April 21, 2009
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It was June 26, 1905 on a very hot summer day. The sun was gleaming, and Mary had never been more upset. She was 14, the oldest of her 6 brothers and sisters. Four girls including Mary, and three boys. The Smith family was poor, and they farmed to survive. She overheard her parents talking about losing money and about having to give up some of the children. The Smith family was falling apart, and they needed a miracle.

Mary and her siblings were very close. They had no other friends except for each other. They were all homeschooled and they’ve never been to a public school. Ever since their 5th child, the Smith’s found it harder to feed and care for the children. The youngest child, Bailey, made them decide that 7 kids were enough.

A week after, the parents decided that they had to give Eric, Lily and Amelia to a new family. The children would be sent to the Thompson family on July 1st. At dinner that night, the parents announced their news to the children. They all listened carefully and nervously. Eric, Amelia and Lily were speechless. Their mother started to cry. Mary couldn’t take any more of it so she stormed out of the room.

The next day Mary went outside to lay in the grass and think of what she could do to stop this mess. Mary was lying in the field, feeling the grass between her fingers when suddenly she felt something that didn’t feel much like grass at all. She looked over and she realized what she had found. Mary had found a blue 4 leaf clover. It had a rough texture, and it was the color of the sky that day, light blue. She realized that the colors changed with the sky, and that it was actually part of the sky. She decided to make a wish on that clover, feeling it was very lucky and could help her. Mary knew just what to wish for. She wished that her 3 siblings didn’t have to leave, and that a miracle would happen to let them stay.

Mary picked the clover, and took it home with her. The next day, Mary’s little brother Henry woke her up. He screamed loudly,
“Mary wake up! You need to see it!” out of breath, Henry grabbed Mary and pulled her out of bed. He told her that the con they have been trying to grow for months finally started to grow. In about a week the corn would be able to be picked and sold.

A few days later, Mary’s father had picked and sold every single ear of corn. The people who bought the corn came back for more and told the Smiths that it was the sweetest corn they’ve ever tasted.

The Smith family had counted up their profits, and they had enough money to care for the children for almost a whole year. That meant the children didn’t have to. The luckiest thing was, it’s now winter for the Smiths, and the corn is still growing. The lucky 4 leaf clover gave the Smiths a miracle.

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KICK3593 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 26, 2009 at 5:40 pm
Does it really have to have that much happy ending closure to it? I feel this is too much of a fairy tale sort of thing. It is weird if someone lives in absolute happiness because of the fact that the contrast would mean that there are surrounding peoples gloating on unhappiness. I think you may have to add a bit of reality. I actually expected that the kids would go to the other family and that the next day there would be all sorts of clovers in all the fields, or something like that. I'm ju... (more »)
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