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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

The Adventures of Alan Larson
By , Federal Way, WA
Man, college is expensive. Alan Larson knows that at first hand. He eats very little a day, has to rely on public transportation to get around, and lives in a cluttered apartment.  He is sick and tired of working at Billy Bob’s Burgers 40... (more »)
By , Cobleskill, NY
"Wow this powder is incredible today," I yelled as Uncle Jim flew by me like a shot out of  a cannon.  The conditions were perfect and the sky was as blue as a sapphire.  A few clouds passed by every so often, but it... (more »)
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Something Unbelievable
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It was dark. Everything caused fear. The place was lonely and there were no cars passing through. My hair was waving in the air. It was a cold night. Tree leaves where all over the place on the floor and on the air. The only sound that could... (more »)
Our Pitiful Existance
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The smell of burning flesh assaulted my nose as I stood in the town square with the other townspeople. It had been a girl I knew this time. She lived next door; I’d known her all my life. Despite the accusations, I couldn’t believe... (more »)
I snap awake. Its pitch black and cold. Cold enough that my nose is starting to build up icicles. I get up to no light, no warmth, and no family. I’m all alone. Not another human or animal. I go to open up the heavy steel unbreakable blinds to... (more »)
A Red Scarf Stained With Blood
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I was very young at this time in my life… I was playing the cello in our study room and my little brother was laying down on the rug, intently listening to my music. Suddenly, a bottle crashed through the window and shattered on the... (more »)
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The buzzing was rude and uncivil, like it was every morning at five a.m.. I reached over my stirring wife, so as to not disturb her, and pressed the miracle button on the alarm clock. I lay down for a few more minutes in the darkness, trying my... (more »)
Path of Possibility
Hal plowed right into the old woman sitting on the side of the road.  He could have sworn she wasn’t there just a moment earlier.  But there she was, grumbling and waving at him.  What was an old woman doing out here anyways?  They were... (more »)
The Odyssey in Modern Day
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“???????” is the Hebrew word for jackpot. The amount of time it takes to say that word is the amount of time this incident took to occur. Except this is not a jackpot, this is the complete opposite. The shockingly sharp turbulence jolts me... (more »)
Escape the rain
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It's done. The rain had stopped. It's like that's all it ever does anymore, is rain. Everything is gloomy. What can you expect? We're all trapped here. We could take a stand. But who will? Most have the power, in fact that's... (more »)
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Introduction: She knew she wasn't supposed to feel regret. That hadn't been part of her conditioning. She returned her katana to it's rightful place after she polished it on a shred of her pants, because God forbid, someone in... (more »)
(Title Not Determined) Part 2
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Clint approached a small gate leading into a town. He noticed a sign by the door reading "Welcome to Grenvell!" Two large towers sprang from each side of the doors and guards poking their heads out and watching the dense forest below.... (more »)
The Maze Runner
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“If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human.” Alby, the leader of the glade wrote this. If they are human things will scare them, especially for the boys in this book. My favorite book is the The Maze Runner. I’m going... (more »)
Golden Bear
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Here Yogi, Yogi, Yogi,” I yelled while I was hunting with an old friend named Todo. The forest was dense and you could only see as far as the length of your gun. “Nah, I would say he’s more of a Winnie the Pooh kind of bear, Carter.... (more »)
The Miracle of Mist
By , West Des Moines, IA
Columns of water shot up from the desert sand. Hanging in the air, the gravity of earth pulled the water into a hyetal of rain shower. Engulfing the doomed dry desolation of land with moist sensations of life. Tiny pools of liquid formed into... (more »)
The Alley
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The Alley The sounds of our feet hitting the cobblestone streets drown out the whistles of the police officers. We have been running for the last twenty minutes straight. But the police just won’t give up. They just keep pursuing us.... (more »)
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