Good byes are a second chance

April 19, 2009
By Smiles BRONZE, Columbia Cross Roads, Pennsylvania
Smiles BRONZE, Columbia Cross Roads, Pennsylvania
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As she slams the door behind her, she is closing out the whole world. Leaving all the pain behind, hoping to never look back. The tears keep running down her face, making a stinging feeling. Her eyes, so swullon, so red, she wimpers bye the slight pain she is feeling from the burn the they
leave as they escape from her eyes. She steps off her porch and trips over her own feet falling into the ice cold snow,only prooving the point of her akwardness. She weeps, knowing it wont help any, but its all she can do. She peers into the sky, ahh yes, the ice cold feeling of snowflakes melting against her face is precious. She beings wondering if everyone is right about her. Will i ever be usefull in this world? Will i ever be wanted or loved? She didnt know. All she knew any more is pain. As she stumbles to get on her feet again and wimpers because she is so cold. But she knows she cant go back. What is there to go back to? The nothingness which she called life? No, she wouldnt do that to herself again. She lived to long in the horror of trying to please the people around her, and always failing horribly. No, what would the point be? Nothing. She wished it were different, that way she could live the life she always wanted. She begins walking down the path of a new life. She didnt know where that would lead her to, but she liked it. She smiles, but not from happiness, but from knowing. Knowing that life would be different, maybe there would be hope and maybe not. But what would the point be if she just walked away from her chance. Her chance to be happy, maybe normal. She cries softly, then wipes away the tears, because she hopes that she wont need to cry. She hopes for a new life, a new begining. All along all she had to relize was that, sometimes goodbyes are a second chance.

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