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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

Dying to See You Again
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It’s a humid summer day nearing the end of August. I have a tradition to go on a road trip every year to visit my friend Joey, who moved to Denver about four years ago. I haven’t visited Joey since last September and am anxious to finally... (more »)
Know first, Den Judge
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    Somewhere in Africa’s deep jungle there was a proud lion and he was the king of his pack.. He was the most forocious and fearless of them all. He treated his pack well. He would fight for the dominance time to time but it... (more »)
The Snowy Woods
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Once Upon a Time, Ravens ruled Haven. No one knew where they came from, or how long they had ruled, but they were as much a part of the Snowy Woods as their subjects, the mice.      On a dark winter night, with snow... (more »)
Chapter 5: I fought a dragon
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As we walked up to the hull of the boat, wet and weary, I said to Annabeth, "We should probably find some place to spend the night." She didn't respond, although I knew she was thinking of the same thing. I looked around. There was no one to be... (more »)
Cosmic Joke
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His limbs burned from maintaining the same position. He had no idea how long he had been seated there, in the middle of the clearing, but he had arrived in the early hours of the morning, before the world itself had awoken, before the sun had... (more »)
Red Plastic Crisscrossed Diamonds
They were on a bridge, the kind of bridge halfway built that was made up of squares and cement and asphalt and that was sturdy enough for a group of teenagers to go out to the middle of it in the middle of the night and throw beer bottles off... (more »)
Spine Trophies
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The darkness swirls through the opening of the caves. Leeland sits in the corner. His blond hair is greasy and shadows over his face gently, twitching slightly as he carves out a new knife. His broad shoulders are hunched and he looks to be as... (more »)
Where's Waldo, Anyway?
There’s red stripes on a white shirt, and white stripes on a red shirt. They are not the same and it’s not the question of zebras— it’s real. It’s my life. And it’s this goddamn wardrobe goblin’s fault that the white on red is... (more »)
The Lake
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 It was my death site. No one was around so no one would ever know or ever care. I was ready to jump in and dive deep to never be seen again. I had to go far down without breathing while the light fades to night. But I know I couldn’t do it.... (more »)
Traitorous Justice
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Excited whispers and murmurs scatter around the throne room the king sits impatiently upon his red velvet throne a contrast to his golden attire he is adorned in emeralds that match his sharp piercing eyes perfectly. He absentmindedly runs his... (more »)
Children of Helen Nature
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Part 1: Oh Brother   Helen Nature, better known as Mother Nature, has many children; each one given the power to control their element. For example, Kathy has the power to control water and Erik has the power to control sand. The eldest of... (more »)
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They were losing daylight quickly it seemed as the sun set, the stars coming out. The temperature dropped immediately as well causing the inside of the LineRunner to become freezing, making its inhabitants shiver in unison. The heater quickly... (more »)
Spinning Out of Control
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~Sienna POV~ Welcome to Kansas, where you can watch your dog run away for three weeks! It’s lovely because you almost die every spring! Oh, who am I kidding, it’s miserable! I hate it here! I’m only here because my father refused to quit... (more »)
Chapter 1 - The Arrest; January 20, 2079
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Chapter 1 - The Arrest January 20, 2079 So far, that was one of my most dangerous missions yet.  Still flushed from exhaustion or exhilaration I did not know.  I was slightly shaking. “Veronica Paige Kozem!” the... (more »)
Alice in Reality
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Turning the corner, I run right into myself, almost literally. A huge mirror is the wall facing me. I watch my twin in the mirror. She is tired and tense, but has a sense of purpose that prevents sleep from taking over. I sigh and approach my... (more »)
To Catch A Shard Of Sky This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Just as the sun begins to break over the horizon the three of us say our goodbyes and our thank-you’s as we make our way out from yurt and onto the barren countryside.        It’s early June here, but Turkey doesn’t follow normal... (more »)
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