In the Attic

February 15, 2009
By jaci War BRONZE, Narangba, Other
jaci War BRONZE, Narangba, Other
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I lie here every morning, waiting, waiting for my mother and father to get home. It wasnt fair, i was good i didnt what they say and yet they still hit me, everyday.

Today was the day. I could feel it in my bones, my stomach was clenched into a tight unreleasable ball and my head was spinning with the force of it all.
I heard the car pull up and the sound of the brake being set.
I heard his heavy footsteps as he came to find me in the attic. i croutched next to the bucket they had given me as my toilet.
I was curled into a tight ball and i heard the lock click as he opened the door. I started to shake as he walked over to me.

I could smell the stench of beer and alchohol, on his breath.
"Why did we have such an ignorant child." He snarled, lifting me up by the scruff of my never been washed t-shirt.
"Why did we have such an ugly girl." he spat in my face. i felt the tears roll down my cheeks.

"Huh?" he asked me. i didnt answer dropping my eyes to the floor. He threw me in the direction my eyes were looking and i hit the ground and sobbed, silently.
"Aww did i hurt you?" he mocked me.
He came over and kicked my head sharply. i felt fresh blood ease out of the wound from yesterday.
I looked up just as the suns last golden ray came through the high window.
It made me smile slightly.

"You find this funny." He came over to me and belted me with his hand, feet and belt.
I whimpered. But that made him hit me harder.
Mother came just then to see me limp in his arms i was done fighting it. i closed me eyes.

I heard the chink of her glass on the floor and felt the sharp pain of the knife going through my arm.
The blood went all over me in minutes. He threw me down onto the floor, i opened my eyes to see my mother come over.
"Im sorry." she whispered to me, then she picked up the knife and threw it into my stomach.

I gasped as the pain registered with my brain, i was choking, the oxygen wasnt getting to my lungs. I felt my head hit the ground as everything went dark... I was still faintly aware of the real world. but the last thing i remember was my mother kissing me on the forehead, i frowned and felt pain shock through my head.

"You will be my angel forever." she whispered then i saw a faint light. and i glided towards it and felt no more pain just anticipation. and as the light touched me i smiled and blew a kiss in the direction i thought earth was.

I felt myself being lifted over a very long river, but i did not touch the ground.

Still to this day i am floating above that river. waiting for the day that i can move on...

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