The Thrill of the Hunt

February 16, 2009
By Bambi BRONZE, Burnsville, Mississippi
Bambi BRONZE, Burnsville, Mississippi
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The wind and earth gave way under my reckless charge of pursuit. My steps now echoed though the forest like thunder in the rain. My breath increased rapidly not from exhaustion, but from excitement! I could hear my game shortly ahead of me crying for a savior. Over and over again she screamed like a banshee for someone to help her, but who is going to help you in the middle of nature's green heart at the black curtain of night? Still she announced her situation only alarming the residents of the tall oaks.

I pushed myself forward, dodging trees and swinging branches that my prize had previously manipulated to ease her passage though the thick brush that we now entered. Forward of me I could see segments of bushes and small shrubs swing and sway from the haphazard trail my trophy decided to intrude upon. Not only could I hear the awful siren but now I could see her as she carelessly raced away from me. I felt the warm burst of adrenalin surge though my veins to my brain as I increased my speed until I was only a few feet from her flailing body.

I could see the horror she felt by the stupor at which she moved, smell her fear radiating from her pores, and hear the terror in her breath and voice. I want to taste it now! I want to feast upon her secular corpse! I want to indulge the fabrics which bind her fragile body together! I want to lick the life from her bones! I must feed!

Crazed by my plaguing blood lust I lunged for her moving frame with my arms aimed at her shoulders. Luckily they connected and brought my meal down roughly against the soft floor of the forest. My prize screamed even louder now as I turned her on her back and perched upon her body. Her arms began to swing wildly through the air as she tried to pry away from my iron hold. I couldn't let this happen! I clutched her soft wrist tightly as I could with my bony hands, and anchored them against the earth. My saliva began to ooze from my mouth as I eyed my helpless pray. I moved my gaze into her eyes, peering inside her young soul. Even her pupils screamed fear. I couldn't control my beastly hunger any longer.

I sank my dagger teeth deep into her tender damp neck. The sweet taste of flesh, the warm welcome of blood, and the salty spice of sweat erupted into my mouth triggering every taste bud into an explosion of wonderful flavor. Captured in my euphoria I barely recognized her ear shattering scream of pain. I violently ripped the stringy flesh that I had bitten into apart from her neck and swallowed. I couldn't resist my self. The taste was magnificent! I must have more! I bit into her again and once more was introduced to the explosion of the wonderful flavors that she possessed. Her horror induced screams of agony where soon silenced, her cold black eyes became an empty void, and my stomach was soon full on the flesh and blood of a human.

The author's comments:
This is really on the first things that wrote. The story the Outsider by H. P. Lovecraft mostly inspired to write this. I remember I was upo at like tewelve at night writing this. Oh well. It was worth it.

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