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Frostomir and Bartholomew's Quest
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Most children think that a jolly fellow named Santa Claus lives at the northernmost part of the world in a magical land known as the North Pole.  This is really a misconception.  It is true that there is a land at the top of the... (more »)
Return Of The Squirrels
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Tim knew that this day would come. Once he took that acorn from that squirrel everything was going to change, but it was all too sudden. Everyone at the park knew it was about to get real... the invasion was here. It all started when Tim... (more »)
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Bobby's Dilemma
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Bobby’s Dilemma Hello there, my name is Bobby Anderson. If you want to know a random fact about me, it would be I HATE ORANGES! Anyways let’s get to the story... “Bobby!” yelled Mother, “Breakfast is ready!” “Coming!” I... (more »)
Ghost Town
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“Silence meeee!” “Silence meeee!” It has been a week since me and my partner, Nara; who is an insect sized ice fairy could hear those mysterious nerve-racking whispers. Since then we have never been able to reward o-ur toiled-out... (more »)
The Cobbler King
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I love being a king, you can have all the wealth, power, and food you want, but it doesn’t always go the way you would want. War is a big problem in my kingdom, especially since we have one of the meanest populations ever. Back to the present,... (more »)
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Where'd the inventions go?
Thump, thump, thump. Joe’s heart pounded as he got closer and closer to finishing the hardest training obstacle course in SA-10’s (A secret agency) history. Joe just had to navigate through the flaming ring of fire, dodge a couple of... (more »)
Cow Freedom
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“I’m done you’ll have to do this without me.” “This ain't over Dave; you're not running away from this one, not this one!” “Fine just keep it down I’d like to get through one day without winding up in a holding cell.” Dave... (more »)
Escape to Wherever There Was - Chapter 5 - Lyle...
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I woke up after the sun had risen, and only Blake and Louis were still on the bunks around me, fast asleep. I lay there for a while as yesterday's events sunk into my brain, listening to the silence in the shack and the busy city outside.  ... (more »)
The War of Now and Then
July 8th, 2004, Afghanistan “Where is he?” The man said nothing. “I said where the hell is he?” The man said nothing, but he smiled. “Up your ass,” the man questioning him, Jayson, grabbed him by the trachea and squeezed tight... (more »)
The Fire, The Flame, and The Fear
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He was in serious danger. The day had finally come. The day he thought would never happen. The day when all of his fears became reality and all of his hope seemed to dwindle and extinguish, like a flame being smothered by two greasy fingers.... (more »)
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he sat there. She was alone on a train full of people. Sitting there fidgeting with her backpack and enveloped in her own thoughts, she caught the looks of everyone who walked past her. Something about her seemed different. She most definitely... (more »)
The Letter Goodbye
Dear James, By the time you read this, I will be gone from this world, and you will most likely be between spells of anguish and despair. You will not understand my reasons for keeping you in the dark nor forgive me from a betrayal of this... (more »)
Man's Best Friend
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There once was a man named Tim. Tim grew up as a foster child. He never knew his real mom or dad, and they didn't know him. It never really bothered him though. Since he never had someone like a parent figure, he never learned to swim, ride... (more »)
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I don’t believe it was a feeling, more of an instinct. I was taught as a young child to always stay close to home and don’t go anywhere that’s unfamiliar. I did as I was told but over the past few years I’ve been bored. Day to day... (more »)
Trip to Vegas
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Hello everyone my name is Jeff and I have quite the tale to tell all of you. This story takes place during a trip my buddies and I took to Vegas when I turned the big 21. Before I get started let me introduce everyone. There's four of us... (more »)
Traveling Money
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Violently she twisted her hand in the burlap sack until she pulled out a couple of us crumpled up at the bottom. Once again the cashier repeated, “ That will be $12.00, you got it or not?” Nervously she shuffled me to the top of the pile and... (more »)
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