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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

Bound Guardian
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His parents are out and on thier way to Atlanta. Just one problem they have to get rid of Ace. Finding a place where he can stay his parents think they've made the right choice. At his Uncle Vexters place. They didn't. Things are about to get... (more »)
Distant Music This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Distant Music Mrs. Gaines sat up dizzily in bed, exhaling deeply as her accordion-fold skin tightened and her sparse white hairs stood on end in the cold air of nighttime. She looked at the clock: she wanted to be able to tell those... (more »)
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     It was dark and cold in that room. A distant memory of last week’s brutal ending of homeschool. Just a reminder that I would be here for the rest of my life. No escaping of this terrible place I used to call home. I... (more »)
The End But Also Not
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Swift was always calm. Always. So, it was extremely unsettling to see him crying now. I just watched as tear after tear slipped out of his eyes as I tried to think of what could possibly have made him sad. We were at his skatepark, the only... (more »)
The Scar
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I was five when I got the scar. My best friend Ansel and I were playing in the woods outside of our village while our mothers washed clothes in the stream. We were told not to wander too far away, but we didn’t listen. Determined to find the... (more »)
The Living and the Sleeping
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Each of their faces, eyes closed, minds off. They had gone out at the turn of a switch, letting whatever task they were doing go. There had been a few fires soon after, but were all put out. They were coming soon, the only one awake knew it, she... (more »)
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My feet crunched gravel as I sprinted down the path. The deluge of rain cut my face, working against me. The faster I ran, the more it pushed me back. My drenched sweater weighed me down, flapping uselessly against my skin. Above me, the... (more »)
Dying to See You Again
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It’s a humid summer day nearing the end of August. I have a tradition to go on a road trip every year to visit my friend Joey, who moved to Denver about four years ago. I haven’t visited Joey since last September and am anxious to finally... (more »)
Bus Ride Letters
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dear boy on the bus, you had sweat on your face. don’t worry, it wasn’t an excessive amount, but enough to make me notice the unnatural sparkle on your face. were you running? school just ended, though. and your eyes were shut most of the... (more »)
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Interrogation The room was black. A girl sat in the middle. Her hands were folded on her lap under a table. The door creaked open, a light flicked on, and the girl jumped. A man walked into the room with a manila file that read CONFIDENTIAL... (more »)
Know first, Den Judge
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    Somewhere in Africa’s deep jungle there was a proud lion and he was the king of his pack.. He was the most forocious and fearless of them all. He treated his pack well. He would fight for the dominance time to time but it... (more »)
The Snowy Woods
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Once Upon a Time, Ravens ruled Haven. No one knew where they came from, or how long they had ruled, but they were as much a part of the Snowy Woods as their subjects, the mice.      On a dark winter night, with snow... (more »)
Chapter 5: I fought a dragon
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As we walked up to the hull of the boat, wet and weary, I said to Annabeth, "We should probably find some place to spend the night." She didn't respond, although I knew she was thinking of the same thing. I looked around. There was no one to be... (more »)
Cosmic Joke
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His limbs burned from maintaining the same position. He had no idea how long he had been seated there, in the middle of the clearing, but he had arrived in the early hours of the morning, before the world itself had awoken, before the sun had... (more »)
Red Plastic Crisscrossed Diamonds
They were on a bridge, the kind of bridge halfway built that was made up of squares and cement and asphalt and that was sturdy enough for a group of teenagers to go out to the middle of it in the middle of the night and throw beer bottles off... (more »)
Spine Trophies
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The darkness swirls through the opening of the caves. Leeland sits in the corner. His blond hair is greasy and shadows over his face gently, twitching slightly as he carves out a new knife. His broad shoulders are hunched and he looks to be as... (more »)
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