The Masked-Man

April 20, 2009
By Luke Spahits BRONZE, Ambler, Pennsylvania
Luke Spahits BRONZE, Ambler, Pennsylvania
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“STOP!� I screamed. “Why, why are you doing this to us? What did I ever do to you for us to deserve this?�
“You took her from me,� the masked villain laughed. Now I have her forever.�
“I can’t believe this is happening. The masked villain pulled the trigger back with rage in his eyes.
“You shall now feel the pain I felt for all these years, how much it hurts to have someone taken away that you love.�

So one morning I woke up late because I had a long night in the batting cages the night before because I’ve been in some kind of slump you know. So I came home around 1am, hopped in the shower, and then went into my super huge awesome bed, with my wife Peytoalicious. So anyway I woke up around 12 o’clock, went down my escalader into my kitchen and got a protein shake. MikeE was a human dog. He was sitting down on the couch watching animal planet (It was a special on female human dogs). So I ate breakfast alone, but something didn’t feel right. I called for Peytoalicious� There was no answer. I knew she wasn’t sleeping, so I look on the refrigerator for a note.
“Honey gone out shopping took the hover car, ill be back around 2.
Your super hot wife Peytoalicious<3(:�
I called up her cell phone� no answer. I decided just to wait till 2 to talk to her. I sat down next to MikeE and said, “So how have you been?�
He sounded tired and said, “You know, same ole, same, ole doing some justice.�
“That sounds good! Have you seen Peytoalicious this morning?�
“Nah, I got up late, 15 minutes before you.�
“Alright, well you enjoy yourself, and try and get some exercise you fat dog!�

I had baseball practice soon, so I suited up, got all my gear ready and left the house. It was about a 20 minute drive, I had my radio playing Britney Spears, Hit me Baby One More Time. I thought to myself, this girl sounds like Mike Barrella on a bad day. I finally arrived at the stadium and I was the only one there. I walked around the whole stadium and only to find a janitor cleaning up the place. I thought to myself, Practice must’ve gotten canceled, so I drove home sadly listening to Britney Spears.
When I got home, the front door was knocked down, and there was a hole in the roof. I sprinted up to the front door and shouted “HELLO!� I thought to myself Where could everyone be? “MikeE? Peytoalicious? HELLO!� I quickly raced around the house looking for any sign of both of them. I found a note it read,
If you ever want to see your wife again you will do exactly as I say.
Eat a pinecone
Dye your hair yellow
Listen to the entire Plain White T’s album
Go to a Jonas Brothers concert
Then I will find you

Jeff, The villain

I suddenly heard a beeping noise. It got faster and faster. It was coming from the note. I ran out of the house leaving the note behind. Suddenly everything blew up and the next thing I know I’m at the hospital waking up to the news station talking about a missing women and talking dog. I thought to myself Peytoalicious and MikeE. I quickly go out of the bed and ran out of the door. The doctors were chasing me but I kept on running. I ran to the house to find nothing but the remains of it.

Where was Jeff? Where were Peytoalicious and MikeE? I found another note. It said:
Meet me at the baseball stadium if you ever want to see your wife and dog again. Come alone, I’ll be waiting.

I couldn’t find my car keys or even my car so I ran as fast as I could to the stadium. I ended up getting there an hour later from when I started. I ran down to the field and suddenly the score board lit up and music was playing around the stadium. “Where are you!?� I shouted, “Who are you!?� I heard chuckling out of the speakers surrounding the stadium. The announcer’s booth. I quickly rushed up the stairs to the announcer’s booth. No one was there. “Where are you!?� I repeated. This time I looked down on the field and saw him/her/it standing on the pitcher’s mound. I then didn’t waste anytime of letting him get away and sprinted down to the field faster than Fat Albert. It was then that I saw Peytoalicious and MikeE in the grasp of the masked thing.

“Give them back to me!� I shouted angrily.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha,� it responded.

“Help P-Rick help!� Peytoalicious and MikeE both shouted.

“Give them back!� I said once more.

It started running with both of Peytoalicious and MikeE in its hands. “STOP!� I screamed. “Why, why are you doing this to us? What did I ever do to you for us to deserve this?�
“You took her from me,� the masked villain laughed. “Now I have her forever.�
I can’t believe this is happening. The masked villain reached for his pocket and pulled out a revolver and pointed it at me. He pulled the trigger back with rage in his eyes. You shall now feel the pain I felt for all these years, how much it hurts to have someone taken away that you love.

“Who, what did I take from you?� I shouted

“The love of my life, you stole her from me. How could you!� It screamed and started to cry.

“How could I what? What did I do, who are you?�

“Remember me!� The villain removed his mask.

“Evan? From grade school?� I questioned him

“NO STUPID! It’s me Jeff�

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing “I haven’t seen you for over 20 years, what’s happened to you?�

“You stole her from me P-Rick, how could you. How could you take the only one I truly love from me? Now you’re going to suffer just as I did for the past 22 years.�

“How did you find me? How did you know where I lived?�

“How could you forget? You saw me just this morning when you had practice. Remember now? After that, all I had to do was beat you to your house.

“No one was here this morning when I came to practice. No one showed up!� I exclaimed.

“Not exactly! They’re all locked up, in the janitor’s closet. Do you remember seeing me now?�

“You, you, you were the janitor that I saw this morning. But, how, what, you couldn’t� have!�

“Yes and now I’m taking away your precious Peytoalicious and MikeE!�


I sprinted after them forgetting he had the revolver. He took a step closer to Peytoalicious, and put the gun to her head. I slowly came to a stop, “Don’t hurt her!�

He pulled the trigger back a smirked. I saw MikeE biting at the rope around his hands. “Please don’t shoot!� Jeff still didn’t say anything back. He just stood there smiling. As Jeff was about to pull the trigger back, MikeE jumped up and bit him on the back of his neck. Jeff dropped the gun. I took the opportunity that I had to get to Peytoalicious.

As Jeff was wrestling with MikeE I picked up his gun and aimed it at him. “Com on shoot me!� Jeff urged me to end his life, but I couldn’t. I called the police to have them handle with him.

I almost couldn’t believe what had just happened I almost forgot to untie Peytoalicious and MikeE. Quickly I untied Peytoalicious and MikeE. I hugged them both tightly. “We were scared you weren’t coming!� They both cried
“I wouldn’t let my family die.�
Then I went over to the janitor’s closet and grabbed the team. The police showed up. We had no where to go, no house to go to. We stood there with the police and they took us away for questioning. The rest of the day is still a blur.

I will never forget that day, the worst day of my life. I will always hold Peytoalicious and MikeE close; they will never leave my sight again. I am P-Rick McAteer and this is my story

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