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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

Stars or Spirits
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She ran through the forest, almost flying at the speed she was going. She had to get away, or otherwise hide from the ones chasing her. Not an  easy feat, considering they were some of the world's best hunters, hired by the queen to destroy... (more »)
Dungeons of Doom!!!
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In a far away village in the mountains there was this huge cave that goes up and down several levels. From the first level you would think that it is just a normal cave but once you go up a level the cave is full of monsters. But in this... (more »)
It Was a Hollow Victory
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Friday. After waiting for the six days that might as well have been an eternity, the day finally arrived. My brother Remi and I emerged from the hole we are now obligated to call home. We were quick on our feet, nimble, and tremendously cautious... (more »)
2 Bullets
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"C'mon, what's the problem, Kyle? Afraid of a little competition?" Jacksen gestured c***ily with his M4 rifle.  He's always the same. I'm honestly not surprised. He's always liked competition.    "I'll take that silence as a... (more »)
Ganesha's Obstacle This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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“Emmett, go!” His mother’s face as she screamed for him to leave flashed through his mind.  He was hurtling through the air like a meteor.  His gut shot up into his throat as he spun out of control.  The clear,... (more »)
The Mission
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Slowly, I crept down the treacherous mountain. I had eyes on my victim, Bucan, an international drug dealer, and my goal was to bring him back to the U.S.A. He underestimated me, though; he thought I was just a fifteen-year old kid with red... (more »)
Zaphora and the Nauru
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The moon shined its crest with valiant pride as the worshiping wolfs below pierced the night sky with their cries. The leader of the pack eyed a nearby valley where legend tells of Dark Shadow, a force no mere mortal can defeat. The tales claim... (more »)
By , Northbridge, MA
It was midnight. It always seemed to be midnight. When Eliza was younger she thought it was the time when monsters snuck from beneath her bed provoking various nightmares. As she grew up, it was her favorite literary curfew and one of the most... (more »)
The Great Escape This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Whoosh, BANG! BANG! BANG! The door had just been opened. I jumped up from my comfy bed and ran to my master. Climbing all over him, I started licking his dapper suit, even though it was off-limits. “Get down, boy. I love you... (more »)
The Guard
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The path was covered in mud from yesterday's rain, sticks and stones laid squished poking out from the ground.  Three horses pushed through with their riders carefully navigating their mounts past the muck. “Siderdale should... (more »)
What's In a Name?
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“DAD!!!” I yelled as I raced down the stairs. Father, Mother, Brother, and Sister all sat around the large, round, wooden kitchen table. It was littered with a blanket of pesky crumbs of toast and waffles; leftovers from the morning’s... (more »)
Part of The Background
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I’ve just left home after an ordinary dinner; not thinking once that it might be my last. It’s a cool, summer night while I bike through the forest, feeling the cool breeze blowing my hair. The thrill of flying courses through my... (more »)
Too Close to Quit This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I’m bouncing back and forth, trying to loosen my tightening quads and neck. My stomach is doing somersaults and tying itself into a billion knots. I take three deep breaths. Settle down, Zac. You’ve gotten so close before; you can do it... (more »)
Sad Marine
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On one long day at school it has been a very long day. It’s graduation time and lots of plans for the future. But my main goal is, is what I want to achieve first is something not many people can do or some people never make it back. I... (more »)
Skull Island
By , Bedford Hills, NY
 People always talk about the unknown and places humans have no record of visiting.  In Westchester, N.Y there was a large town called Bedford.  There was a lot of talk about this local Fox Lane teacher whose name was... (more »)
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The war ended long ago, but nobody told us. I remember the sirens, the screeches of people running through the streets unknowing where or when the bomb had hit. Somehow my mind had planted the idea that I had but sixty seconds to grab my closest... (more »)
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