February 14, 2009
By ChristinaMichelle BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
ChristinaMichelle BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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In northwest America there’s a town. A town outside of the rest of the worlds regard, inexistent to some, just a regular town to others. A town that is perfectly normal in every sense of the word. Four seasons, when it’s sunny it’s sunny; when it’s cold it’s cold. This is the town I call home-the town that we call home. There are only 843 “citizens” in this town; there is one of everything-one grocery store, one bank, one school. The school I go to, Emerson Valley Academy of Talented Youth, has a staggering 300 students not exactly over flowing but quality is better then quantity because NOTHING about the kids at this school is standard.

I walked into School Building 5 on a Monday morning like any other. Walking past the square where everyone was gathered anticipating the first day of school-August 21. The buzzing sound in my head was almost unbearable as I listened to every mind surrounding me. Is almost pathetic how there were absolutely no privacy in this school, even for a girl like me.
What is she wearing?
God Abilene is hot! Wince.
I really wish Jason would like me...
Where does she think she’s going?
How many times do I have to tell Rachel that Jason doesn’t like her!
It was all so embarrassing don’t they know I can hear them! Ha! The worst part was they could hear me too. Living in a town like this was so predictable and so routine. The Mutants took downtown. The Vamps ruled the nightlife. The Werewolves patrol the woods. And us The Brains... we were just dorks. Clumsy, embarrassing dorks.
I sighed to my self as I walked into my first period class. Chemistry of course. I tried to act like a normal citizen of Emerson... not an overachieving genius like my father, Head of city council, President of Brain Class Inhumans, blah blah blah.... and chose to take regular classes instead of ”advanced placement" chemistry.
"Mrs. Sky, would you stop rambling on about your father, be appreciative and take a seat I have a class to teach."
A low buzz of laughter filled the room as I blushed crimson. Mr. Berkley always found a way to make me feel worse then I already was. That was his job...or at least that’s what he thinks it is. I could see a delighted smirk spread over his face as he listened to my accusations and I rolled my eyes and buried my head into my hands. My best friend November called me from across the room and my head snapped up. She was the only person that could make me feel better at this moment.

"Abi, don’t be so morose today I’ve got some good news for you."

Just then Mr. Berkley shs'd us from the front of the room and started talking about ions and such. I started to let my mind drift and thought about the quiet separation in the room. Brains in the front, Vamps and Mutants in the back and Werewolves off to the side where the sun shone through the window hitting the Vampires skins and sending a rainbow of light shooting into the air. All very distracting. The Werewolves were all thinking about the same thing...the wild, lunch and running. The only three things they ever cared about. They were a lot less scary when they were in their human form. A lot easier to get along with...but it wasn't like it wasn't like I was going to talk to a Werewolf anytime soon anyways. That’s just how it was around here you stay with your own kind no matter what. That’s what was safe and that’s what was acceptable. Who wanted to be a traitor and befriend someone that could possible kill you? Especially us Brains, we weren't even that special. We were just humans with a sixth sense that's all, nothing TOO extraordinary.

The leeches were thinking about sunset and blood as always! The Mutants were pondering on whether to be excited for school or not. It was all so routine just like a said. So I started paying attention to Mr. Berkley and gave into to my nerdy side. I was a lot more comfortable when I wasn't pretending to be dumb.
The rest of the day past uneventful until I got to lunch. November was waiting at our usual table with a smug look on her face. A look that said you'll either love it or hate it. I tried to act chipper at I walked toward the table to sit by my other friend Noe. November Gray and Noe Zambala were both Brains like me although we were a different category. Noe was a "mover" she could objects with her mind and maybe one day she could work with the Protectors (and inhuman form of government) like my dad. She was the most promising of Brains because her abilities were so much powerful then mine and November's. One day she might actual have the power to move people. It was a sad thing to think about though because we all new what happen to inhumans who joined the government-complete isolation. One day Noe would pack her stuff and leave us behind, it's not like she would refuse either, all inhuman wanted to be a Protector. It was the highest honor.
November was a different story though...she was a "viewer" and her talents in the human world were known as precognitions. I always thought that seeing was the one of the cooler abilities. I mean I didn't see the bad side to seeing a pop quiz before it was announced or being ready for a boy to ask you out. Of course November seemed to have all her time saved up now a days. She was so beautiful. Her jet black hair hung loosely in the middle of her back while her small frame curved elegantly in all the right places. Her almond shaped eyes were sapphire blue giving the appearance of diamonds on her heart shaped face. I was glad she couldn't hear me admiring her because the last thing I wanted her to know was this-she was better then me. Not only in appearance but in personality too. It almost seemed intolerable being around her knowing that not only was she gorgeous but she was also charming, sophisticated and... and fun.
“Ugh!” I moaned to myself as I walked past the glass door and was shocked to see the false happiness on my plain face. It was almost believable! It wasn't my fault my mood had become increasingly dull within the last few weeks, it was the convulsion of little to late epiphanies I’ve been having that ruined my mojo. I had realized that among me being undeniably unsatisfied with my dull life, I was also almost out of High School and sooner or later I would have to fill out my father's expectations for being the super wiz he always was. It was all so depressing! I glanced at my self in the reflecting glass for a moment and thought-GREAT! Im going to have to sit by the goddamn Queen of the Nile here while everyone compares! The real blow came when I remembered that I was going to have to listen to the comparisons...unless I blocked them out, which was hard to do when the voices were nearly shouting at me. My dark brown hair lay just below my shoulder blades waving and twisting among themselves, while my dark, almost black, eyes squinted questionably at the rest of my body. I wasn't fat but I wasn't a sports illustrated model to say the least. I was short and slender with a body that, at this point, I was comfortable with and accepted. My face was oval shaped and my olive skin tone glimmered in the sun light. I almost looked kind of pretty in that second until I snapped back to reality as November called my name across form the room, interrupting my "happy moment".
"ABI! ABI!" She called form the seat across from Noe almost TOO excited to see me. My eyes narrowed suspiciously as I took the seat next to her and literally questioned her with my eyes. She was trying really hard not to think of what she was about to tell me and that just about sent me into a frenzy.
"Okay Vember tell me what’s the matter! You’re obviously keeping something from me since I KNOW you hate trigonometry!" I smiled as I tried to suppress my worry.
"Well I’ve seen something wonderful in store for you. Something life altering. It has something to do with a boy but I can’t quite make out the rest because it's not quite set in stone..." I wondered about in my brain for a second as I tried to remember anybody that had caught my eye on this first day of school. It turned up blank and I started to get anxious. November's words started to slur as I trailed off into thought. What did this mean? What boy? Just then a cool gust of air hit my back and I swirled around to see who had let all the wind in. I saw Noe's eyes pop as I stared at the beautiful blonde haired boy who walked through the arch way of the cafeteria. It seemed like a million thoughts shifted from their own superficial minds to the Greek god like boy hesitating in front of the door.
My mother died when I was five and the last and only vivid memory I have of her was of one cool spring evening when she took me to the lake behind our house and said the words that haunted me like a gadfly, day after day. Our hands intertwined as we walked across the meadow leading to the dock my father had built on the lonely lake. We stopped just at the waters edge and I glanced at my mom’s face. Her white complexion contrasted beautifully with he bronze colored hair, her eyes were a deep gold that were famous for mesmerizing those around her, especially my dad. The wind blew circles around us and her hair rustled in the breeze shaking her soft ringlets. The impatient, urgent edge to her face scared me and I wince at her.

