The Mustache

April 20, 2009
By Antwon Dixon BRONZE, Your Mom, Indiana
Antwon Dixon BRONZE, Your Mom, Indiana
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“I want beard back.”

“Yeah I miss Luke too!”
“Then lets go get them!” the excited Mustache said.
“How are we supposed to get there?” Payton said.
“By a plane of course.”
“How do we get that money huh?”
“You leave that to me,” said Mustache with a sinister look on his face.
So while Payton is at home doing nothing, all of a sudden Mustache kicks the door down.
“We have to leave now!” Yelled Mustache.
“What’s going on?” asked Payton.
“I just mugged a lot of Canadians.”
“Oh no we need to hit it immediately!” exclaimed Payton.
So on their way to the airport they saw a homeless man on the street. They walked over to him and he jumped up like a ninja.
“How come you’re wearing a fancy tuxedo?” asked Mustache.
“Why aren’t you”? Said the strange man.
“Touché so who are you”? asked Payton
“I am sir Patrick cool shoes.” said the very proud man.
“Oh my, that may be the finest mustache I have ever laid eyes on”.
“You may travel with us if you please.” said Payton
Sir Patrick quickly responded, “Let us be on our way young lad.”
Payton, Mustache, and Sir Patrick made it to the airport when this weird guy came out of nowhere, and punched mustache, Sir Patrick was outraged, and he took off one of his shoes and smacked him across the mouth with it. On the plane they were talking about how Payton, Luke, Mustache, and beard went way back to the dinosaur days. While Sir Patrick slept there with his cool shoes.
“Remember when we had to fight off the army of zombie dinosaurs.” Said Payton. When all of a sudden Sir Patrick said pass the muffins. “Yeah anyways that was awesome”. “Well we only got half an hour left” the pilot said.
“We have reached our destination”
“Well we’re here, wake up sir Patrick”, mustache said
“Hoho I was awake the whole time”
“WELL LETS GO THEN”, screamed the much too exited Payton
Payton, mustache, and sir Patrick set off to find Luke and Beard’s house. As soon as they reached the house they knocked on the door. No one answered so they walked in and the whole house was destroyed. So they all walked around and finally Patrick found a note.
If you ever want to see Luke and Beard again come to Chuck Norris’s dojo.
“Oh no”. Said Payton
“What happened”. Asked Patrick.
“Well even Chuck Norris knows that me and Luke have the greatest mustache and beard ever so he always tries to steel one of us from the other and he tries to shave it off and use it as his own.”
“Well we should go get him.” Said Mustache. So they set off to his dojo. When they finally got there they walked in and saw chuck Norris with a buzzer to Luke’s beard.
“Stop right there Chuck!” yelled Payton. So then all of a sudden Chuck threw a cow at all three of them and knocked them over. So then Chuck went back to shaving then all of a sudden Bruce Lee smashed through the roof and kicked Chuck Norris in the teeth killing him.
“Are you kids okay?” asked Bruce
“Yes I think so.” Said Payton. Everyone but Mustache gets up.
“There is only one way he can be revived…” said Pat
“No you- no its fine this is one of the best adventures I’ve ever had.” So they all backed up and Pat used the power from his shoes to heal Mustache. Then he just fell and Mustache arose from the floor. There was a lond silence…..


“Yeah you’re right.” Said Luke. So they went to party until they found a way to all fuse together and then they all took over the world for the rest of eternity.

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