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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

In the Crosshairs
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Lorenz stalked through the forest with a hunter’s tread, gun cradled in the crook of his arm. His brother Vincent walked more casually beside him, swinging his rifle back and forth at his side. “Why are you always so serious, Lor?” he... (more »)
Fade Away...
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My eyes flutter open. The light hanging above my head nearly blinds me. The first thing I see: the wooden ceiling covered in chipped red paint. To my right is a wall full of old wine bottles, cardboard boxes with baby clothes spilling out, and... (more »)
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“Breaking News! IronMan gets injured in a duel and needs a civilian to take his place!” I saw that on the news and knew that someone needed to substitute for him, the whole world would be in danger without him. I waited a few days to see if... (more »)
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     Within the depths of the earth, far below the surface of the world that was blessed by living grass and golden sun, was an enormous cavern whose stone walls shone a bright orange, reflecting the fiery glow of the... (more »)
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A brown two story came in to view as the school bus sped down the road. In the front yard next to a three foot pile of leaves stood a dilapidated sign that read “Happy Thanksgiving” Out of the bus stepped at girl with brown hair that hung... (more »)
the bizarre games
IT was a tremendous Saturday. It was also a great day to go to the beach with your family. I wanted to go to the pool. But, there was a problem I couldn't swim for nothing. So I asked my mom if I can go play outside. She said... (more »)
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  My phone vibrated as the final five seconds of the State playoff game counted down. “If you don’t make it back by midnight, I’m gonna whoop your a**!” It was from my mom. “We’ll make it back... (more »)
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    The dusty ,old book was sitting there, just begging to be read. Rosaline walked through the cricking floor of the library and looked at the book on the table asking herself : “Why is this book all alone? Why... (more »)
He lay there on the asphalt, contorted and disfigured. The limbs were twisted into different shapes and his face was bloated from the heat that must have been baking his corpse for a week by now. He was a demented painting of what he used to... (more »)
A Dragon Box worth a Weapon
In a small, peaceful village where Magina and her father lives, there was also a witch who lives not far from the village. It was summer time which no school for Magina. Magina was sleeping in when she smelled something delicious coming from... (more »)
A Long Way Back
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“How long do you think we have?” “I thought we swore we wouldn’t talk about that.” “No no no, I mean until they close.” “Oh, I’m sure they’ll be open till like nine or so.”... (more »)
Lost in Society
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The light shimmers in my face. Sweat beads come running down my face, as if they are having a race to see who will go down first. “W-where am I?” I managed to say. I look around me trying to get a glimpse of where I really was.  My vision... (more »)
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3:00 am   Diamond District   Blinking my eyes open sluggishly, I push myself up to a sitting position, causing my head to throb with dizziness. I sweep my gaze around my surroundings. Flames eat at the houses and shops, blackening... (more »)
Street Art
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“Aria.” I looked up from my sketchbook. “Three weeks of summer have passed, and you haven’t left your room.  You have to go do something.” “Okay, I will.” I left my house and walked a few blocks then arrived in the middle of... (more »)
Leighton - Chapter One
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The mountains rose high into the distance, creating a wall around the horror that happened within their valley. I looked up and saw the sun had soaked the sky into a red and orange haze, the clouds looked like smoke rising into the air. Though... (more »)
Her Bad Day
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She got out of the car looking at the huge skyscraper. The glass windows shimmering all the way down. Amazed on how beautiful the was she wasnt paying attention to where she was going. Her eyes were stuck to the building like hot glue holding a... (more »)
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