“Oh baby, please don’t be scared I just want to talk that’s all.” Even at five I could see the lie behind her words. The sunset reflected an array of warm colors on Lake Trinton’s waters, I could see yellow, orange, red and purple as I sighed to myself and smiled.
“Abilene Sky,” She declared.
“I love you with a depth in my heart that exceeds all others. When I cease to be just know that I will always be with you, watching over you and your dad, protecting you and loving you until your dying day. You’ll be never alone.” She smiled her sweet charming smile and looked eagerly into my eyes. I noticed later the tone of her voice-it was as if she knew that only three weeks later, she would leave me forever. After her death she kept her promise, she was always with me. She was my conscience, my protector, my voice of reason, and at this moment when this handsome stranger walked into this unprepared cafeteria, she was the only thing that could bring me back to reality.

The room became increasingly louder and my vision refocused as I realized Noe had been calling me for quite a while. I blushed as he noticed me staring at him and my dear friend repeatedly calling my name. He smiled at me and I gave an awkward and apologetic smile. I turned to face my friends and was even more embarrassed when I realized everyone but me had recovered from the unbearably attractive boy. I stared at my untouched plate of food and almost fell dead when I realized there was a dark figure staring down on me. I hoped to god it wasn’t who I thought it was but was disappointed when I noticed both Noe and Vember’s eyes were bulging out of their sockets. I took a deep breath and looked up. He was looking down on my and I began to assess his appearance. He had emerald eyes that nearly pierced through my very soul, his blonde hair laid just above his eyelashes emphasizing his eyes. I noted how pale his skin was like a vampire’s except he couldn’t be because his cheeks had a peach color undertone. He wore a dark blue long sleeved thermal that fit against his arms and chest snuggly. He was almost too beautiful! I stopped evaluating him because he started to talk and I didn’t want to ruin the wind chime sounding voice that came out of his full pink lips.

“Hello my name is Bourbon Chamberlain, im quite new here and I don’t know many people. You caught my eye from across the room and seemed quite welcoming so I decided that it was time to toughen up and make some friends.” I blushed burgundy as he said the word “welcoming” and I heard Noe and Vember giggle quietly.

“Im Abilene Sky and these are my friends Noe and November.” I shot the pair a warning glance and their faces turned serious again.

“Where are you from?” I smiled and he let out his own chuckle of amusement.

“Im from California but I spent sometime in Italy with my aunt and uncle. Im quite behind now so they thought a small town like this and a small school like this would give me the chance to advance…”

“I don’t mean to interrupt and stop me if I offend you, but what are you?!” I was trying not to jump over the table and shove my apple down her throat for asking such a rude question so I settled for glaring at her while I mentally rung her neck.

“Well before I answer your question first let me say- I am shocked and impressed by your bravery and courage, because where I am from, out there in the real world, people don’t just come out and ask that question.” He pointed towards the large glass window in the cafeteria to illustrate his point and I noted how he moved his hands in the same effort as he continued to speak.

“I’m a crossbreed between a Mutant and a Brain.” He said in a matter of fact kind of voice as all three of us turned from shocked to puzzled then fascinated. I guessed that we had gasped too because all of a sudden me and my friends had our hands on our mouths in an effort to regain our posture. He grinned as he waited for us to recover.

“I’m guessing you’ve never been acquainted with my kind?” He asked in my direction as though he were talking to me and only me. I looked around to see Noe’s and Vember’s expressions, Vember’s was the usual she had recovered and was now even more in love with him, while Noe had a puzzling look that I could not quite figure out. Bourbon waited as I thought about this.

“No I haven’t… but I guess that’s just fine. Any ways how do you like it here?” I pushed Noe into the back of my mind and saved my questions for later.

“What classes do you have?” Vember smiled her all too familiar smile as she began to make her move. But I was NOT going to let that happen! I shot her the stare of death and she recoiled but graciously. There would be no fight between me and Vember, there was no competition, so I was grateful when she withdrew so easily. I was going to remember to thank her for this. He reached into his pant pocket and took out a neatly folded piece of paper; he placed it in my hand as I watched him. When his skin touched mine there was a jolt of electricity that surged through my body. I jumped at the shock and he seemed to looked embarrassed but quickly suppressed it.

We looked into each others eyes for what seemed like days but was probably only a few heart beats. Just then something hit me but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It was nagging at the back of my mind like a whiny child; it was just at the tip of my tongue. I hastily pushed it to the back of my mind and attempted to speak, I still sounded a bit shaky but I managed to blurt the words out.

“Well we have the next class together!” He looked really pleased at this news and I wondered if this could all be real. At the corner of my eye I could see Noe get up and shove her chair harshly into the table, this REALLY puzzled me. Why was she being like this? It wasn’t like her to be so angry but I knew she wasn’t jealous. Noe was way to kind and content with her life to be jealous. I pushed that to the back of my mind also as I tried to ignore everything but him. Yet, this was making it even harder thinking that I was choosing a boy over my friend. Just then the bell rang and Vember gave us a quick goodbye. I tried not to read her mind as we parted.

Then I realized what I couldn’t figure out earlier. I couldn’t hear him. But it wasn’t like I just couldn’t hear him because I had been through that before but he was blocking me! I could see the shield around his mind preventing me to see into him. He looked at the expression on my face and realized the gig was up and questions started to swarm through my mind. How was he doing this? Why was he doing this? What did he have to hide? We walked down the hall way to our next class as the stress of the questions started to weigh on me. I let out a big sigh in an effort to talk but he stopped me as we sat down in our seat.

“I guess I have some explaining to do.” He smiled and it surprised me that even at this moment he could steal dazzle me. I tried not to act charmed as I narrowed my eyes suspiciously but broke into a smile.

