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Opulence This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I’ve been watching him for days now. When he leaves his house to go to school, I’m the one carefully tailing him, switching cars every day to make myself look less suspicious. If he ever sneaks out of his second-story room, I’ll be the one... (more »)
The Snowy Woods
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Once Upon a Time, Ravens ruled Haven. No one knew where they came from, or how long they had ruled, but they were as much a part of the Snowy Woods as their subjects, the mice.      On a dark winter night, with snow... (more »)
Red Plastic Crisscrossed Diamonds
They were on a bridge, the kind of bridge halfway built that was made up of squares and cement and asphalt and that was sturdy enough for a group of teenagers to go out to the middle of it in the middle of the night and throw beer bottles off... (more »)
Spine Trophies
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The darkness swirls through the opening of the caves. Leeland sits in the corner. His blond hair is greasy and shadows over his face gently, twitching slightly as he carves out a new knife. His broad shoulders are hunched and he looks to be as... (more »)
The Sheriff
“I guess it’s Nymtiw, again. See the test result. There are no footprints and fingerprints,” said Evan, quite seriously. “Ha! Then, do you mean that it’s ghost or something? Oh my god, it scares me to death!” said Jack in a... (more »)
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A top hat, they say he wears, and a black opera cape, and at his side he bears a cane, which clunk, clunks as it hits the pavement. But his footsteps, they are silent, for evil travels not by ground, but floats as a fog, carrying the stench of... (more »)
Pocket Watch
I remember when I left. When I escaped. Just me, without anyone. My parents persuaded me to go, they would join later. I wanted them to come with me now, but they just said no. ?No, Samantha, you are going on your own. We wish we could go with... (more »)
Don't Ask me to Feel
By , seabrook, TX
Love is like a poison, stopping my heart. Like morphine it drips through my veins, and slows my hurt. Memories like raindrops ripple through my head. At once, they are both beautiful and bitter. They fill my soul with color and yet, tear my heart... (more »)
My Last Memory
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It was Friday the 17th. I was home alone; my mom, brother, and sister were gone. I wasn't sure where, but I know sometimes they leave without me when they can't find me. I was in my living room watching a horror movie. It was getting dark and it... (more »)
Terror at 10,000 feet
“I do,” that’s what she said after the priest asked her that important and breathless question “Do you Christina take Robert has your beloved husband,” that’s when the congratulations and pictures started, and also the party.... (more »)
By , eloy, AZ
One stormy night i was walking home from the movies.My friends and i had decided to watch a scary movie.So i was kind of scared.While i was walking i decided to take a shortcut through the cemetery.While i was walking through the cemetery... (more »)
The adventure of a lifetime
“TEDDY!” Screamed Paige at the top of her lungs. Teddy was Paige’s beloved dog. “That dumb dog, if he keeps running out the door like that, He’s gonna get himself run over,” said Nanna shaking her head sadly. Every time the door opened... (more »)
By , Longmont, CO
The streetlights have grown dim, to welcome the darkness of night once again, like any other repetitive cycle of the days. I sit and wait by the house I consider my property, though I live under the hospitality of Sir. Richard, whom, ever since I... (more »)
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Haunted Hotel
Up on the top of a steep jagged cliff there is a hotel, the hotel is a deserted place no one has been there for years. I herd a rumor that it is haunted, and I am going to go check it out. I was walking up to the hotel lighting was flaring... (more »)
Highway to Hell
I plopped myself into the seat and turned the key. The roar of the engine sent a chill up my spine. Immediately, I was alert to the sound of Prodigy blaring in my head. My heart began to accelerate from the sudden rush of adrenaline; my hands... (more »)
Reasa Vanna
Reasa was walking and heard a bang. A dog came running and jumped into her arms. A man came with a gun and said, “Let him go so I can kill that mutt.” “ But why would you kill him, sir?” she said, shaking nervously. The man said,... (more »)
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