April 20, 2009
By Jessica Milvosky BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
Jessica Milvosky BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
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HE DIED! Just kidding…
I was already at some camping ground in the middle of NOWHERE! But to top it all off I was alone. Oh how rude of me, I’m Low Anna but you can call me Lowie. I thought Alice and Tina were behind me but … I guess not, Ca ting ting ch ch poof wrrrrrr

“Their here,” I thought to myself.

That’s ALICE. She’s… words can’t even start to describe her but I mean that in a good way? I guess.
“Aren’t you going to help us, unload?”
Tina Always wants people to do things for her.
“NO maybe if you got here on time… you know what?”


“I’m not helping, Tina do it yourself you fat lard. GOSH.”

“Ha ha ha make fun, but please help me, No us.”

“Fine what do you wan me to do?”


“OH no” Alice tried to get into the conversation.

“Help ME unload.” Alice was very lazy, but she loved adventure. That’s what gets her in trouble most of the time, no scratch that, all the time.

“Wait………. Ok I’m good.” Alice was obsessed with green and pink ribbons and she always had one in her hair.

“O here you go.”

“Ouch what do you have in here President o’ lama??”

“No silly camel.”

“Don’t call me a camel. That’s just rude!”

Clip clop clip clop clip clop humph. Creek poof C-O-U-G-H, it was very dusty in here. Where do we sleep I wonder? It was dark and the lights weren’t on
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed on the top of my lungs.

“What... What is it Lowie?”

“Something just ran over my foot. Quick turn the lights on”

“Ok where are they?”

“How should I now I have never been here before!”

“Ok I found them”

“It’s just a little mouse ohhhhh”

“Ohhhhh what’s you’re name little feller?”

“I’m NOT LITTLE! I’m a big mouse. I’m 4 and GUS, as in bus but with a capital GEEEEE.”
“Ok peeps I am going to bed. I don’t know about you but I want to get some sleep so I can go swimming tomorrow. Hey, will someone wake me up at 5:30 ish so I can take a shower, get ready and eat my lofe bites?” Alice said with a huge yawn on her face.
“Wait let me think. UM NO!” Tina exclaimed (she look very tired)
“Fine I will set my alarm. Humph!”
“Whatever.” No one really cared.
I’m in bed now, but everyone else is a sleeps expect for me, I like to wait up and listen to what I can hear, like the birds, fish, or the once in a while car that passes through looking for the town, maybe but the probaly just passing though, but I don’t really care neither. (YAWN) I woke up to the smell of the warm French toast and breakfast cereal, (sniffffff) eww what’s that smell I went to the kitchen to cheek it out.

“Good morning sleepy head! Did we wake you up?” Tina said very quietly
“Yea what’s that wretched smell? It smells like someone died!” I said with a voice like I never talked before.
“Ok you little lamas I’m going down to the lake for a swim, anyone want to come with me?”
“WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. Wait for Gus! I just got a new swim suit do you likey?”

It was Gus who looked like he came out of nowhere but really came from upstairs.

“Yea it’s so cute he looks like the Pillsbury dough lama!”

“Thank you! I love it to!”

“Ok let’s go Gus,” Tina said getting really irritated.

“Last one there is a rotten egg!”

“Ha ha ha ha sucker he has not even left yet,” Tina said laughing so hard she fell over and started to cry.

So. I started to eat the eggs that had been made with my name on it and a note that read…
(Morning sunshine! We are all at the lake if you want to come down later just come on down. Or if you want time to you’re self that’s fine to. But whatever you want to do is fine! Hugs Alice and GUS!!!) But before I could pick up a fork to start eating.

So when we got down here we found her in the lake shaking like a tree branch in the middle of a twister.

“WHAT WHAT is it?” Alice said.



“I think we have a murder on our hands.” lamas! I said
So when the police got here they looked tired and he announced to all of us, we were in a half circle crowed around almost where the police car parked so the detective came out…

“Hi I am detective Tom A. Toe so how ca new help? Umm (long pause) so… when did you first notice the body?” the detective said with a quivering voice.

“Well Hi I am Alice and this is Tina” Alice always liked to introduce her self to people.

“Well… ummm ok so, I went down to the lake for a swim about 6:30 in the morning. I like to get an early start so I dove in the water and hit my head on something hard so that’s when I opened my eyes and look and it was a car and that’s when I called you animals”

“So, so you know the other people who were up here before you? Maybe they heard something or know something about this?” the detective knew what he was doing. You could tell he did this before.

“NO!” Alice said super fast. The detective looked at her very subspecialty. I think I will go check this out for myself. So I followed Alice as she went back up the house.

“Hey you there?” Alice said with her eyes as big as bugs.

“Yea? Whets up?”

“The cops showed up and they found the car.”

“I am telling sorry by.”

So Alice told on herself and Justin? Who ever he was. But she just was but on house arrested but Justin was but in jail for LIFE!

Chapter 2!
“Hi I am detective Tom A. Toe but you can just call me tom

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