By the time we entered 6th period I was already use to the staring so it didn’t bother me when we sat next to each other in English. We settled in the back of the room, something I wasn’t usually comfortable doing. A new breed of stares started then, those of hate. I wondered that if it wasn’t for me where would he be sitting, in between the Mutant and the Brains? He looked at me quizzically probably trying to read my mind as I was trying to read his.

“What’s on your mind?” He asked.

“Well im trying to figure out who you are ...why you’re doing this? I confessed.
I turned my whole body so I was fully facing him and tried to look serious and intimidating. He just laughed.

“Well don’t you think I’d lose the mystery if I told you that?” He explained.

“What would be the point of all of this if I was just a normal kid? Or rather a normal inhuman…” He grinned but his brow furrowed at the middle, as if I was going to decipher his dumb riddle.

“Im not like most girls you know. Im not shallow or placid, there’s nothing to out there for me.” I was almost desperate for him to let me in on the big secret. My arms spread out in front of me as to offer him the class as Exhibit A. Fire breathing boys and water bottles full of blood were now an everyday occurrence.

“Im not dangerous or anything if that’s what you’re worried about, it’s just…” He stopped to remember some horrible memory. (I suspected).

“Can’t we just talk about this later, the teacher is about to yell at us in about two seconds….” His voice was so quiet I could barely make it out and it sounded so beautiful. Like he was singing a lullaby to me. Just then the teacher interrupted my admiring that lasted just one sixteenth of a second.

“Excuse me Abilene but can you and your friend please be quiet while I teach!” He seemed to be aggravated and I thought he mist had figured out the whole shielding thing too. So I shut up and let my mind wander while still being conscience of the stunning figure beside me.

I started reading the minds around me, something I didn’t usually do out of free will. I stopped when I noticed the glare of a vampire two seats from us-he was infuriated. He knew I was reading his mind and started shouting a sequence of racial slurs at me and Bourbon as I tried to hold back the anxious feeling of conflict on the rise. My heart fluttered and the air became tense as Bourbon noticed the vampire too. The bell rang suddenly scaring me half to death, and Bourbon got up out of his seat in a flash and pushed me behind him protectively.

I peered from behind my shoulder and stared at the vampire pursuing us. His name was Ruben and at his flanks were his two best friends, Leo and Ambry. They smiled smugly and I could see they were pleased to have a fight, even with out the psychic crap. Ruben was very good looking, as all vampires were, it was part of the façade. He was tall and slender but still muscular, his golden eyes were now pitch black out of furry and his hair ravaged untidily in an array of gold brown locks. His jaw angled in a deep v that looked to be carved out of rock. Leo, I assumed the second in rank, looked as big as a bear. Quite opposite to his leader, his muscles bulged out of his t shirt and seem to swell as he breathed. His hair was bright orange and lay on his shoulders in a disarranged manner, sleeked back from his face. Like a hulking lumber jack. Ambry was still quite a boy and was new here so he didn’t look quit intimidating. Yet I knew that he could break me into little pieces…if he wanted to. Jet black hair was cut short almost nonexistent and he was shorter then the rest, but still just as striking. His lips were full and turned into a frown; this was not a fight he wanted to engage in. Ruben’s lips pulled back from his teeth and he let out a snarl.

“So what does a brain like you think your doing sitting back here with us? Do you think you’re special? Of course Abilene, you must know better?” He looked into my eyes and plastered on a disgusting smirk. Bourbon’s eyes followed his and he started talking through his clenched teeth.

“Well im not that acquainted with the ways of your world….”He paused waiting for Ruben to input his name.

“Ruben and this is Leo and Ambry.” He motioned to the now anxious friends on his sides.

“I don’t know exactly who you are Ruben but if you think for one moment im going to let my guard down to fulfill your needs…you are quite delusional. I’m beating to my own drum here and im not going to stand down…” The look on Bourbon’s face intensified as he seemed to shift into defensive mode.

“We’ll have to see about that then won’t we?” Ruben smiled and I saw all of the awful things he had planned for Bourbon….then he turned to me again and thought-
Then I guess will be seeing each other soon then Abilene. I froze in fear.

The second bell rang again and a new set of kids filed in along with the teacher. They didn’t even realize the bloody confrontation that was about to ensue in this very class room. Ruben and his pack twisted around and walked to the door, Leo was letting out a string of complaints as that might have been the most exciting thing that’s happened to him in a decade. Bourbon tuned to me with an apologetic look and sighed in aggravation.

“So that’s the kind of thing that happens here when you don’t sit where you’re assigned?”
There was some humor in his words but also some seriousness.

“That’s doesn’t seem to happen for me everyday you know? I think we should stick to the front for now on.” I said a weakly. I began walking to the next class but he stopped me.

“Why? Why do we have to sit in the front? I mean we should be able to sit anywhere we want. That’s the whole purpose of us living here is it not? To be able to be ourselves and not be judged?” He started to question.

“That’s just the way it is here Bourbon…people just don’t go doing what ever they want all the time…. our fathers made a pact hundreds of years ago. They made a pact to negotiate and be civil with each other as long as we considered the other one’s needs. This is what was always done and this is how it’s going to be. This is what keeps us united and stops us from ripping each others throats out...” Just then Ruben’s thoughts resurfaced but I pushed them back with all my might.

“…please just respect this way of life and do what is asked of you.” I exhaled deeply as I said those final words.

These words appalled me because this is the same thing my father told me when I asked about the same topic. I flinched away from the words but could not stop my self from saying them.

“Abilene I know you don’t believe that and I know that you reject those same words. You are not a very good liar and I could see your distaste for everything you just said. You spend everyday reading other people’s thoughts and getting to know their minds when you don’t even know your own.” This stung because it was undoubtedly true.

The third bell rang and the hallways started to clear. My lip began to tremble as the epiphanies started to remind me of how exactly true this was.

“I got to go to class Bourbon…im sorry.” I turned around just in time for one tear to trickle down my cheek. I left him alone standing in the middle of the hall way and hurried to my next class.

When I reached the door of US History I couldn’t compel myself to open it. I stood outside the door for what seemed like hours. People passed me and I heard the laughter in their minds. I knew I looked pretty weird right now staring at the closed door so I turned on the balls of my feet and walked toward the door leading to the parking lot. The fresh air outside began to bring me back to my senses and I trudged along to my car and waited another thirty minutes until I began to drive home.

