The Big Storm

April 21, 2009
By Billy Poole BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Billy Poole BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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The big storm is a massive storm that will strike the U.S in 2444. The storm will start on the east coast and sweep the whole way a crossed the U.S and then die after hitting the ocean. Every state will be struck besides Alaska and Hawaii. They are the only safe places to be when this storm hits. When the storm hits it will leave know time for people to flee their homes. They will be caught dead in the storm and Billions will die. Houses will be crushed to bits and trees will be caught on fire and will cause a massive forest fire killing thousands of animals and their habitats.

This storm will be a mixture of many different storms. It will have lighting and thunder. It will also have a massive amount of rain fall. The rain will flood the streets and trap people in their homes. Then hail will start to fall it will start out small and works its way up to the size of a softball. The hail will smash anything in its way when it falls.

The next stage of the storm will be high winds. The wind will also start out weak and become stronger and stronger. Then the whole sky will start to rotate. Then a huge funnel cloud will form in the sky. This will not be any normal funnel this one will be ten times the size. It will take over whole cities at once. The funnel cloud will crush everything it comes near and throw it for miles. Houses would be gone and trees would be lying on the ground. Everywhere roads would be blocked with trees and people would be trapped. Power lines would be down all a crossed the country leaving people without power for months and some people years. People will have to boil water and light candles to see when its dark out.
This period of time both when the storm hits and the long time after the storm while the country is trying to rebuild and fix all the damage form the storm will be very hard on people and many will die. This will be hard on the whole country. Fixing the damage the storm will cause on the country will cost trillions of dollars and take many years to clean up the mess and rebuild the country after the storm.

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