April 20, 2009
By Anonymous

“It’s slim, it’s sleek, and it can feed up to fifteen people on a buttons notice! This is no iPhone, my friends, this is the Multrition. This new line of compact food suppliers resemble the look of a microwave but can do so much more!” The advertisement slogan would be “At a buttons notice!” for the Multrition. It would be advertised online, on billboards, in newspapers, and broadcasted on radio and television commercials.

There has been so much speculation about the economy and the cost of food skyrocketing in the future. Not to mention the fact that the rice shortage in the summer of 2008 caused Sam’s Club and Costco to begin rationing the amounts of rice consumers could buy at their establishments. I have seen it hit hardest in Utah Valley where families usually have to provide for three to seven children. Most moms in Utah Valley agree that the grocery bill is usually the biggest and it cuts into other important expenses like health insurance, mortgage payments, and even special occasions like a birthday party for a child. The Multrition would put a stop to that.

The purpose of a Multrition is to be able to feed a family as large as fifteen. It can purify water and reproduce food. There are a few setbacks to this invention though. You would actually need to have the actual item of food to be able to reproduce it. Logically, it’s impossible to create something out of nothing. The Multrition would also refrain from producing anything but the listed food items which are: Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes, Whole grains,Nuts and Beans. It would prevent families from feeding their children foods with lots of high saturated fats and trans fatty acids that if eaten too often usually cause insulin resistance and then Diabetes.

The Multrition would encourage healthier eating for a fraction of the price that it is nowadays. Hopefully, it would cause the high rates of obesity in our country to dwindle down. Another benefit that would come from the Multrition is that the less fortunate could be able to feed themselves better. The most preferable outcome is that the Multrition would end world hunger. The only negatives that would result from the Multrition is that the production of the Agricultural Industry might decline. Along with the possibility that there might be no need for as many grocery stores.

The price of a Multrition would vary on what prototype a family would want to buy. It would also be tax exempt and, with any luck, funded by the government. If families in adverse situations can’t have a Multrition in their home then the purpose of the product wouldn’t be served. The Multrition should be available to any person, no matter the size of their pockets. However the size of the family would be a factor. A family of four can’t have a Multrition that can feed fifteen. This might encourage waste or greediness. I would like for the Multrition to be as healthy and beneficial as possible.

In the long run the Multrition would be very useful. It would give parents and heads of houses a lot of wiggle room with the overall budget. Housewives and mothers who work two jobs could both use this product and be satisfied with the meals served on their children’s plates on a regular basis. At best, the Multrition could end world hunger but on the other side of the spectrum it could change the Agricultural Industry forever. The positives would outweigh the negatives since the Multrition would change the eating habits of Americans and people all across the globe for a bargain price. Which is really the purpose that the Multrition should be serving.

The author's comments:
This was me submition for the Change the World Contest to help sponsor the food bank.

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