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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

The Man and the Giant Bananas
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I was walking home from a particularly difficult day of school when it happened. It was cloudy and there were people everywhere. Except that they weren’t people. It was a faceless crowd of bodies, people coming and going from their everyday... (more »)
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48 hour Case
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Sarah studied the old man carefully. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it. But something about him reminded her of someone else. But who? This was her first mission as part of the C.I.A and she wanted to make her country proud of her, but how... (more »)
Diary of Daily Adventures
By , Jaipur, India
Diary of Daily Adventures NOVEMBER Wednesday: Hi, diary dear oh I mean dear diary. My name is Rodney. Firstly and the most important thing I don’t like art so much so I ‘m not gonna do drawings or stuff I... (more »)
When He Thought It Was Over
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The cold air whipped through the trees, brushing up the leaves that had scattered onto the ground. The rustling stirred the boy from his light slumber. His eyes fluttered open gently before coming fully awake, and darting around quickly, hand... (more »)
Is this a dream?
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It was a sunny morning and I decided to take a walk to the local library. Once inside of the lobby I spotted and picked up a book about interpreting dreams. I sat down at a table in the far left corner and must have fallen asleep, because when my... (more »)
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At the time of winter vacations Lakshmi, Nicky and Sanjay’s joy knew no bounds. They were going to an Island! They packed their things and got ready. The next moment they were on the ship. They sailed for 3 days and reached the island its... (more »)
Tempest Tossed
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The sea was enraged. Foaming spray flung itself against my face as I scrambled up the rigging, my raw and blistered hands grasping at ropes that were barely visible in the dark haze of night. A blast of light lit the sky for a split second, and... (more »)
The Downfall of a Stack of Paper
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The thought crosses my mind that if I were human, I could run. Run from inevitable death. Escape fate. Then I think bullshit. Because if I were human, I’d never be in this mess to begin with. It started back around two thousand years ago -... (more »)
How to Drive a Race Car
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Driving can be hard because some people just get scared or nervous. Driving is a new experience for many people. The type of driving that we do is called stock car racing and its very different from driving on the street. First, the age that... (more »)
Adventures Beyond Space #1
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-Adventures Beyond Space- Story 1: Blood, Lasagna and Darkmatter My latest space adventure began in a time before time...AKA before 10:30 AM. I was passed out in the front seat of my Winnebago-class starship, hat pulled over my eyes.... (more »)
Just Another One
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In the eyes of everyone who didn’t truly know him, Javier was just another teenager going through normal teenage problems. But that’s not the case. He is not like any other teenager. His problems are far beyond any problem a 17 year old... (more »)
Clement O'Malley and the Seas of Cheese
By , Chalfont, PA
Captain Clement O’Malley tightly gripped the wheel as rough winds and seawater battered him from all sides. His ship, the Fearless Ragu, was caught up in a maelstrom and the Captain was trying everything he could to keep her from slamming into... (more »)
I don't need a man to survive
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I have to sit here until a prince comes to get me, but I am not that patient. No way on earth I will wait for a man or true love that may not even last. I don't need a man to survive. i am going to get my butt up and walk myself I don't... (more »)
Another Day In The Office
The door slammed shut as PI Rick Smith sauntered into the black gray and rather empty room. “Alright, Scott, who put ya’ up to this?” He pressed with a heavy New York accent as he reached into his pocket and slipped a cigarette into his... (more »)
Catching Fire
Catching Fire is the second book in the Hunger Games series. In this book Katniss and Peeta go back in the games with previous victors. They will have to make some friends and fast, because all the victors know each other. Katniss and Peeta are... (more »)
Let Go
I trudged forward. My combat boots sunk into the mud and the reeds and ferns scratched my arms. I heard the crunching of footsteps. I stopped and grabbed the M14 off of my back and crouched under the cover of the swamp reeds. Three of them... (more »)
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