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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

Vision: Hell on Earth
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He started his training right when he was brought home from the hospital, after his birth. He believes he’s doing the right thing. But he’s not! And I’m the one who has to end his evil! These thoughts swirled through my head as I fought... (more »)
The Light Reborn
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Light and Darkness.It is a never ending war between the creatures of Light,and the beasts of Darkness.This war has been going on since the beginning of creation it’s self.The battle has been of equal loss and victory for all of time.But... (more »)
Post Route to Atlantis
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“I am Robbie Stockson, the mailman for Ballard, California. I am honored that I have been elected as Santa Barbara County’s mailman of the year. As you know, ‘neither snow nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift... (more »)
Forest Giants
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Giants. Everyone’s aware of them. Everyone knows their features: the towering, terrors, whose skins crumble and crack like the very mountains that they make their dominions. No matter where you go, be it the shrouded woods of Hallenhal or the... (more »)
Traveler: The Story Begins
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Angry men race through the woods, chasing after a shadowy figure, flickering through the trees. A small silver shape darts forwards and backwards, towards the pursuers, leaving aggressors bleeding after sudden swift savage attacks. Thunk! An... (more »)
Magic at Mr. Gas
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It was a rainy day in Idaho, and Morgon was trudging depressingly toward his day job at the local Mr. Gas station. The mailman, Robbie, had just delivered the morning mail. Inside one of the letters, there was a cream colored note with curvy... (more »)
The Failed Knight
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There once was a knight named Bell.  Many described him as the worst knight in history.  Bell couldn't do anything that a knight should be able to do.  He couldn't joust, sword fight, and he wasn't good and being chivalrous.  Everyone made... (more »)
The Other Face of the Ball
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I have waited for today's tryout. These past few weekends, I had been practicing from sunrise to sunset or until my arms would get limp and my legs would be like spaghetti noodles. I know that was suicide, but being in the university's... (more »)
Prison Without Walls
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My name is Oso Wiles, and my older brother is in prison. Okay, so that’s a bit of a morbid beginning. Sorry. But most people already know about us. especially my brother. Other than that, we’re pretty normal. I go to school,... (more »)
Concealed part:1
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Drip… drip, The reminisce of the storm lingered in the air. Water droplets fell from metal mailboxes to the puddles on the ground. Grey storm clouds were rolling in the sky. The dreary landscape that laid before me looked like it came straight... (more »)
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Penguins and a Space-moose
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One sunny day on Antarctica a group of three penguins were waddling along the ice. Their names were JJ, Dave, and Eli. They were best friends. All of the other penguins thought they were very wierd. But that was just because they were actually... (more »)
Stephanie's Recovery
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Virus “In a few days, your arm will be good as new!” my master, Stephanie said as Kira hopped off the bed and walked away with her new arm cast. “How’s the leg?” I turn around to see Elijah, his brown hair ruffled from the Daily... (more »)
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Look at these scars, on my body and on my mind. These are the constants that remain on my head,nothing can separate me from myself and all the memories I have. I'll never relive my past again. So don’t ever come at me like that again,... (more »)
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Just a regular day, I awake to the cool breeze and fresh smelling trees. Rising from my rest, blinking my eyes rapidly I look out at my surroundings shaking my feathers and twisting my neck, stretching my tiny legs as I inch forward my stomach... (more »)
Burnt Sienna
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Blue. A sharp blue. Like a jagged needle. Piercing me all at once. “Sienna Benchley, late once again, take a seat.” I shuddered. The trepidation increased as I settled on the nearest seat. I locked my eyes on the gleaming marble floor. I... (more »)
The Evolution of A Vault-Dweller By Gabriel Rocha
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The people of vault 657 can’t survive another month in here, and neither can their modest society. They’re hardly getting any food at all. Nobody has eaten a half-filling meal since they got here and still thought their rations... (more »)
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