The silence in my car seemed to engulf me and added to my already sullen mood. I could feel the weight of tears crashing down on me. I never once thought of asking my dad for help but at this moment he seemed to hold all the answers. I walked in the door and saw that he already knew something was wrong with me. I lumbered my way to the couch across from the chair he was sitting on. It was my mom’s rocking chair. The tears really started to pour then. My dad rushed to my side and wrapped his arms around me patting my back like I was a child. My dad was a mover so he couldn’t know what I was thinking and I was grateful for that. A box of Kleenex floated to a stop on my knee, but I punched the box from it and stood up angrily.

“Why are we like this?! Why do we have to be so strange and unnatural?!” My dad looked up surprised and puzzled as I began my rant of rage.

“Why can’t we jus be normal? Dad! Why were we chosen? I want to be out there in the real world with real people! I don’t want to be cooped up anymore…I don’t want to look like im hiding!” My body collapsed into a heap on the floor and I felt more exhausted then ever before. I could see the pain I had inflicted on my dads face and I wished I hadn’t been so mean about it.

“Oh Abilene love, you know my place is here. Helping our people and doing what I can to make us at least feel normal. When you come of age you can go where ever you like. You can go out there and be who ever you want to be- normal or not. Of course do you really think people will accept you out there if they found out your powers?” And that was my dad… always able to make me feel guiltier then usual. He had an uncanny ability to bend and twist my words so I felt no regret at all for saying them.

“Never mind dad you’ll never understand! Your mind is cooped up in this little town and all you know is the psycho paths you choose to serve! You know what? Im not going to be a slave to that world you live in any longer…”

“Now, now Abi don’t do anything stupid because I will be forced to restrict you! I don’t want to do that honey, I really don’t!” He gave me a stern look that was supposed to compel me to obey, but I wasn’t going to fall for that one.

“Restrict me then dad!” I turned around swiftly heading towards the door, I opened it and he didn’t try to “push” it shut as a stomped furiously down the walk way. I began to curse compulsively and wished I had some kind of punching back. It was nearly four o’ clock when I started down the deserted highway. I knew exactly where I was going and I wouldn’t stop till I got there.

My dad had bought a cabin when my mother was still alive. It was a few miles away on the other side of the lake. It was my mother’s favorite place to be so consequently mine also. My dad didn't go there much since my mom died. I never saw him cry but I knew when he came here that was all he did. I stepped into the fragile wooden cabin and ran my fingers along the weathered door frame. I shut the door behind me and proceeded to walk into the small living room, the smell of mahogany and old furniture in the air. I sat down on one of the old couches and took a deep breath in. I couldn't help but feel immediately calm here and I notice my mom always seemed to be so close when I visited the isolated cabin. I ran my finger tips along the seams of the couch and a tear rolled down my cheek.

I knew that everything Bourbon has said today was completely true. It was as if was written right here on my forehead. Then I felt relieved, all this time I had been waiting for someone to feel the same as I did, and waiting for an opportunity to voice my complaints and ultimately my unhappiness. I was going to apologize to Bourbon and tell him how right he was. I was going to tell him what I really thought of all this- as soon as I got to see him.

I was now ready to go back and finally face my dad without throwing a fit or crying. I walked out of the lonely cabin and could feel my mother’s spirit stay behind. I think the worst part of this was that I knew my mother had felt this way before she died. My dad was always telling me I was “your mothers daughter" and that she would’ve " been proud". It seemed like a low blow at the time but now a days I took it as a compliment. I shied away from thinking of my mother any longer.

When I got home my father wasn't there, thankfully. He was probably at a meeting discussing my oncoming rebellion or something. I laughed to my self and started to make myself dinner, just a top ramen and a coke, nothing to extraordinary. I heard the front door creak open and I lowered the TV instinctively. My dad seemed hesitant as he walked into the living room, anticipating another outburst. He stared at me with weary eyes and then cleared his throat.

“Now look Abilene I don’t want to have to tell Drum about your little rant and I dare not ask you how this came about so im praying that you’ve came to your senses or at least calmed down.” I gritted my teeth and nodded as he said his stern and uptight boss’s name and tried to remain civil.

“Dad im fine now but I think im a bit tired to continue this discussion so im going to bed. Goodnight.” I flung my plate in the sink and attempted to go upstairs. My dad grabbed my hand and kissed me on my forehead.

“Goodnight, honey.” There was an awkward silence and then I smiled reassuringly.

I undressed in a daze and put on the most comfortable pair of pajamas I had. I slinked into and let out an exasperated smile. The tears prevented me from going to sleep until two but when I finally shut my eyes I could still feel the overwhelming grief in my slumber.

When I woke the next morning I had a swelling headache, my jaw seemed stiff and my stomach uneasy. I ran to the bathroom in what felt like two seconds and heaved what little I had in my stomach. I laid there on the cold floor with my face pressed against it; it felt good on my burning forehead. My dad walked in and stared at me shocked. He saw my green face and knew why I was there, just then I threw up another big chunk of noodles.

"What’s the matter Abi? You've got the flu or something?” He asked looking concerned.

"Yeah dad I think I do. Can u get me some water please?" I heard his footsteps march down stairs and into the kitchen and then race back up. He handed me a glass of water and a little cup of medicine. I pinched my nose as I smelled the cherry flavor and tried not to taste it as it slipped down my swollen throat numbing the painful burn.

"Thanks dad I don't think I'm going to school today..."

“Okay. I'll call the school and let them know you’re sick. Just rest and you'll be better in no time... I'm going to work now but call me if you need anything. Bye honey."

"Bye dad.” There was no use in holding a grudge against my dad anymore I was too sick to even remember last nights occurrences. I proceeded to puke the rest of my insides into the porcelain toilet and frowned. I guess I wasn't going to be able to apologize to Bourbon yet and hoped he wasn't too mad at me. After thirty minutes of this I crawled to the kitchen to grab a bowl (incase I had to puke again) and slumped on the couch in the living room. The TV was already turned on to the news and I watched in a daze. The same thing was happening all over- poverty, war and violence. Were the dangers of the real world worth all of the excitement? I began to question my insanity as my head shouted out the answer....yes.

Even I knew there was something wrong with that. The clock struck nine and the phone rang... It was November.

"Abi where are you? And what ever happened with that lovely Bourbon guy?"
She asked.

“I’m super sick Vemb I think I’ve got the flu. I'm probably going to be out for a few days so you’re going to have to bear with me and I'll tell you what happened with him later."
She chuckled and wished me a get well soon; I groaned and said my thanks and goodbye. Vember was always super happy she would probably take a bullet smiling. I wish I could inherit half of her enthusiasm.

