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Read the book and find out the plot. Chapter 1: Monsters and Magic Rings I ran through the pouring rain, only one thought in mind, get to my base. Ever since I found a ring in my grandparents’ house there have been shadows every where I go.... (more »)
The "Hero"
By , Foristell, MO
Once upon a time there was a hero greater than any in the land. It was said that he slayed the entire kingdom of the dragons, that’s at least 50 dragons. He wore gold plated armor fashioned by the kings blacksmith himself. As a child, this... (more »)
Pig Boy
By , Matthews, NC
“Pig Boy! Pig Boy!”, “Oink!”, “Scary Garry!”, those words are carved into my memory, carved with a big meat cleaver. My flashbacks only make me more and more angry, each one presents me with a new idea for... (more »)
Love Birds
Love Birds It was a rainy day. As Perry looked out the window, he couldn’t help but to think of his home in Madagascar and how bright, and sunny it was. Most importantly, he thought of Elise. She had the most beautiful color. She was pink... (more »)
bully nation
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James Cole Writing Short story. BULLY NATION. Here I am, sitting in writing class, topic less. I listen to the silent ruffling of pages, the pencils that mark them, and the second hand on the clock as it ticks and tocks. Every time I... (more »)
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     Future                                                       Many are hidden, unknown... (more »)
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Matt woke up to the sound of his baby brother screaming. “Shut up", he said. He got out of bed slowly and got dressed. "Excited for your first day of school?” his mother asked as he ate breakfast. "I don't really know. I mean I don't... (more »)
Escaping the Hospital
By , Tampa, FL
Bob was about to go into surgery at the Stevenson Medical Center. He was receiving a heart transplant. Bob was a short man who was very overweight and bald. It was October 2021 in New York. Bob didn't have any family still alive so he was... (more »)
Into the open city
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I start of running, jumping, and then gliding along. It's dark, peaceful, and calm while I'm gliding along. This road never ends though I keep pushing my way through the dark night. Every object that I pass by seems to stand out and almost touch... (more »)
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In the Storm
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The sky was as black as night and as gray as a funeral, the winds were swarming around me, as if I was their prey. I was in the middle of the greatest storm to ever hit Colorado. I could not hear anything, but the screams of the cyclone, fear... (more »)
To Run
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     I ran. With blobs of water forming in my eyes and torn clothes, I ran. My muddy black combat boots slammed into the ground with each step, twisting the soil beneath me. Gunshots rang behind me as they had just frantically realized I... (more »)
A Ride to Remember
It was a calm and cool late summer’s day in the peaceful state of Michigan, perfect for a ride. The sun was just beginning to rise over the lake looking like a golden coin slowly floating to the surface. Along with the sun came new life and... (more »)
The Masked Man
By , olathe, KS
the whole headquarters. The file bomb shuts everything down and gives James the perfect opportunity to go down the hall to the head office. James tries to open the door but he can't because it's locked. James takes a step back and kicks the door... (more »)
John's Journey
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John’s Journey      John had just gotten out of college when his parents kicked him out of the house. John’s parents said that he was being a “Lazy bum” and needs to “stop mooching off of your parents and grow up and get your own... (more »)
Mission Italy
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“I-is it safe. Is it safe to leave yet?” I whispered to my friend Matt as I took in deep breaths. “I think so. Let’s just slowly get up and leave quietly. Don’t make any noise. If you hear anything stop and... (more »)
The Jefferson's
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There is always that weird dysfunctional family where you think they might be mass murders. But very rarely there is that dysfunctional family who actually are psychotic in nature. Meet the Jefferson’s every morning is the same with them;... (more »)
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