Skiing in Utah

April 20, 2009
By Jacob Fisher BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
Jacob Fisher BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
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I quickly drank down my soda, put on my boots, and bolted up to my skis. This did take awhile because I had boots on. After I strapped my skis on, I hurried down the hill as fast as possible. I then skidded to a halt and went on the speeding lift. I just barely made it on the almost passed lift.

On my way up on the lift, I could look to my left and see Ninety nine ninety, the highest peak in The Canyons. We saw a couple people skiing down the double or triple black diamond. Even people we knew went down it. My crazy friend thought he could do it but he still snow plows a lot. This is when you make a pizza slice out of your skis and ski down that way. Then we looked out and saw at least 5 people skiing down 9990. Then the lip which is at the top collapsed and formed an avalanche on the 5 people. They then rode down the mountain as fast as possible, going towards the trees. I even saw one of them kick off his skis and act like he was swimming. Then a tree blocked our view. “Wow that must stink to be them” said Michael. We were close to the ending of the lift then we got off. To our left were a group of ski patrol people who were yelling.
“GET THE DOGS READY!” hollered the one who looked like a captain.

“They are coming!” yelled the second guy.
Then I saw a lot of people in snow mobiles heading up to 9990. Right as we were about to go a pack of dogs came jolting out from behind the ski lift. So that made some people fall down.
“I wonder what would happen if one of the people in the avalanche were really allergic to dogs?” I asked
“Well… Huh………… I guess the dogs would make it worse then,” Torstein said.
“Well I guess we can get back to skiing,” Michael announced.
“OR NOT!” I yelled
“MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!” screamed the ski patrol
The ski patrol had at least 2 people on the back of the snow mobile.
“Hey… Didn’t your shirt say that ski patrol would find you when the snow melts not after the avalanche…”
“It was just a joke of the ski patrol because there is a lot of snow in the avalanche” I said
We started skiing down the mountain and as always Michael wanted to ski down through the woods when everyone knew that he would probably fall and die so as usually we said no. Now we could start going down the mountain. To the right of us we saw a terrain park and we decided to go on it. So we just decide to ski down it anyway and being Michael he tried the biggest jump and hurt both his heels but before that.
We were skiing down not that big of a hill that I had done a lot of times before but this time it was really different. On the way down I hit a ridge in the snow. No one saw it not even me, so out of nowhere I hit it and I just flew out of my skis and landed about 10-15 feet away from my skis. I tumbled for a bit then I stopped.
“Wow!” I said after I caught my breath, “That was amazing”
“Are you ok Jacob?” said Jana (pronounced Yana, It is German.)

“I’m fine,” I said.

Off to the side after I got back up there was an off terrain area which was powdery. I went on to the side and went off terrain. On the side there were also jumps that I couldn’t resist going off. So I went off of them and so did my friend. My friend went off of one then fell at the end which meant that I couldn’t go off, but I did anyway. I almost hit him but being as good as I am I didn’t hit him. I then went first on another off road part. Then at the end there was another jump that I went off and so did my friend.
Michael falsely announced “Did you see that I got like 5 feet of air!”
“Yeah, ok,” I said sarcastically.
“Starting from the jump up I got 5 feet.”
“What about the ground up if you did get that much air”
“Like 10 feet.”
“You are not even good enough to do that, You fell when you got less than 6 inches of air.”
“Well there was a lump at the end,”
“I didn’t even fail that jump and you were laying on the ground, IN THE WAY,”

We went off-road again and in the middle Michael fell again.
“Michael get out of the way and stop falling!” I yelled.
“Well there was a lump,”
“There is always a lump,”
“I swear there wa…”
“THERE IS NEVER A LUMP,”I interrupted.
“Yes there is,” Michael murmured.

After he got up we went on and I don’t think Michael ever got off road during the rest of the run but, as always I did. I went off the ending jump that almost made me fall but I stayed up.

Then back on the lift we saw 9990 again. We also saw a lot of people and dogs over there.

“Oh come on another TREE,” Michael yelled.

“Negative Nancy,” I said.


Michael hates being called that.

“Hey guess what, Michael you didn’t snow plow that much during that run, you must have transformed throughout that whole run, I mean when you started skiing you were snowplowing like crazy and then you started to stop and get better.”

