The Whispers

April 12, 2009
By ChelsieAmanda BRONZE, Hampshire, Tennessee
ChelsieAmanda BRONZE, Hampshire, Tennessee
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Brandy Thella walked home from school. She was 14 and curvy. Her hair was midnight blue and fell to her waist delicately, with silver tips. Her bangs where angel winged with red streaks running through them, covering up her left ice blue eye. She was afraid to go home. She usually stayed at one of her friend's house until she absolutely had to go home. But today, her mother, Mrs. Thella, had called the office and told her to come straight home. She faced many hard challenges in life, alot different from the ones we face. All she wanted was to led a normal life. Brandy was adopted by a vampire hunter for a father, and a werewolf hunter for a mother. Her parents' hated her. The adoption agency had forced her parents' to take her, or the publicity would be in the toilet. Publicity from their hunting and killings. They did it all for money. They didn't care that vampires and werewolves were people too, people that couldn't chose their fate. Brandy's parents' hated her. She was always in their way whenever they were working. She tried multiple times to convince them to stop their work and get a new job, andmultiple times they tuned her out. But, this isn't why her parents' hated her for getting in the way of their work. They hated her because she was both things they were supposed to be killing: a werewolf and a vampire. A half and half. Brandy's never met her real parents', she didn't want to either, seeing as how her adopted parents' might kill them. If it wasn't for them, she'd go out and find her parents'. Her parents' couldn't kill her, seeing as how they needed her to keep their publicity. They needed her because the media knew she was a half and half, they even made a new word for her: Halfy. The media made remarks that her 'parents' ' weren't killing what they do because they get bored, but to protect their town. Why else would they have adopted a Halfy? But, her adopters didn't love her. They hated as much as they could, as much as their hearts' would allow. They'd beat her every night, endlessly. They'd only stop whenever they got bored. What they didn't know was that their beatings didn't hurt her physically as much as they wanted it too. Because vampires have tough skin, and werewolves can't feel a lot. But the beatings did hurt her mentally and emotionally. The beatings told her that they didn't want her, that they didn't love her. Mr. and Mrs. Thella did, however, have two other girls': 15 year old Miranda and 16 year old Jamie. They loved them unconditionally, they were normal. Miranda and Jamie loved Brandy though. They protected her as much as they could. Whenever their parents' would beat her, late at night one of the older girls would go and get wake her up, then bring her to their bedroom and let her sleep with one of them. Jamie often drove Brandy around if she knew her parents' were getting mad. Whenever they got mad they'd take it out on Brandy even worse. Whenever they had beat her with something other than their usually weapons - hands, feet, remote control - she'd cry in a corner and one of the girls - usually Miranda - would hold her while she cried. Jamie promised that whenever she became of age and when she got her own house, she'd take Brandy away. They'd planned out every detail and every possibility. If their parents' didn't want her to go, if they still wanted their fame from her, Jamie said she would sneak in sometime and take Miranda from the house. Miranda said if Jamie failed, she would take her with her. Brandy said she'd try and last just two more years, take the pain.

She entered her house. "Hello?" She called, scared. "Brandy!" Jamie called as she rushed downstairs to her adopted little sister. "Brandy, come on. We gotta go."
"But didn't Mrs. Thella call the office, she wanted me to come home?" Brandy questioned. "No, no that was me. Come on." Jamie answered as she grabbed Brandy's arm and led her to her Mustang. "What were you doing home?" Brandy asked as she went to the passenger side of the car. "I came home early for lunch, mom and dad where really mad." She answered as she started the car and Brandy buckeled her seatbelt. "About what?"
"They were out hunting and missed a werewolf in the woods." Jamie answered. "What about Miranda?" Brandy asked as Jamie pulled onto the street. "She's still at school, besides, you know mom and dad won't hurt her. They'll be pissed at me, but they won't lay a hand on me."
"What'll they do to me?"
"I'll protect you from whatever they'll do." Jamie answered as she drove through town. "Thank you, Jamie." Brandy said as she leaned back in the seat with her backpack in the floor board. "So, how was your day?" Jamie asked, trying to lighten the mood and change the subject. "It was alright."
"Anything happen?"
"Just like any other day." Brandy said, she saw Jamie nod.

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