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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

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"And? Did you think Zero was the only one? Times have changed Desmond, we cant keep fighting. Not forever." "Do You hear what you are saying jen?",Said Desmond in a stern tone, "I mean, I get it. One day we are gonna grow old and we may look... (more »)
Glitter Wings
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Fluffles dream was to become an alpha cat. To become an alpha cat she had to do something that would change her life forever. There were only a few alpa cats in the world but Fluffles wanted to be one of them. One day while fluffles was... (more »)
Crazy Betty Lue
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One day a boy name C. J. went walking to a gas station to get some milk. When he turned around the corner, there was no one on or around the streets except for a van park across the street.  C. J. thought this was strange; there were always... (more »)
my story
“Yahoo! I finally got the new game,” Rin said with the biggest smile on his face. “Can’t wait to go home and play this game.” “He then arrived.” Rin said. “Where is everybody? Ugh? There’s... (more »)
The Jubokko Blood Forest (Part One)
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   It was warm in the mass of darkness that encased the samurai. When he reached out he felt the frigid morning against his hand. He heaved himself between two wolves, running his fingers through their fur until their eyes shut like castle... (more »)
If a House is to Burn
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Jeremiah 29:11 11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”     If a House is to burn: If a house is to burn, By luck, let... (more »)
The Origin of Coral
By , Virginia Beach, VA
ORGIN MYTH “No. I am not going to do it.” Said Cecilia. “Come on you have to, please?” Begged Coral “NO! I am not the one who swims. You are. I am not going to swim around Grascript with you. I will run on the beach or ride my bike,... (more »)
the craziest thing happened last night
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I was up late last night and the craziest thing happened. I got a phone call that told me my puppy had been abducted and if I wanted him back, “no police,” I was scared. The man said I better cooperate or I would never see my dear puppy... (more »)
A Simple Task - A Close Call
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 “Cooper. What are you going to do when you turn 18?” I remember those words as I run as fast as I can towards the ridgeline. “I am going to avenge my father’s death.” That statement I made only two years ago ring out in my head. I... (more »)
The Glades
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Thom was too angry to be chosen or even considered, and he was too old by the time I came from my mother’s womb. Maybe that’s why he hates me, even to this day. The middle child- my sister, Anise- is too kind. All she ever had was kindness... (more »)
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A Party in June
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The long grass on the hill waved like the ocean. A ship sailed by on the blue waves of the sea. The small town of Sakten was preparing for the month of June, the warmest month of the year for them, and almost all of the residence were inside,... (more »)
The Truth About Madeleine Lester
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When you finally left the party, I was waiting. It was a formal event; filled with silk dresses and hair gel, impeccable ties, perfume that hung on the air. As the daughter of Ridvik Lester, everyone was looking at you. I could hear your heart... (more »)
The Light
Light spilled in through a window, warming a tiny shack in a small village in the heart of Honduras.  The gentle heat awakened Miguel with a sense of security.  He basked in the light until the urgent manner of the day ahead hit him and he... (more »)
Define A Hero
Finn walked out the rusting weather door, its hinges barely grasping the frame, to see his father working inside the stomach of a truck. His father’s eyes met his own, and a mutual silence fell over them. Finn broke away from the stare,... (more »)
The Monkey Slayer
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One afternoon a group of red monkeys, who had bodies as big as gorillas. They were big, strong and attacked when they saw a villager. The monkeys began destroying our village and terrifying our people. It was a very tragic day for our village... (more »)
My First Murder (part 1)
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I was young, too young. I was drowning. I barely even knew her, it was a rash decision. I learned the trick when I was ten. They taught me the right way to kill without being caught. I was told many times that I was being too emotionally... (more »)
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