After the lift we decided to ski over to the 9990 lift to get up there and maybe help a little bit.

We rode up the lift to 9990 and decided to help the people who got in the avalanche.

“Hey we are probably right by some person under the snow and the ground is not that far down, how about we” Michael said.

“Jump?” I interrupted.


“O.k. Ready 3…2…1… GO”

Then we fell down to the slope of the hardest slope in the world. We look around and see an avalanche beacon come up from the ground. So then we hobble over there and help the guy who was under the snow.

“Wow I thought I was a goner” sadly said the missing guy

“I think I’m going to call you person 1 and the next will be person 2” I announced

“Well I guess we need to find another person” said Michael

“They only found 3 people and we just found 1 so 1 more to go” I said

So we are looking around and see a pole that just shot up from the snow which was a white as the clouds. So we hobble over to the pole and find the other person.

“BRETT wait… what I didn’t know you were here, well I guess there is no use for person 2 anymore, oh well.” I said

“Did you find Mike,” asked Brett.

“Maybe, we did find another person though,”

“That was probably Mike.”

“Oh ok well Michael is over by him,”

“So let’s go over there then,”


“Well you need to help me out first,”

“I just can’t believe ski patrol didn’t find you and we found you in, I don’t know maybe 30 minutes, Ski patrol must be sort of good, well actually you just put up the beacon so maybe they are good.”

So we go over to Michael and it is Mike Sams over there. Then we take everyone to the ski patrol base. Everyone besides Brett and Mike go to the lift. We are skiing up and just watch another avalanche happen but there are no people on it. Back at the lift everyone gets on it. We are going up and then decide to go on the terrain park. We are heading down and then turn left through the powder. That’s when we want to go off the jumps. We go off the first one and of course Michael brags about getting 10ft of air when he got 10cm of air but, it is his mind. So the next jump he says he got like 10ft of air again but, this time we got a picture to prove he only got 10cm or less. So then we go off the next jump and Michael didn’t brag this time but he did fall at the end. He didn’t hurt his ankles yet. So we ski down on the side of the hill which is all powder and because it is fun to do.

Then we decide to go on the same lift again but not go on the terrain park. Then we go off to another run and Michael falls over the edge but, it is not that far down and it is a slope. We still skied after that and then we went down the rest. Michael only fell around 5 more times which was amazing because he said there were lumps in the snow. We decide after that to do 1 more run and that would be the terrain park because it was already 3:00 and the slopes close at 4:00.

We go to the terrain park and go off the jump which was closed last time. We go off and Michael does something and I see him go off and then fall.

“I got 10ft of air then landed and fell after 10ft so I made the jump” Michael lied

“If you fall at the end it doesn’t count, so you fell and failed,” I told him.

So we start going down and.

“OW OW OW OW,” Michael yelled.

“Just be quiet and don’t talk,” I said.

Michael’s ankles were hurting from failing a jump. We had to leave after that but we had to get to the other side and ski down to it. So we are skiing down and Michael is still in pain from the jump. It takes a little while because Michael has to go the long and almost flat way down. So we spend about 30 min trying to get down Michael’s way and he ends up hurting more than if we went down the fastest way. We get to the bottom and then have to go to the hotel that we are staying at which in all was another mile walk. So we get back to the hotel at around 4:30 and then Michael goes in the hot tub out on the deck that we have.

“AVALANCHE COMING TOWARDS THE HOTEL,” screamed the loudspeaker.

“Well…MICHAEL you need to get out and away from the hotel,” I yelled

So we don’t move from the hotel because there are avalanche barriers so we were pretty safe. We hear a rumble and then it stopped. We go to the elevator to see what happened and in the elevator was the funniest button ever.

“EARTHQUAKE button, why is there an earthquake button” Michael Questioned (Still Pronounced Yana without the J and with a Y)

“I don’t know,” I answered.

So we go down to the main lobby and ask. They also told us it is nothing to worry about. So we go back to the room and Michael goes back to the hot tub. We all just watch T.V. besides Michael who is in the hot tub. Then after a couple more days we leave and had the best mini vacation ever.

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