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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

Hero's Journey
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He was in the middle of a firefight. Dodging incoming lasers left and right. Doing flips and barrel rolls to shake the bogies of his tail. He was so focused on getting out alive that he jumped at the sound of someone knocking on the door.... (more »)
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 “Congratulations to…” Carter held his breath as the lady on stage opened the card given to her by the judges, “Carter Ellsworth!! You are the winner of the 2013 $10,000 scholarship and a visit to the USATT!”... (more »)
The Secret Castle
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The army charged the old gray castle. No scouts looked out over the battlements. No archers patrolled the walls. The ancient fortress stood alone, a defiant giant whose sole purpose was to deny access to its sacred grounds. Even the plants... (more »)
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It is about my mom and dad arguing and my dad hurting her.  Chapter 1: Argument My parents got into a big fight after dinner. I lay there in the middle of my room thinking to myself, what are my parents yelling at each other about. I here my... (more »)
taking america
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1832 was a harsh time in America. It had been taken over by our own military and now they roam the streets like they own the place.  I guess they didn’t like the dictator that treated them like garbage, but hey can’t you blame... (more »)
Survival In The Wild (FINAL)
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Survival In The Wild  When I was a 28 year old man 44 years ago, with a German wife and two kids of mine, 10 year old boy and girl, they had to write something about their parent’s life and they picked me. So I told them about... (more »)
Crawling to Confines
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    “And being a cheerleader will toootally be beneficial in a post apocalyptic world. Oh, I know, how about we shoo them away with some spirit!” The fiery young woman with pale skin and slightly slanted eyes whispered... (more »)
a brothers pain
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A world consumed by hatred and war. In it, two twin brothers who grew up living together, the oldest Hatakka a wise boy always seeking to better the world, his younger brother Shira a little boy quick to snap. When they were 5 they watched their... (more »)
The Traitor
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Plop. Plop. Plop. The rain dropped onto Joe, a young orphan boy, as he waited at the dock near the statue of liberty for a group to come pick him up. He just finished his mission of locating a hidden storage room inside of the statue of liberty... (more »)
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A dream can be a dream but a dream can happen in real life. I dreamed that the Greek wisdom goddess, Athena, led me out of the labyrinth and said, "At every entrance, there is always an exit." Before I said something, a growl made the goddess... (more »)
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The Crazy Driver
One sunny and bright day I had decided to go to the store with my dad to get some groceries that my mom had asked for. We were on our way to the store and my dad had finally found a parking spot after like 20 minutes.      He looked at me... (more »)
The Other Side Of The Sun
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December 14, 2094, Antarctica I woke up today, panting like a dog, with excruciating pain pervading throughout my body. I was trying to remember how I got here. I stood up, and looked around. There was snow everywhere, and it looked like it... (more »)
The Chase
By , cupertino, CA
It was a calm and quiet day,and there was fresh snow on the ground. It was still sunny, despite the weather. We were walking together- my friend, her dog Echo and me.  “So what do you wanna do over the weeknd?” Noa inquired. “You can... (more »)
The Imaginary Friend
By , Cupertino, CA
Thomas, a 13 year old boy was playing on the monkey bars of a playground at this new park he just found. He was having such a good time. He was laughing and running around with his dad. While on the monkey bars, one of the bars was wet and... (more »)
Amon's Journey-Chapter Two
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Amon awoke to the sound of an owl, screeching as it dived toward its next meal. After hearing a horrendous squealing from a piglet in the forest, Amon knew the owl had succeeded. He tried to go back to sleep, but he sensed something, or someone,... (more »)
Finding Steevo
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Finding Steevo:The True story     A deep blue ocean with the sun setting overhead two small clown fish living happily. Hundreds of eggs, their kids waiting to be hatched. It seems to be a cheerful life, seems is the... (more »)
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