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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

One Step Ahead
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This day is going just brilliantly. I know I have done some things that, to put it lightly, weren’t the best, but everything I have done couldn’t possibly have earned me my current predicament. I trudge through the beach’s... (more »)
London, October 5
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London, October 5 This is our last day here in London. I can’t wait to go back home. My anxiety has been very bad, because I couldn’t not feel safe as in Brighton. Going out after my first night in London, was very difficult. I was scared... (more »)
The First Chapter
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Chapter 1 The only thought that runs through my mind as I stare down at the journal my dad gave me, was “Why do I have to be here?”  Now, I know that that’s not a nice thought at someone’s funeral, but it’s only my dad so we can... (more »)
Letters of Ceasing Hope
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The war has been going on in my country for as long as I can remember. Men sacrificing the most precious thing that they hold dear, for the sake of their ruler and people. I have been locked in this room for the last two years, and my only... (more »)
Fire Blade
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She had always wondered why the Smiths had treated her so poorly. She did all they asked, stayed quiet and did not ask for many extravagances. Yet, they treated her horrendously. Her room was a small square of rotten wood in the attic, her... (more »)
My Childhood
By , Macon, IL
As the youngest brother of three you could say my childhood was pretty rough due to them. I always got picked on or messed with, but it was all in good fun. I love that we always joked around. I had a lot of good times with them. We would... (more »)
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The silence of the forest
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I sway back and forth as cold wind whips my face. My limbs are nearly ripped off by the pull from all angles. I try to stand as my last supports begin to lose in the battle of strength. My friends try to support as I begin to fall. My live... (more »)
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“John! John! Pick up John! it’s Ryan! I'm stuck above camp four!” The radio crackles with no response. “John! I can't see more than two feet! I can't find camp!” The radio crackles with a little more life. “Ryan! Get yourself down!... (more »)
Apartment 25
By , Logan, UT
It all went down on a cold Saturday night, everyone who was anyone in this city was at the fundraising gala for the new science center being built, not me of course I was working. My name is Nigel Daff ex criminal, current inmate and this is my... (more »)
Let Me Go
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I woke up to a noise I had heard before. A noise that had haunted my nightmares since I was a little girl. A noise that brought terror to every person in my village. A noise that stirred memories of my parent’s death. A wolf’s howl. I... (more »)
The day it all went wrong
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It was all just a normal day. My family was awake. We were all laughing and having a great time. Then it happened. They busted through the door. Coming through the windows. Glass everywhere. All I could hear was the screaming of my parents.... (more »)
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The Call
By , Waterloo, IA
I lifted the yellow tape over my head and started walking towards the front door of the school. Another officer opened the door for me and pointed me towards the hallway where everyone was talking. I joined the other detectives and officers in... (more »)
The Seventh Operation
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The meadow, shrouded in darkness, was quiet, and only the sounds of crickets could be heard. The moon cast a cold glow, and its beams were reflected and refracted by the raindrops on the grass and leaves. Her flashlight cast a ray of light on... (more »)
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Survival of the Fittest
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Blood. It was everywhere. It filled Avarr’s nose with the metallic, rich smell. He was standing in the midst of a gruesome battle; one he did not belong in. He was forced into fighting, based upon his notable strength and skill, from the... (more »)
Strange Old Man
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Last year, We were walking and saw this one old man.We always see him walking to this cemetery so we decided to follow him. “Hey let’s follow this strange one man” said Alex[a]. We followed him to the cemetery and as... (more »)
“ A New Beginning”
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Horror stricken faces surrounded the Caskets that were covered in red roses. I stood amongst the many family members and friends that mourned over the loss of my mother and father. I kept hearing the same words that had said to myself a million... (more »)
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