In God

April 18, 2009
By LysaM. SILVER, Durham, North Carolina
LysaM. SILVER, Durham, North Carolina
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The off white shutters smashed against the window scaring Christopher to an awaken state as the pale moon light lit up the small child’s room revealing toys that covered the blue swirled rug in the middle of his floor. Looking around so scared and desperately grabbing the Toy Story covers and pulling them over his light blonde hair. An old teddy bear his aunt got him for Christmas last year wrapped tightly in his arms. Dark shadows filled each corner of the room and Christopher’s mind adding in the noises that would scare any 6 years old kid.
With panic in his eyes and tears falling down his pale white face, he ran into his parent’s room. Throwing open the wooden painted door smashing it into the tan wall behind it startling his parents awake and aware of his panicked condition.
“What is it Chris? Oh come here baby.” His mom wrapped her arms around him tightly wrinkling his Transformers pajamas. His dad rubbed his eyes and rolled back over and fell asleep quickly, not believing they should baby him anymore after all he is a big boy now. Chris’s mom noticing this scooted over forcing her husband to move to the far edge of the bed.
“Here baby come sleep with us.” Chris got in beside his mother and fell asleep with the warmth of his her touch against his face. Until a few minutes later was interrupted by the banging of objects and smashing of their good porcelain plates against the cold wooden floor. Chris’s father jumped out of the old bed and grabbed the wooden bat he used to practice with his son on Saturdays. His mother picked him up and placed him under the bed where the wire picked at his hair. Teddy bear still in hand his mother turned to him and kissed his head.
“No matter what’s going to happen baby you stay quiet and under this bed you hear me young man? Don’t say a word if you get scared just close your eyes and count to five you will be ok.” Chris nodded in agreement and tightened his grip on his teddy bear. More noises from down stairs reached their ears. His mom got to her feet and rushed to the door as you could hear heavy foot steps coming up the stairs just before the door to the master bedroom. The sounds stopped in front of the door, as you could see the shadow of two feet from under the crack. Chris realized his dad was not wearing boots or shoes for that matter. The door squeaked open and the man in boots stepped in and stopped. His mother behind the door leaped out and wrapped the telephone wire around the man’s neck. The two feet seemed to dance with every step and struggle, until his mother was tossed to the floor. Her long brown hair hit the floor as she looked up at the man now standing over her.
“Please don’t hurt me.” She begged putting her hands up in a defensive position.
“Where is the boy...The BOY? Where is he?!” The husky voice demanded.
“He is sleeping over at his friend’s house tonight...” She said trying to make the man leave as quickly as possible. Thoughts of Chris and her husband filled her mind as the man in boots raised the wooden bat high above her bringing it down as hard as he could. It hit her face and chest cutting her and drawing blood. After the sixth or seventh hit he dropped the bat, as it clanked to the ground he pulled a gun revealing his arm to this 6 year old boy. It was marked with a tattoo of an angel on the right thumb with the words in god, clearly printed around it. He pulled the trigger shooting her twice in the chest. The loud noise shocked little Chris’s body into a jolt. The warm tears stung the little boy’s eyes as he looked at his mother not but a foot away, he held his breath and counted to five. Her eyes stared at the killers face as a drip of blood rolled down her cheek. With miscellaneous blood drops dripped on her face like rain on a gloomy day. The young Chris closed his eyes tightly and counted 1, 2,3,4,5…
10 Years Later….

The author's comments:
This is the start of the novel I am writting about a young boy who must face his parents killer who was searching for him all those years ago. What the boy doesn't know is why this man wanted to kill him in the first place.

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