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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

And Then It Hit Me
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“Dad can you get out?!” I yelled over to my father who was being a gadfly at my bedroom door waiting for me to pull myself out of bed, and get ready for the day. “Okay fine, I’m going to work Danielle.  Please don’t get in any... (more »)
Prison Life
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                                      Prologue          My name is Carter Mason.  My life has not turned out how I pictured it.  My life got thrown off the rails when my dad’s job started to cut down on his pay, and... (more »)
Happened for a Reason
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                                          Prologue          I believe that everything happens for a reason and that it will make you stronger in the long run.  Whether it’s winning the lottery or suffering a serious... (more »)
The Bear
By , Barrington, IL
Don’t stop running.  Don’t look back.  Don’t think about the bear.  These were the only thoughts running through my mind as green and brown was blurring my eye sight.  I was sprinting through the forest as fast as I could.  My... (more »)
The Beach and the Sea
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     I live in central part of my country, so I have never seen the ocean or the beach. According to a lot of books, the beach is warm and the sea is cool. In my imagination, the beach glows under the sun as the waves swallows... (more »)
Not Rooted
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I lean against the tree and smile. Aiden runs up and laughs, sitting down on the ground that surrounded the oak. I sit down next to him and exhale. He reaches his hand for mine and I feel the world slow down. It feels like I'm floating in the... (more »)
It's a Beautiful Morning for Fireworks
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The spark caught hold of the silence in the brisk morning air with a crack.  Flames roared out of the small, slick barrel reaching for something with its burning fingertips. It was a peaceful fall morning. The sun was just beginning to rise... (more »)
Deja Vu
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Deja Vu When I wake up my eyes are shot by the rays of the scorching sun. After a minute or two, they adjust and I can look around. I sit up, on the dirt and leaves of the rainforest floor. I am soaked from the wet ground. As I try to... (more »)
Coming Home
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No more of being betrayed. I am completely done with that bullshit. It is now Saturday morning and I already have a head start on packing my belongings. I have my music blasting while I am packing my things. Then, I got a knock on the door. If... (more »)
The One Who Lives
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The One Who Lives     Inside a small windowless barrack, four metal beds with military-grade mattresses are in a row. On each bed lies a sleeping man with a thin, gray blanket draped over him. A siren suddenly blares throughout the entire... (more »)
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     SURVIVAL                       As we ran through the woods, we could hear that the zombies were getting close. When we lost them, we stopped by the get a rest. As we rested,I saw a shining light in the distance.... (more »)
The Mystical Island
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The Mystical Island Once upon a time , there was an adventures family of 5, a single mom named Veronica and 4 children , two girls and two boys .2 sets of twins . They were named , Riley , Jackelin, Rene , and Jonny . They loved going on... (more »)
The Legend of Thomas the Rat Basher
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The Legend of Thomas the Rat Basher As the ancient tales tell, there was once a young man, born of an unholy book, named Thomas Dylan McPhee. Our young hero; tall, stocky and with a head of curly black hair, was trapped in a nightmarish... (more »)
Freedom This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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We ran and ran and ran. We ran until the night air grew icy cold with dark stains of the unknown. We ran until we’d forgotten who or what were behind us. We ran for the sake of feeling earth beneath us and danger out in front.  A forest of... (more »)
Island AWAYsis
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I had just arrived at the China Southern Airport, an hour early like always. I work as an international translator. So, I pretty much travel the world and help people understand the language spoken there. I was traveling with a small chinese... (more »)
The Discovery of the Missing Pieces
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The Discovery of the Missing Pieces Kristin Lee blocked all noises of the cars that rushed by, the bus loading the next group of people, and continuous beeping of the cars off in the distance. She walked past the bench that was located on the... (more »)
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