A few days went by sluggishly and I passed the time by reading White Fang. The wolf’s coldness reminded me of my own and I was please to know there was hope for even the coldest kind. When Monday finally came I felt rejuvenated, it was if my illness had put everything into perspective. The uneasy feeling in my stomach persisted though, knowing that I would have to see Bourbon and apologize for my over reaction.

When I met Vember in first period she seemed just as anxious as I was. She had seen another vision over the weekend but it didn't sound as pleasing as the last.

"Abi I'm worried, I know you don’t think too much about the things I see, but the visions I've been having lately are so... disturbing." A shiver rocked through her body and I tensed. Vember was never worried about anything; she rarely had a care in the world. I tried to shove this thought away and even though I knew Vember’s apparitions were valid I tried to convince myself it was just some sort of mistake. When the bell rang for us to go to the next class I was slightly annoyed. The time had gone by so fast and I felt me and Bourbon's fateful reunion coming closer. I tried to recite what I was going to say in my mind as many times as possible so I wouldn’t mess up and scare him away. I had the words memorized by heart and I was confident everything would go off without a hitch.

Just as I was walking to 3rd period and rambling in my brain fantasizing about him, I felt a tug on my arm and an excruciatingly familiar voice behind me. All the words I had committed to and all my assurance floated away, I looked up hoping that my stomach would stop fluttering. Aaaah, he was just as beautiful as I remembered him. His chiseled chin seemed even more statuesque and his eyes were the colors of some undiscovered exotic tree in the rainforest. His lips pursed into a straight line and he looked anxious.


“Yes.” Gulp.

“Where have you been?”

“I caught the flu and I didn’t want to infect any one, you know?”

“Oh okay…”

“Look Bourbon I just wanted to say im sorry about what I told you the other day, your right I didn’t mean a word I said! I hate myself for being so compliant but my dad…”

“Yes I know who your dad is and I don’t want to get you into any trouble… so im just going to keep my distance from now on and not disrupt this comfortable life you have for yourself. Im sorry.”

That was it, my stomach dropped down to my ankles and I could feel the air rush out of my lungs. The sick feeling in my stomach resurfaced.

“No, no, I wasn’t being true that day…you were right. Can’t you see? I am so bored with my life Bourbon…im cooped up in this small town and just following the rules like always! Im too comfortable! I don’t want to be comfortable!” I could hear the whining in my words and snapped my mouth shut.

“Im sorry Abi…I don’t want to hurt you.” What? What? WHAT!?

“What do you mean? You’re not going to hurt me, I saw how you got when those vampires looked at me… don’t be ridiculous!”

“Abi it’s to dangerous to be around me… why don’t you ask your friend Noe.” He scowled and wheeled around and began to walk away angrily. If I could have felt my legs I probably would’ve gone after him and forced him to explain but there was nothing. I couldn’t feel my legs….my hands, my arms, my mouth-my heart. A thousand thoughts raced through my mind, it was like the crashing of metal pans that rang and echoed in a massive empty room. I couldn’t believe Noe would convince him he was too dangerous for me! What was she thinking? You didn’t have to read minds to see that I was into him… she probably WAS jealous! Everyone had to get jealous at least once! But why did it have to be because of me? I wasn’t even beautiful like November and I certainly wasn’t as smart as Noe…. I regained the feeling of my limbs but was now seething. I could feel the smoke coming out of my ears and my face was growing red, on lookers looked alarmed.

Oh man, what’s her problem?

Look at Abi she’s pissed!

Watch out!


I could here the voices in my head shouting as I pushed my way through the crowds of people and didn’t even recognize the angry ones from the concerned ones. I saw Noe and as she was turning to face me smiling a stupid, worry free smile.

“Hey Abi!”

“Don’t you ‘Hey Abi’ me! What did you do?!”

“What do you mean Abi? Oh…..”

“Yeah that thing Noe! Why would you do that to me? You knew I liked him!”

“Abi you don’t understand he’s dangerous…you don’t know who he is! My father told me yesterday about his kind…where he came from!”

“Jeeze Noe I didn’t know how prejudice and hypocritical you are! So what if he’s a little different! So what if he’s a crossbreed! His parent’s should’ve been able to love whoever they wanted to love! WE’RE ALL DIFFERENT NOE! Look around at the people that go to our school, if a regular human saw us they would treat you like you’re treating him…” My voice began to raise a few octaves and people began to gawk.

Noe grabbed me by the arm and dragged me closer to her in an attempt to tone down our conversation. I began to feel a quiver of fury down my spine and my chest expanded and contorted in the most unnatural of ways. Just then my mind seemed to explode out of my body sending a blast of vibrations around me. Noe was the first to be effected; her body arched away from me and was flying into the air, slamming into one of the lockers, as if she was punched in the gut. The people around me lost footing as if an imaginary object was pushing them away from me. I could feel my strength being sucked from the outside air and I felt whole again. Noe was laying on the floor, eyes widened in horror.

“Im sorry Noe I don’t know what that was…”I hadn’t even lifted my hands or moved from the spot where Noe hauled me. I turned around to see the questioning faces on the floor and looked up at the only standing person. It was Bourbon. He made a face that looked like he was amazed. Or was he admiring? Then his face shot down and he hurried away, teachers began to inspect the scene and looked at me in shock, amazement and repulsion. A guy teacher approached me with his arms extended out like he was reassuring me he was unarmed. Why was everyone acting so strange? And what had just happened? I searched my his mind for any answers but he was just repeating the words- it’s okay Abi, no ones going to hurt you. Another guy teacher joined him and persuaded me to come with him to the office.

Everyone in the room was looking at me bizarrely and trying to keep me from reading it.

One plus one is two. Two plus two is four.

Me llama Sam. Me gusto leer.

I need to go to the restroom. I need tot go to the restroom.

What the hell was this! They were treating me like some sort of sought after convict who was seconds away from being caught by the police! I could hear the principle talking to my dad franticly. He was saying things like “abnormal” unexpected” and “it’s a shame”. He was actually apologizing to my dad like I was dead or something! The seconds ticked by slowly and I began to grow impatient, I was just about to jump up in scream when my dad stormed through the door searching for me. When he finally saw me he let out a sigh and I could see he was distraught. His eyes were sad and looked almost disappointed as he excused me from my dungeon in the office.

“Dad what’s wrong? What’s wrong with me?”

“Baby there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just going through some changes and we’re going to fix them as soon as possible. That’s all.” Another quiver went down my back but this was just annoyance.

“God damnit dad don’t tell me im different! What happened to me?!” He flinched in a reaction like I was going to punch him.

“Abi now just calm down! Do you want me to explain this to you or not?”

“Yes that’s what im trying to say!”

