Joe Almighty

April 20, 2009
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Chapter 1: The Mall Situation

At the school of Bridge-Stone High there were seven friends that liked to hang out with each other all the time. There names were Joe, Holly, Sean, Jen, Mark, Claire, and Sophia. Joe was new this school year. Only Claire new his secret that he couldn’t tell anyone else.

On the weekend of June 28th they were all going to the mall together to hang out for the day, Holly and Sean just started to go out back in April. They were a perfect couple. They always hung out and never fought at all. Sophia and Mark were also dating, they started in January. Sophia and Mark were also a perfect couple obviously. When they were all walking in the mall they saw the food court and they decided to sit down and get something to eat while they were there. Joe had been walking around with Claire and he was telling her his secret. A few years back when the comet came, he started to get this power to mess up peoples minds and control them. That’s why he had to move because people started to get suspicious. When he first moved here he saw Holly and fell in love. He and Claire were best friends and he told her everything. When they walked over to the food court he got really jealous of Sean and Holly when they were sharing a milkshake. So jealous to the point that he looked at Claire with an evil look and lip synched “I can feel the jealousy building up….it’s time”

He started to walk over to one of the stand up posters to hide behind. Then he made sure no one was looking. He started to just move his fingers and say this very mysterious voodoo spell so that he can start messing around with Sean to make him seem like a jerk. When Holly and Sean walked over to a separate table to talk Joe started to mess with his mind and take over what he was saying.

“Holly my god, you like perfume much?”


“You’re so stupid why can’t you get anything that I say?”

“EXUSE ME!?!?!?”


“What are you talking about Sean I thought we were perfect for each other!”

“The White House reception committee

Greeted the Prime Rib Roast

Minister and I do the cha cha like

a sissy girl...”


“I lika do da cha cha...”

“Ummmm...Okay? You know what? we are finished!!!!”

Holly took the chocolate milkshake and poured it all over Sean’s head. Then Holly looked over and saw Joe looking at Sean with his fingers moving and she heard him saying weird stuff, she got really suspicious but she didn’t want to say anything to offend him if he was mentally challenged. Then she looked over and slapped Sean across the face which got him back out of unconsciousness.

“What was that for?!”

“Its for what you said to me and how you made a fool out of yourself”

“Babe, I didn’t do anything I swear its like I was asleep for 15 minutes, I couldn’t say or hear 1 thing”

“Yeah whatever. Excuses, excuses, excuses!!! “

Holy ran away into the parking lot crying her eyes out. Joe followed her, he ran up,


“What do you want just leave me alone!”

“I came to tell you that I heard what Sean said to you and that I think you deserve better in your life and someone who will take care of you and not say stupid stuff. A beautiful girl like you should deserve a sweet and cool guy like me… would you consider going out with me, just giving it a chance to see how it goes?!?!?!?”

“Ill think about it I just need some time right now to think about things, but thank you for saying all that stuff it made me a little happier that someone actually cares about me…”

Chapter 2: Holly gets another clue..

When Holly got home she went into her room and called Claire. They were best friends also.

“Yo, what is up with people today? First Sean is like acting up and Joe is acting weird and saying voodoo things that are just ughhh I hate this day!”

“I know something about Joe that other people don’t, it might cost him his life if people start to find out.”

“DUDE!!!! Tell me!?!”

“I promised, I’m sorry.”

“Wow, you can tell Joe stuff but not your best friend! What is up with people this week?”

Holly hung up the phone.

Then right when she hung up, Joe called her. He sounded very sympathetic to Holly.

“Hey Holly it’s Joe, What’s up?!?”

“Hey Joe, nothing much just been really sad lately...”

“What’s going on now?”

“Claire won’t tell me a secret that will change the way I feel about someone and...”

“Did you say secret about someone?”

Joe suddenly hung up the phone. His heart started to pound like a rocker on the drums. He started to sweat like it was Niagara Falls on top of his forehead. He raced out the door into his car and started to drive to the nearest pay phone where no one could hear him. He called Claire.


