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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

The Spy
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It’s just me. Huddled in this corner. I’m safe. I’m fine. They can’t hurt me. I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m oka- BANG! What was that? Was that them? What’s going on. Hide in the corner. The smaller you are the harder you are to find.... (more »)
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The Haunted House
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On a cold, nebulous night, I was pacing myself down the street. I approached a very gargantuan misty purple and deep sea blue house that was poorly structured. As I was looking around, I noticed an old, creepy tree with a bloody hand dangling... (more »)
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There it was, finally. Our island. Our very own island. It looked beautiful above the waves of fog, but there was still one question to be answered: why had they sold it to us for only five dollars? The answer to that very question was far... (more »)
The Xavier Bros.
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 “Carter Xavier! Get up right now it’s time to go!”  Tired and restless a man named Carter Xavier gets up with hesitation at the break of dawn with the rest of his fellow troops dressed and ready to head out.  There was a big war going... (more »)
Dead As The Night
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Life isn’t that easy in the streets.  Tonight I’m going out for a kill. An assignment, that is what my boss likes to call them. Sometimes all I have to do is be the nanny, place the bomb, and simply walk away. Other times I take the men to... (more »)
Heartless (Pt. 3)
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When something tragic happens to you, your life instantly becomes divided into the “Before” and “After” in relation to the incident. I read that somewhere in a book and as I’m trudging along the highway, headed towards Vancouver, which... (more »)
We Who Live (Pt. 2)
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I swing the baseball bat, taking a step back as the grey-ish green zombie falls to my feet, groaning. I step down on its head, shrieking as I do. My sneaker comes back covered in black and green goop and I let out another cry, rubbing it down on... (more »)
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The morning of my last day of summer found me anxious and nauseated at the thought of going back to the red-brown public school I attended two blocks from my house, but the afternoon found me in much worse condition. I had spent a fair share of... (more »)
Tumblin' This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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            I decided that tossing and turning in my bed wouldn’t make the world spin backwards. I twisted around in my midnight dark room. I stared at my ceiling, then at my wall, then at my other wall, then out my window. My yard... (more »)
The Worm in Uncle Greg's Grapefruit
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  It is very hot in the closet where I am standing, and I am trying to focus on that fact. Not the itchy fur shawls rubbing against my arms, chest and neck. Not the coat hanger stabbing me in the shoulder blades. Not that I can’t... (more »)
A Scene from my Novel: The Spirit Keepers
            There is poison in her body, in her bloodstream. It is spreading through her veins like a wildfire, corrupting everything in its path, taking her further and further away from you by the minute. Yet, somehow, she is the one... (more »)
Bitter Honey
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Bitter Honey I stood outside my brother’s window eyes wide with disbelief. My mind was suffocated by decision. Should I comfort him now or wait things out? Both seemed like a god awful idea. The words played over and over in my head.... (more »)
keep running
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Run! I have to run, I thought I ran I ran from the monster behind me in fact I’ve been running for more than four years now since the demons killed my family in front of me I was so little but I remember it all the screams and the blood and... (more »)
the teasure
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  In a town called Burginvile there was a myth. On a hill above the town, there is a royal castle that used to have lots and lots of treasure gold, silver, bronze, paintings and antiques but one day a thief stole a very precious item and... (more »)
Gathering Blue review
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Are you looking for a good summer book to read?  I've got a great recommendation: Gathering blue by Lois Lowery.  This tale of survival features a teenage orphan who overcomes many challenges to thrive in a community that usually leaves the... (more »)
The Hat Man
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There was a boy named James. James had always like things about myths and legends.So one night he had made a plan with his best friend ben, that they would explore the old abanded Saw mill.The next week Ben had stayed the night with James to... (more »)
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