“Well it started with your mother…she was like you, a reader. We didn’t think readers were as valuable so she didn’t join Protectors like I did. But I always knew she was special…so I worked everyday with her on her powers and she could feel a change in her, something that made her feel whole-as she put it. It happened when you just turned five; you wanted a pony at your party so me and your mom pulled together enough money as possible to get it for you…” His eyes glistened and tears crept to the edge of his lids.
“….the pony was very irritable; we were sure going to get our money back! He grew angry with the swarming kids and began to whine furiously…you were moving around the back at him to your mom when he lost just lost it. Everything happened so fast after that…. the hoof was inches away from your skull it was going to hit you and surely knock you dead. I was so far away and my powers were not so developed, I could see your mom’s eyes flash to you anticipating the connection. Next thing I knew the pony was 20 feet in the air and your mom was sending off a ray of light, they looked like sound waves from where I was from. I had already rushed to your side and was lowering the pony back onto the ground, but your mom hadn’t even moved a muscle. No one was around her to move it either! Abi your mom moved that pony…she sent it flying! Brains aren’t supposed to have two powers they just aren’t!” He looked crazed as he gave the details about my flying pony….

“Is that what happened to me?”

He grew even more crazed as he continued rambling on….

“The night you mother died you and her were just driving to the was raining so hard! Crossbreeds had entered the town and I had gone to meet with them, I warned her not to drive so late in the storm, but she didn’t listen. My thoughts were that she gave her life to save you…we found you under a tree next to the decrepit car she was lying in. She had moved you out of the car just seconds before your car seat was crushed….”

I remembered then a bright ray of lights around me. I was in a cocoon of rainbows and I could hear the squealing of tires and the crashing and twisting of metal. A shrill of pain shot out into the air and it grew silent again. Just the soft wet ground under me and the thrashing of the wind and the rain.

When we arrived at my house my dad got out of the car in a rush and didn’t even wait for me…I was sure he was crying. My dad was a sensitive man and whenever you brought up my mom he had almost no control. When he had one of his episodes I tried my best to give him privacy. I stood out side for what seemed like hours and then made my way down a path in the woods on the side of my house. The quiet of the trees seemed to calm me and I could go over the day’s incidences without feeling bad or angry. I rambled in my mind for any explanation of why this was happening to me. But at the same time I could feel a new empowerment, a new life dawning on an unknown horizon. My life was not the same dull life…I could feel the colors around me, taste the noises in the trees, and I could hear everything. More then I could hear before and so much better! I could even still hear my dad sobbing in his room, the wood burning in the fireplace next to him, thinking of how much he missed my mother and reminiscing on the “good old days”.

Im guessing it was about half past three when I heard a crunching of twigs and the squishing of soil in the trees behind me and swirled around to see the mesmerizing face I had hoped for.


“Bourbon is that you?”

“Yeah it’s me Abi. What are you doing out here all alone?”

“Oh… just thinking of how I threw my best friend against the lockers without even touching her, you know normal stuff….”

“Look Abi im sorry about what I said to you earlier, I should’ve been up front with you when we first started talking but I was just so taken by you that I didn’t want you to know that I was a monster. “

“You know Bourbon I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about when you say you’re a monster….I think your wonderful.”

“Abi I wasn’t being totally honest with you when I told you what I was. Abi people made me like this I wasn’t born this way. I was just a normal kid being stupid, trying to find some excitement…”

“What are you talking about?”

“When I was 18 I joined a military program called The Sacrificial, it was one of the government’s big science projects. It took regular humans and turned them into…well…one of you. Me and my buddies decided to join it on a dare but what we didn’t know was no one ever made it out alive. Jesse, Richard, Erin and Lou all died, I was the only one left. When you’re first admitted into the program they stick you with hundreds of needles, they prod and poke and dissect, I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into but it was too late. They inserted genes from all races into me to give me the best of all of you. A Brains ability to move and hear, a Werewolf’s ability to shape shift, a Mutant’s superhuman abilities…and a Vampires immortality.”

“And their gorgeous appearance…” I mumbled.

“Abi this is serious!” He grabbed me and shook me by my shoulders. He looked deep into my eyes and I tried to penetrate the shield protecting his thoughts.

“Abi I was born on January 5th, 1924…my name was Lucas Bourbon Chamberlain. The doctors saw that I could shield my thoughts and so they couldn’t predict that I was going to escape….I’ve been in hiding ever since. I saw what you did today and I realized you were not the same as everyone else you are different just like me….this is why I trust you; this is why I chose you. Abi I heard what you said to your friend today and I wanted to thank you for standing up for me… you don’t owe me any loyalty so I don’t expect you not to tell any one about me, but it would be greatly appreciated. No one knows about this except for you and my aunt and my uncle…I hope my attempts to trust you were not made in vain. “

“Bourbon this is just a lot to take in right now that’s all. Why would the government do something like that? Aren’t they supposed to protect us? Im sure this is just a big misunderstanding….ill just tell my dad and he can get it all figured out….” I started to tug on his arm to lead him to my house but he stood in place like a stone. The urgency in his eyes was frantic.

“Abi we cant do that, your dad will tell on me im sure of it! He works for the government.”

“It can’t be the same government my dad would never do that!”

“Yes but we need to be cautious you know, the only reason I told you now is that I cant read your thoughts anymore because of what you did today!”

“You can’t read my thoughts? What do you mean…like no one can read my thoughts? You could read my thoughts before?!?!” When he told me earlier that he could read thoughts it didn’t even register in my mind that he could read mine. I was immensely embarrassed at this point and I was trying to trace back my steps to see what I was thinking every moment that I was with him. Oh god was it mortifying! The whole time I was boasting on how inhumanly beautiful he was!

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I just couldn’t. Can you see what I mean?”

“Yes I can see how it would be dangerous…” My head was aching from all the information I was taking in and I heard my dad’s shout from the clearing in front of my house.

“Abi! Abi!” He was getting worried and he was about to set out to find me so I hastened my goodbye with Bourbon.

“My dads not going to let me go to school so ill see you in a couple of days, okay?”

“Okay but just don’t tell your dad for right now im still trying to figure out the details…” I gave him a reassuring look and he grabbed my hand tight.

“I trust you.” He whispered.
I nodded and started to jog back to my front steps. I looked behind me and he was already gone. All I could hear was the whistling of the trees and the soft pitter patter of the forest. I met my dad at the front steps and he hugged me tight.

“Im sorry about that Abilene…you know how I get.”

“It’s all right dad, really.” He wrapped his hand around my shoulder and led me into my house. He was still trying to hold back tears and still thinking of my mom.

