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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

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Matt woke up to the sound of his baby brother screaming. “Shut up", he said. He got out of bed slowly and got dressed. "Excited for your first day of school?” his mother asked as he ate breakfast. "I don't really know. I mean I don't... (more »)
Escaping the Hospital
By , Tampa, FL
Bob was about to go into surgery at the Stevenson Medical Center. He was receiving a heart transplant. Bob was a short man who was very overweight and bald. It was October 2021 in New York. Bob didn't have any family still alive so he was... (more »)
Into the open city
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I start of running, jumping, and then gliding along. It's dark, peaceful, and calm while I'm gliding along. This road never ends though I keep pushing my way through the dark night. Every object that I pass by seems to stand out and almost touch... (more »)
In the Storm
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The sky was as black as night and as gray as a funeral, the winds were swarming around me, as if I was their prey. I was in the middle of the greatest storm to ever hit Colorado. I could not hear anything, but the screams of the cyclone, fear... (more »)
The Masked Man
By , olathe, KS
the whole headquarters. The file bomb shuts everything down and gives James the perfect opportunity to go down the hall to the head office. James tries to open the door but he can't because it's locked. James takes a step back and kicks the door... (more »)
John's Journey
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John’s Journey      John had just gotten out of college when his parents kicked him out of the house. John’s parents said that he was being a “Lazy bum” and needs to “stop mooching off of your parents and grow up and get your own... (more »)
Mission Italy
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“I-is it safe. Is it safe to leave yet?” I whispered to my friend Matt as I took in deep breaths. “I think so. Let’s just slowly get up and leave quietly. Don’t make any noise. If you hear anything stop and... (more »)
The Jefferson's
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There is always that weird dysfunctional family where you think they might be mass murders. But very rarely there is that dysfunctional family who actually are psychotic in nature. Meet the Jefferson’s every morning is the same with them;... (more »)
The Unknowing
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I have no recollection of any events prior to my sixteenth birthday. This is the day I was supposed to get my seal. A seal is a tattoo saying whether your going to heaven or hell. Now here's the kicker, there is nothing you can do to change... (more »)
Beating the odds
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Born in the suburbs of Boston, there lies a boy named Dustin. There wasn’t much that he couldn’t do but he hated school and all he did was play baseball and so that is what he did and he loved it. So many things that he wanted to achieve in... (more »)
Jack McCarther
BMX is a fun activity. Although it might be dangerous, BMX is a great way to get out and have some fun. Jackson McCarther is a modern day teen. He hangs out with friends, goes to school… You know, the average kid. There is just one... (more »)
the car ride
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As I look out of the car window, I focus on a tiny, gray lump of snow hit the windshield and stick to it, staying there until the car’s long and barely visible windshield wipers come up to whisk the almost frozen water away into the night. I... (more »)
the escape
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Marching,  Always marching. One foot after another through the mud and mire until we got to wherever they were taking us. I had on my standardized camp uniform, this horrendous beige colored jumpsuit with a red belt and grey boots. My... (more »)
Once Upon a Time
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Once there were 5 drawers that found snow white unconscious in the woods. They didn't know what to do so they called Prince Charming. Prince Charming got on to his horse and went to find Snow White. Snow White was lying down in a handmade... (more »)
Rooftop Runner This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , n/a, MO
Noah breathed heavily as a droplet of sweat ran down the length of his face, and he looked harshly at the safe he was trying to break into. He knew once it was open that there would be immense treasures in store for him. Captain Ajax, the man he... (more »)
Hayt VS Aspect
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Two warriors stood facing each other. Their battleground was rainy and dark. The battle of a lifetime was to ensue... Hayt stood wielding a Sword and a folded pole arm was strapped to his back. But the warrior also had other abilities in... (more »)
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