” and he say’s, “In Alaska.” She then gets very quiet, and asked him how long it was going to be, he looked down and didn’t say anything. She got very upset, so she got up walked towards the door, started tearing up, looked back at Lukie and left his place all heartbroken.
He was leaving in a few days, his friends didn’t even know about it, only JoLisa did. She didn’t even bother to call him, just Ryan. But he didn’t care; he just focused on going to treatment, and stop drinking. So he then left for Alaska, he was excited because it as his first time going to Alaska. He didn’t know what it as like. But he was also kind of scared. Once he first get to Alaska he thought it was going to be a little warm, cause it was in the middle of October, he’s used to that kind of weather where he is from, so he didn’t know, and once he got off of the plane he got really cold because he didn’t have a coat just a real thin sweater. At the treatment center he follows everything he has to follow, and he has to be there for about 4 months if he follows the rules correctly. But if he doesn’t follow them correctly, he could be staying in treatment for about 6 to 7 months. He knows he wants to go home, but then he’s going to go whatever it takes to stop drinking.
He follows the rules right, but then he almost messes up by fighting another man. He was going to go for it, but then he remembered that he wanted go home so badly, and see his friends, so he just left that man alone. He then goes to his room and lies down on his bed. He just thinks and thinks. He wanted to call one of his friends, but he remembers he can’t call JoLisa because he remembers that she just walked out when he told her that he was leaving. But he tries calling her anyways. When he tries calling her, it says that her phone is no longer working. He then tries calling his friend Ryan, and Ryan finally answers, Ryan doesn’t recognize his voice, and he keeps asking who it was. Lukie finally said, “Uh it’s me Lukie your best friend.” Ryan doesn’t say anything, he keeps real quiet like a person would do if they were frozen. Ryan then says “Umm hi, where are you?, I haven’t heard from you, or talked to you in a long time”. They then talked for a long time, about 3 hours, and all Lukie was doing was just explaining to Ryan why he left for treatment. Ryan didn’t get it, he thought Lukie was crazy. Lukie then asks Ryan about JoLisa, and they talk about her saying things like, “Where is she now a days?, I tried calling her but she didn’t answer my phone call”. But Ryan was just telling him how he made JoLisa feel really good at first then he just had to leave. But then after that happened Lukie had to get off the phone. So they say their good-byes and hang up.
The next couple of weeks pass while Lukie was still in treatment, and he finds out that since he has been doing so good, he gets to go home within the next couple of days. Lukie learns a lot of things about drinking, and what it can do to you. He then is ready to go home, he is scared to go home, he doesn’t know what to do. He couldn’t call JoLisa, he didn’t know what else to say to Ryan. So he just didn’t call any of them. He only calls his parents and tells them that he was back home. He missed his parents so much. He also missed his friends but now they don’t talk anymore. He just then felt really alone.
The weekend then came up. He knew his two ex-best friends were drinking that weekend at their favorite bar, cause he seen their cars outside parked. He went inside the bar and he wanted to talk to them and get everything straight, he was tired of not being friends with them. He then walks up to them once he sees them. He stops and talks to them, they look at him, and say, “Do we know you?” Lukie then says, “Um guys it’s me Lukie, Your best friend.” They act like they don’t know him, but they actually do.
He tries to explain to them why he went to treatment, but then they don’t really listen to him. He tries and tries until they do actually listen, and then he brings up the part about him liking JoLisa, she then started feeling guilty about just getting up and leaving his place without saying anything, cause she still does like him a lot. She just doesn’t remember if she told him or not. So she takes him to a corner where no one would hear them, and they start talking. She say’s, “The thing is that I don’t know if I told you or not, but I also like you, and I feel the same way about you, and I’m also scared that if we do date that our friendship might never be the same.” She then tells him that she is in love with him, but she just kept asking and wondering why he had to go away for treatment. He tells her that it was a good thing for him to do. She then understands why, and just forgets about everything. Lukie later then asks later on that night if she wanted to be with him, she gets really quiet, like she had to think for a while. She then says YES! Really loud, she is very happy, happier that she has ever been. They all then leave the bar together, Ryan, Lukie, and Jolisa, and Lukie and Jolisa end up being together forever!

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