It had been almost a week since my little “incident” and I hadn’t gone to school since that day. Vember called me at least thirty times before I finally answered.

“Abi! Abi! Are you okay? What happened?”

“Vember you’re not mad at me? I literally threw Noe against the lockers! I could’ve killed her!”

“No Abilene, im not mad at you…im just worried. The day after that Noe came back to school with the stink eye. She was just sooooooo pissed! I tried to talk to her to get her in a good mood but something had changed inside her…she’s not the same Noe anymore. I think her dad has made the offer!”

“What! So soon? It couldn’t be!”

“Abi she’s turning eighteen next month, we all knew this was going to happen! What makes you think she’ll say no?”

“What makes you think she’ll say yes? She was never fond of the Protectors, she wasn’t even sure she wanted to join them!”

“I’m guessing this was all brought on by that little incident you and she had. Damn Abi you must have knocked the sense right out of her! Abi after next year she’s probably never coming back….”

“Vember I don’t even know what to say about this! I never wanted this to happen to us! How was I to know that was going to happen? “

“Honestly Abi I sort of saw it coming! I just didn’t know what to make of it. You saw how I never was that warm to Noe didn’t you? It’s because I knew that one day she would leave us under bad conditions.”

“Vemb you barely got into an altercation! You weren’t the one who got flung into the air and you certainly weren’t pushing anyone into lockers!”

“Yes I know Abi but this isn’t over-not for me, you or……or…”

“Vember spit it out! I hate when you keep secrets from me…”

“…or Bourbon.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I “saw” you and Noe getting into it, I saw him too. He was looking at you with these eyes! Eyes that said…’follow me and ill tell you all about it!’ Abi he knows something! Have you talked to him since then?”

I gulped one large spit wad and tried to mask my worry and bewilderment from the last time me and Bourbon spoke.

“Yes as a matter a fact I have.” She let out a shriek of excitement and I could see her smiling her face off on the other end of the line.

“Abi! Tell me all about it! What does he know?” Just then the doorbell rang and I could feel the safeguarded mind on my front porch.

“Im not at liberty to discuss the topic of discussion at this time. Bye November!” Click.

I hung up the phone in an overwhelming frenzy of hope/excitement/nervousness. I literally fluttered to the door and thanked god for my dad being at work. I opened the door and wiped the dopey smile off my face in an attempt to be modest.


“Hi Abi.” The symmetrical planes of his jaw moved ever so slightly in his greeting he smiled a crooked but charming smile as he said my name. His eyes looked down on me and scanned my house suspiciously. Leaning from side to side to get a better look I supposed.

“Is your father home?”

“No he’s not here right now. Would you like to come in?”

“I love to!” That darn crooked smile would be the death of me I know it-well not exactly I hope.

“What’s the matter? Are you alright?”

“Yes I was just thinking of what you told me the other day that’s all.” I answered honestly.

“Are you worried about something? I’m totally safe you know!” He chuckled a low soft chuckle.

“Yes I know but I just-“

“Look don’t be concerned about me, ill never hurt you.” His gaze was becoming unbearable at this moment because I couldn’t see anything besides him. I tried to refocus awkwardly.

“What are you doing today? It’s Saturday, no school, no parents…lets do something!”

“Abi I don’t know if that’s such a good idea right now I mean everyone is already speculating at your new “power”. They might be a little taken back if you were sitting next to them in the movies or something.”

“I guess your right…” I stuck my lips out in a pout and tilted my head.

“Well there is somewhere we could go but it’s just off the beaten path so you’re going to have to change.”

I looked down at my shorts and flip flop ensemble and excused myself.

“I’ll just be a second okay?”

He stood as still as a statue on my hardwood floor and I noticed how much he resembled a Vampire. I shuddered at the thought and planned some questions for our journey. When I reentered the living room he was still in the same position as before-arms folded, feet shoulder width apart- but now he had this quirky little smile on his stunning face and my eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

I left my dad a note that was explanatory but unrevealing and proceeded to the door. Bourbon placed his hand at the small of my back lightly and led me outside. When I was in view of the driveway I all but fell over at the sight of the beautiful car that was sitting in there next to my lousy white 1995 Honda Accord, it was a black 1968 Ford Mustang in mint condition- my future and favorite car! He was quite pleased with my reaction and watched my eyes bug out while he opened the passenger door for me like a gentleman. Beautiful, nice and had a killer car! Could he have been any better? Apparently yes.

“I wanted to be unpretentious so I decided not to go all out on our first date and all.”

“Wait a minute you planned all this? You knew I was going to offer to go out?”

“Well I didn’t plan, I just hoped….” He smiled and looked away flustered.

We had been driving for about fifteen minutes when the car turned onto a gravel road and stopped at a dead end about ten minutes into it.

“Where are we?”

“We’re almost there!”

“Whatever you say…” I hesitated and secretly wondered how my new power worked. If I was in trouble would I be able to do it again? I stepped out of the car and he waited for me at the end of the road.

“Now close your eyes…”

“Wait! Are you going to knock me unconscious?”

“I really wished you’d have more faith in me….im putting my life in your hands-or head I should say.”

“Okay then.” I closed my eyes and listened to all the sounds around me I felt him circle his hands around my waist and squeeze me tight.

“Trust me.” He whispered. Just then I felt a rush of air around my body and I landed on my feet in half a second, I clutched my eyes tight scared of what I would see if I opened them. After a few seconds life around me seemed to start up again but when I listened this time, it wasn’t the chirping of birds in the trees I heard, it was the swooshing of waves against some hard surface. I opened my left eye first and glanced around me with the other closed; we were standing in the middle of Lake Trinton.

“Open your eyes silly!”

“Whoa! This…is…beautiful Bourbon!”

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that all the time it makes me feel like we’re strangers.”

“What would you like me to call you then Bourbon?” I teased.

“Just Bo.”

“Okay ‘just Bo’…how did you do that?”

“Im inhuman remember! One of my many abilities is jumping…”

“Like teleporting?”

“Yes kind of like that…but only with places im familiar with. Like here!” He spread his arms open wide and the wind blew against him.

“Why didn’t you just jump me here from my house? We could’ve saved a lot of time!”

“Ha ha ha…” He laughed. “…that would ruin the suspense!” We were planted on top of a big flat rock about a mile from the shore; the soft glug glug of the waves was soothing in a way.

“What other powers do you have?” I sat down and wrapped my hands around my knees.

“Jumping and strength came from mutants, reading minds and moving came from brains, I can shape shift into any mammal and I get this and eternity from vampires.” He pointed towards himself when he said “this”.

“So you’re 85 years old then?”


“That’s interesting.”

