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To Reach The World
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JESSICA I lay in bed, covered behind my stack of books, wondering when will something exciting happen to me, knowing that'll never happen. I am eighteen years old and I have not stepped out of my apartment except to go to work or buy groceries.... (more »)
Trip on My Plane
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Waking up on a Saturday morning to a beautiful day, I realized how awesome it would be to travel with the best person. It’s a sister thing. “I have decided to go to Brazil.” “Let’s go!” said my sister Judith. As we began to get... (more »)
ghosts of the west
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“Remember how we died” David Bodam the passed soul of a cowboy asked his old friend John Bowdan the passed soul of a banker as they  sat  at their  old white table.”Yea I remember it like it was yesterday” John remarked back to his... (more »)
The Mysteries Cave
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Hi! My name is Zach and this is my story. One day me and my family moved to a new house. When we arrived at our new house, we got our luggages from the car and went into our new house. Once we got inside we unpacked our stuff and me and my... (more »)
The Choice
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Red, yellow, and brown leaves surrounded the western hunting grounds of Gunnison National Forest. The sun is just rising on a frosty early October morning. A middle age man and a young boy both crawled out of their sleeping bags and put on their... (more »)
The Escapist
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The shock hit me like a punch to the stomach. This wasn't my bedroom, it was tiny and cramped and I was sitting in a metal framed bed with a thin mattress and a small pillow. On the small patch of floor visible there was a note; "Dear Ashley, We... (more »)
Into Eternity
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As the storm raged on, gunshots sounded and swords clashed. With the sound of obscenities being shouted back and forth like the cannon shots being fired from the sides of the ships, it was impossible to discern who was winning. And there,... (more »)
The War
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“Is it ready to be moved?,” the man said. “Almost sir, almost. Just a some more days and then it will be ready.” “You have three days to finish it.” said the man. “But sir, it can’t be... (more »)
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  In a city where the gangsters roam and the place where the poor people live a messed up city there was a boy named bob.When  bob was around 5 years old he believed everything was free but nothing was free in life but he found... (more »)
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Just because I’m the daughter of a serial killer, doesn’t mean I have the desire to kill. Just because I have to watch him slowly torture his victims by slitting their wrists, neck, and stomach draining all the blood out of their lifeless,... (more »)
what has happened?
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  “AHHHHH STOP LET ME GO” I screamed. I panicked as the noise of a knife being sharpened. A dark shadow coming closer to me, my heart skipped a beat once the knife softly touch my skin. “STOP LET ME GO... (more »)
An Adventure to Remember
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It was a sunny Monday morning and Rosie was getting ready for another day at school. While getting ready she heard her mother scream,”honey the food is ready! Come down before it gets cold.” “I’m coming mom!”... (more »)
By , Riverside, CA
There was man named Gary who had been poor his entire life. His father died just months after he was born, and his mother became an abusive alcoholic. Gary grew up with no father figure, until one day he met a man named Joe on the streets. Gary... (more »)
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   Chapter 1 <> Welcome New Trainer!             Welcome to the world of Pokémon! A place full of creatures big and small. It’s quite an awesome place if you... (more »)
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Summoner&#39;s Rift
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Another day on Summoner’s Rift, two teams have a mission to destroy each other’s Nexus. Team 1 was formed by Blitzcrank, the Steam Golem, and his two friends, Warwick and Aurelion Sol. Warwick, the Blood Hunting Wolf, is able to hunt down... (more »)
My Brothers a Beast
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  “Stop get away from me don't touch me STOP!” “Alex wake up come on bro wake up” It was that morning my brother had changed my brother to who  he is today. I can't really explain how this... (more »)
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