“What did I do?”

“You almost told Holly about the secret!”

“Yeah, almost but I didn’t.”

“It was pretty close!!!!!!!”

“Look I’m sorry but she is my best friend too and I tell her stuff.”

“But I already asked her out and she already saw me doing weird stuff and saying weird stuff at the mall while she and Sean were talking so she might get even more suspicious if you tell her even one little clue about this! Plus I already asked her out and she already thinks that I am a mental freak! If she finds out she will know what I did to her and Sean plus she will never forgive me and go out with me! Please Claire I beg of you, just please don’t say anything.”

“Okay, okay chill I won’t.”

“Thank you so much Claire, you’re the best!” 


Joe started to drive back when he got a text message from Sean saying
“I know what you did Joe, I know your secret. Too bad Holly won’t believe me or will she...idk?”
Joe replied,
“Its to bad that you won’t tell her because we might be going out if she says yes, and I have the power to control you so I won’t go that far bud, don’t even think about messing this up for me!”
Joe took his one hand and started to move it and say the voodoo spell again to make Sean erase all the messages so there is no evidence that they were talking about this and that he was threatening Sean.

Chapter 3: Holly, Sean Showdown!

The next day at school Sean took Holly outside while Joe was talking to a teacher. He tried to tell her about last night but she was just in shock that the nice and sweet Joe would talk like that. She knew that Sean still loved her and that Joe asked her out so she started to get the idea that he might just be making this up to get Holly back. Holly didn’t know what to do now.

Joe saw Sean talking to Holly, so he blew off the teacher and ran up to Sean and took him behind the school to teach him a little lesson!

Chapter 4: Behind the school

“YO! Dude! Why did you tell Holly all those things!?!”

“I did because you are the biggest jerk on the planet!”

“WOW you’re a wow I don’t even have the words to explain it! What did Holly say?”

“Holly didn’t say anything because you pulled me away!”

“Ugh she can’t find out…”

“Well she has to because sooner or later she will find out”

“How do you know?”

“Cause I have common sense”
Joe threw a punch at Sean because he got to mad that Sean almost or sorta told Holly everything. Sean and Joe got into the biggest fight of the year; Holly heard a scream and raced to the back of the school to find Sean with blood surrounding him. She started to cry and have flash backs of them at the mall and the break up and their song and his life being gone right in front of her eyes.
Holly said to herself” The day I close my eyes forever is the day I stop loving you and that day hassent come yet. I will pray for you everyday baby until we finally meet again in a place where love is never ending and we can be together forever and forget all the bad things that happened."

A sudden flash of light came out of nowhere and shocked Sean back to life. Holly started to cry really hard. She walked over to Joe while she was crying and started to scream at him and tell him off.


“How did you find out?”

“Claire told me”

“Wow, she said she wouldn’t tell you.”

“Yeah, well she is my best friend and we knew each other for a long time and she tells me everything no matter how big it is. I know what you have and who you are as a person.

“Say it, say what I am.”

“When the comet came you got this power where you can mess up people and you made Sean all that stuff at the mall and you THREATENED HIM! You are a freak! ALSO, my answer, YAH IT’S A NO. DREAM ON! If you hurt my love then you hurt me really bad inside!” I’m calling the government to put you into some chemical bath or shut you down! I’m done with you and your lies and thinking you was someone different.

Chapter 5: 3 years later

At the school of Bridge-Stone High there were 6 friends that liked to hang out with each other. There names were Holly, Sean, Claire, Sophia, Jen, and Mark. Sophia and Mark were a Couple all through their high school. Holly and Sean got engaged in their senior year and got married on July 9th, 2009 on the beach with all their family and friend and lived happily ever after. As for Joe, he is in a mental house recovering from his heartbreak and the chemical bath and the drug to erase his memory, he was not invited to the wedding.

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