“You’re interesting Abi, from the first time I saw you I was totally mesmerized. Your mind was like nothing I’d ever heard before. It was unique and so original- it was you.”

“Well it’s not like you didn’t exactly enthrall me either….quite frankly you could join the club! I’ve never met anyone like you Bo…”

“Because im the only one like me, im one of a kind.”

“Why would someone do that to another person? Why would someone try to fix something that wasn’t broken?”

“It’s just the governments of saying ‘you’re not good enough’! They wanted to make a superhuman, someone talented and above all the rest. Recruiting an inhuman was just not good enough-they wanted to make one. I think the only way I survived was because my uncle is an inhuman, I had the gene.”

“We can stop talking about this if you’d like….I don’t want you to feel any worse then you have to, I wouldn’t want to hurt you Bo-I’d never let anyone hurt you. I think that’s why I told Noe those things, because subconsciously, I knew you were a good guy.” He was sitting next to me now and had his emerald eyes fixed onto mine. Time seemed to stop and my heart began to beat erratically and my breathing was uneven. He placed his hand on my chin and inched closer, closing the gap between us. He hesitated cautiously, and I felt his cool breath in my face, it smelled like cherries and lavender, the sweetest of smells.

Our lips touched and I felt the same burst of energy I had felt the first day we met. It sent a shiver down my spine and the passing current was hot between our lips. I put my hand on the base of his neck and he pulled back to suddenly.

“Im sorry…” He whispered.

“Don’t be!” I laughed ineptly.

He was staring out on the lake now and pointed towards my dad’s small cabin on the other side.

“I wonder who lives there.” He speculated.

“It’s my family’s cabin; we bought it when my mom was alive. It was always her favorite place to be.”

“I see. Do you miss her, your mother?”

“I miss her a lot, she was my best friend. But I was young when she passed away so I didn’t know her that well.” I wondered about his parents for a second but stopped when I realized they would be dead by now.

“Excuse me but what are your aunt and uncle, you said they were inhumans too.” I continued.

“My aunt is a vampire and my uncle is a werewolf, they both can live forever, so it works out beautifully. Protectors prohibit crossbreeds so they can’t have children; they say it’s too much of a risk.”

“What a shame…”

“No it’s not that bad, im kind of like the son they’ll never get to have, and they’re kind of like my parents.” I thought about this for a second and realized the sun was going down, the water was reflecting the same eerie colors as the last time I was here with my mom.

“Its getting late and I should get you home, don’t you think?”

“Yeah im ready, are we going to jump again?”

“Unless you want to swim!” He cautioned.

“Harty Har! No thanks!”

“Okay well close your eyes, Ab.” I closed my eyes again anticipating the same flash of movement I felt the last time, when I opened my eyes we were at the car.

The drive back seemed shorter but I enjoyed it more then the last, the eagerness had been expelled and I was pleased with our little adventure. When we reached my house he cupped his hand in my face and gave me a peck goodbye.

“Will I see you on Monday then?”

“Let’s see if my dad let’s go of his choke hold long enough for me to go to school.” I joked.

“Well I’ll be waiting for you okay.”

“Wow, way to be patient Bo!”

“I can’t help it Abilene I want to be with you more then ever now. As long as you’re alive, you’ll never be alone.” I noticed more how he said the last words because those were the same words my mother told me that day at the lake.

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that, it makes me fell like were strangers.”

“Okay then Abilene, what would you like me to call you then?”

“Yours.” I said and he kissed me again.

“Mine” He whispered softly.

I was walking in clouds when I floated up my steps to my door. I was glad the mustang had peeled away and didn’t even worry if it had left a mark. Five minutes after I walked into the house I heard my dad’s thoughts approaching me. I grabbed the note I had left on the table and ran upstairs to strip myself of all the evidence from earlier that day. I was walking downstairs when my dad started to call my name.

“Abilene! Where are you?”

“Im here dad what’s the matter?”

“Mrs. Jolene came by earlier and told me you weren’t here. Where were you?”

“I was at the cabin all day!”

“Oh okay…” He trailed off not wanting to recollect anything about my mom at the moment.

“Well im going to sleep now honey im tired.”
“Okay dad…”

I was glad he was retiring early so I could have sometime to think about what had happened today. The visions swarming around in my mind distorted reality, and I marveled whether or not I imagined it. I was also astonished that I had been so at ease with someone who was, quite honestly, just a stranger to me. Me and him seemed to be on a level that none could measure up to, we had an understanding that no couple could replicate. We were two beings who were somehow different from the rest and altered beyond comprehension, by both physical and now emotional means. Like my mind had changed the day my new power was revealed, my heart was distorted in the most pleasant and binding of ways. Nothing would be the same between me and him anymore because when I was with him, in his presence looking into his eyes, there was not one place I’d rather be at, not one person I’d rather be with and not one inhuman I’d rather be.

Sunday went by sluggishly and I found myself daydreaming obsessively. The fact that what happened yesterday seemed unreal did not falter me. When I had woken up in the morning my dad continued to glare at me through his peripherals.

“What the hell’s the matter with you? I’ve never seen you this chipper in my life! Or at least since you were four and you got that sit and spin you wanted…”

“Im just seeing the world in a different light now, that’s all.” I smiled and practically skipped down the hallway. I was acting quite strange in my dad’s eyes, since before all this; I acted like every morning was the start of another torture. Especially since I didn’t even give the day a chance-I instantly woke up unsatisfied.

“Abilene im going out today so don’t stay up okay?”

“Where are you going dad?”

“Oh just to meet people who just moved here, I don’t want them to think were mindless beasts and all, so im pulling out the welcome wagon!” I thought for a moment about this and realized that it was Bo’s aunt and uncle he would be meeting. Then I panicked because my dad was not so good at first impressions and would probably make a jerk out of himself.

“Dad? Don’t do anything stupid okay! Like don’t be judgmental or rude….”

“You know im not like that Abi!”

“You could’ve fooled me.” I mumbled under my breath. No doubt the fact that his uncle was a werewolf and his aunt was a vampire would be an interesting topic to discuss. I heard the car door slam and I peered out the window, I was watching the car drive off as the skies rapidly turned grey. It was almost nightfall and the woods seemed to grow ghostly. I was beginning to grow paranoid looking out the window at the woods so I shuffled off and started humming like a mor

The author's comments:
I first wrote this as something to keep me busy, something to entertain me and look forward to. As it progressed I became more and more infatuated with it and started to work obsessively. Everday I would be eager to come home and right the next piece, like a really good book I was reading, except I decided what happened next. I am still working on it and hope to one day get it published and distributed through out the world.

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