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A Boy and a Horse This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The grey overcast loomed over the ostensibly endless, yet unpredictable terrain of spruce trees, dormant shrubs, and mountainous earth. Strong scents of creosote bushes, caused by weeks of heavy rains, swept through the windy mountain air. Dusk... (more »)
The End of the Road This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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My blade screeches, the sound of metal against metal, as I slash my arm in a smooth arc, severing the automaton’s head from its metallic body. A spray of black blood erupts from the torso, drenching my torn clothes, as what remains of the... (more »)
night stingers 2
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“I heard fighting. Do you need help?” “Yes!” “The bill is 4000 dollars” “I knew we should of went to Canada.” “I know.” “Dr. craddock what do think about the medical system?” “It’s too expensive.” “I hear... (more »)
The Climb of Hope
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    I’ve been working towards this moment for years. Training everyday, having an intense diet, having no life outside of my work environment. Today is the day. We are only 1500 ft from the top of Mount Everest, camped... (more »)
Why Atlas Will Never Shrug
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  Atlas is the man who holds the weight of the world on his shoulders. Carrying the fate of all life is a strenuous task, and yet Atlas does not hesitate to do so. However, he was not always this ambitious and strong. I’m sure... (more »)
My Island Name
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I thought I was fine at first...turns out I was wrong. I was coughing and choking on water. I couldn't breathe. After what felt like an eternity, I lay there breathless with no water in my mouth but a salty taste instead. I thought after... (more »)
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I was trapped. I couldn't get out of this house and nothing was visible. The air was covered in dark grey, thick smoke. I could just hear the sirens blasting in my hears. They felt so close yet they weren't coming close enough. The... (more »)
Spoiler Alert
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The cold air felt warm against my moderate-temperatured face as I walked through the room-temperatured room. It was seven o'clock, which was completely irrelevant. I saw one of my colleagues punching his computer behind me and to the left a bit,... (more »)
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I ran over to my locker and jumped in. It was all because of the principal. She was walking down the hallway. "Where are you?" she asked in an almost creepy manner. I held my breath. "I know where you live," she added. I heard a pause. I... (more »)
Memories Lost
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Due to a series of strange and unforeseen events, these are the objects Sam carries each day:  a dog tag, a photo, a key, and a lighter.        Sam stood in an underground room, glaring indignantly at the pedestal standing directly... (more »)
Double Bubble Wish Fairy
By , kirtland , OH
“Stupid toy” Julie mumbles, rolling to genie ball off her bed.  The genie ball begins to glow, while seven-year-old Julie lays face down on her Elsa blanket.  The words on her blanket begin glowing too. It says Magic... (more »)
Joana's Adventure
By , Kenner, LA
Joana the dragon is all alone in the eerie woods on a quest searching for the secret treasure. What is the secret treasure, you ask? Nobody knows. Joana’s curiosity took over bringing him on this quest. He was flying through the woods when he... (more »)
Think Fast or Else...
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Think Fast, or Else… My town is isolated from all the others, and there’s a large iron gate that closes us off after dark. It lets no one in and no one out, under any circumstance. After 11 o’clock PM, the police scan the border and... (more »)
The Flying Dutchman
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It was a sunny day in the Caribbean Sea, the water as flat and smooth as glass, the ship was an older ship, a 7 year old Man of War, named “Messenger.” She was a powerful ship, triple masted, double decked, and fifty guns, but it was no match... (more »)
The One-Man War
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    Mark was a stockbroker at JP Morgan in New York City. He had been raised in the Midwest on a farm, but the agricultural field was simply too laborious so he decided to relocate to New York. Since his move to the city he was able to avail... (more »)
Freaky Friday
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“Why are you wearing my face?!” “Why are you wearing my face?!”                  . . . Okay, so one time at dinner, I joked and said, “What if we switched bodies for a day?” My twin and I argued about what it would... (more »)
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