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Opulence This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I’ve been watching him for days now. When he leaves his house to go to school, I’m the one carefully tailing him, switching cars every day to make myself look less suspicious. If he ever sneaks out of his second-story room, I’ll be the one... (more »)
Life Taken
It was a cold night in Paris and I had a big mission tomorrow. My name is Alex Smith and I am part of a secret project in the CIA called Sandstorm. There are four of us who survived the training. We are the best of the best in the CIA. My... (more »)
Project Skyportal
Project Skyportal I placed my manicured finger firmly on the biometric scanner, and the door slowly screeched open as I walked inside my hotel room. The beds were freshly made, the floor was vacuumed, and the room smelled of fresh lavender;... (more »)
SPLASH!  As I slowly came to consciousness, I saw bright, glowing stars moving around in different directions. “Am I in heaven?” I asked myself. That was my last thought before I blanked out. When I woke up, I found... (more »)
Have a nice trip
By , Cupertino, CA
“Have a safe trip guy!” Nate’s dad said to him and his sister Fiona as they went to board the flight to London so that they could attend the University of Economics. Nate and Fiona were both college students who got accepted into the... (more »)
To be continued...
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“Olivia!”My father shouts through my bedroom door. “Breakfasts almost ready!”  “What time is it?” I shout back before rolling over burying my face further into my pillow pulling my duvet cover over my head. I hear the door open.... (more »)
How to Win Diablo Three on Accident
You don’t even own the game but you know every spell, every enemy, every character and every item. Nothing will be a surprise in this game to you. You know that when you receive this game on your birthday, you will tear into it in an explosion... (more »)
The moaning and groaning intensified. He knew he was nearing the city. As he crested the last hill before the long flat road toward the city, he forced the clutch in, stopped, and shut off the truck. The air was hazy with the smoke of burning... (more »)
Jacks advunture
by Camille Kolditz 1/29/15          This story is about a boy named Jack. He lived with his father in a dwarf town. 14 years old.His father is Arthur Bade. He was as wise as an owl and also a very honest man beloved in the town.  Jack... (more »)
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“And there`s the girl who`s getting her own Meladian” My brother, Stoc, says antagonistically as he tosses his hips from side to side, strolling into the room. I just rolled my eyes and continued to stare at my reflection in the mirror.... (more »)
Once Upon a Supernatural - Part 2
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Saige “I’m so sorry Jacob.” I hoarsely whisper. “If the outcome is the one I know of, then we’re both doomed along with–“ I continue staring into his blue eyes that were filled with torment, fear, pain. Forcing myself to look... (more »)
The Two Men
After World War II, chaos in several nations was evident. However, several brave souls decided to help maintain peace and justice. By doing this, the term “vigilante” became a reality; the Board of Justice was given existence.... (more »)
Enemy Territory
“Clunk clunk clunk”. I heard the armor of my fellow soldiers as we marched toward the castle. I couldn’t believe what was happening. It felt like it was only yesterday when the guards arrived at my house and forced me to join the army.  I... (more »)
The Adventure of Elena Grace
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Elena is faced with different challenges.  Like,  romance,and people trying to kill her.  What will she do...  Will, she kill the person looking for her.  Or not? Chapter 1: The beging I am Elena Grace.  I am sixteen years old, and I... (more »)
The Sheriff
“I guess it’s Nymtiw, again. See the test result. There are no footprints and fingerprints,” said Evan, quite seriously. “Ha! Then, do you mean that it’s ghost or something? Oh my god, it scares me to death!” said Jack in a... (more »)
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A top hat, they say he wears, and a black opera cape, and at his side he bears a cane, which clunk, clunks as it hits the pavement. But his footsteps, they are silent, for evil travels not by ground, but floats as a fog, carrying the stench of... (more »)
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