The Sad life of Hakeem

April 21, 2009
By Elliott Hoffman BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Elliott Hoffman BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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Hakeem was born 10 pound 13 ounces and he was mentally challenged because his mom drank twelve beers every single day. when she was pregnant. And. He was born he had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. He was born in Sweet Home, Alabama on April 13th he had an older and his name was Yo. His parents soon began to abuse his life at an early age. Every morning his dad would wake him up and punch him in the face every day. Then he would go down in the basement and wait for his parents to call him up to do chores. But his brother Yo would be treated like a king he got anything he wanted.

So far Joe was 13 years old and he already had some very bad Mental Disorders because of his mom and dads abuse. Already he had insomnia he had Bipolar Disease he also had Major Depression. He also had an Identity Disorder. He was so messed up he had to go to Special E.D when he was five and he never talked. Finally at age ten he finally stood up to his mom after she tried to make him cut himself. “Stop you freak! I m tired of your crap! I hate you!” Then he ran away.

Five days after he ran away he ran all the way to Florida. He was starving all he had to eat was a pack of Donuts he stole from Wal-Mart and a half drunken soda. But he was really Happy he got away from is old life. Being starved is way better than being hit in the face every morning. So now Hakeem had started a new life and is ready to begin.

Hakeem already lost ten pounds and is living in an alleyway by a McDonalds he got a job at. Every day he would wake up at eight o’clock and take a shower in McDonalds then worked an all day shift. He only earned 7 dollars an hour but it kept him alive. So finally he went to Wal-Mart and bought a one-man tent and a Power Rangers 20 Dollar on sale sleeping bag.

For him life was good until Bob came. One day after work Hakeem went to his tent and when he went there everything was gone. Then he looked across the street and another homeless guy had all his stuff. His name was bob and so Hakeem walked over there. “What the heck man why did you take all my stuff” well it was just sitting there. So Hakeem slapped him and then Bob pulled out a gun and said, “Get Out Of my face you stupid!!! Or I’ll Shoot you” Then Hakeem slapped him again because of his uncontrolled reflexes. Then Bob shot him in the head.

Hakeem woke up and he was in a Trash Park and then he felt his head. There was a clean shot right through his head. Then he thought wouldn’t I be dead if someone shot me in the head. So he got up and looked around this wasn’t Florida he thought then he saw a sign. He was in Manhattan and he had nothing. Then he started hyperventilating and he couldn’t breathe. A couple hours later he was still hyperventilating then some guy walked up to him and said “ Are you ok man it looks like your hurt,” So the man helped him up and brought him to the Hospital.

Hakeem wakes up in a hospital. He has a bandage on his head and he can’t remember anything that happened. So he gets up and walked out. He is in New York City. He had 1000 dollars in his pocket and he didn’t know what to do with it. So he went and ate at a Restaurant. After he ate he went and bought a Harmonica and started playing it. He didn’t know how so he just blew in it and daydreamed. Then a man dropped five dollars in his old Vikings hat. Then he played for another hour. There was already One Hundred dollars in his hat.

A few months later Hakeem had no money and he lived in a really small box west of Main Street. Every day he would walk up and down the streets begging for money. Some days he wished that he got hit in the face every morning. Then a miracle happened.

Hakeem was walking down the road when he saw this building with bright lights all over it so he went in it. There were all these machines and games that people were playing. So he went to the register “Excuse Me,” he said “ what is this place” It’s a casino sir” the Man said,” Would you like to buy some coins” A few hours later Hakeem had spent all his money he saved up. All he had was 5 dollars left and he was playing the five-dollar slots. He put in his last money and he trip falling on the handle smashing his face. The wheel started spinning and it lined up perfectly for five million dollars. After that Hakeem had the best life anyone. The end

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