The Dome of Death

May 1, 2018
By Anonymous

My name is Daniel stein, 25 years old, and I’m about to tell you a story that has the rich and powerful above hard working people. Today is July 4th, 3025 approximately 4:43 AM, normally I wouldn’t be up at this time but I have received a letter in the mail saying my test trial is going to be today. A test trial is suppose to be a test of survival. Our planet has reached its maximum capacity of over population and world leaders have made a law saying that if you are 25 years old and don’t make at least 1 million dollars a year you have to take the test trail. In my time the world leaders favor the rich, I have seen incidents where rich people have killed people and all they had to do was pay a fine and see no jail time. My test trial is suppose to be at 7 AM and basically I am suppose to survive for 24 hours in a government made dome that will have rough climate and storms. Along with 49 other people who will try to survive as well. Only 3 people can walk out of there alive and I have trained my whole life to be one of the 3. I have studied surviving skills since I was 10, I have read countless types of books on how to start a fire, build a tent, make weapons, etc. I have put a lot of time into the gym so I could have a lot of stamina and if needed run away from danger. I have done brain situations when you know when it is okay to run and when it is good to fight. But all that seemed to go away the moment I walked inside the dome. I was scared. I was not ready to die. I have not enjoyed life. The test trail is about to start and the only thing they gave you was an axe, a water bottle, a knife, and rope. The first 10 hours seemed to be easy, nothing has happened yet and I haven’t encountered anyone yet. But I have already gathered material where I could build a little campsite for myself. 15 hours into the test went by fast, but now the world leaders want to see action. They dropped weapons in the middle of the dome and on the outskirts of the dome . Hand pistols, crossbows, and rifles. They want blood to be shed. Only 3 can survive and everyone went in for the weapons. I was able to get a hold of a crossbow. It’s silent and I used to have one as a kid so I know how to use it. I started building a little campsite for myself a little off to the side of the middle. I cut some some wood and tied it all together with the rope. And put leaves on top to make a little roof. My adrenalin has spiked to the top, people have been dying. I am in the last 10 still alive. And I can hear shooting going on outside. I get into position to shoot people. I hid outside by some trees and start looking for people. I see someone. I shoot an arrow but I miss slightly. But luckily he didn’t know where it came from so I had time to reload and fire again. I hit him on the neck. 9 left. One by one I start taking down people from the shadows. There 5 people left and I know that the next two to die will assure my survival. There are 15 minutes left but I haven’t seen anyone yet. I look back to the top of the dome to see how many people are left and it marks 5 left. The dome started creating a storm so the people can draw in closer towards the middle and fight. The storm created a circle and now everyone was close. I could hear footsteps. I could hear guns reloading. I had picked up a rifle and a handgun just Incase the fighting became intense. Everyone was hiding but then I heard a tree branch break, I knew someone was trying to walk slow close by. Then the bullets came. Shooting everywhere. Everyone seemed to find someone at the same time. I could see the bullets. One stray bullet almost hit me. I froze. It felt like I could not move. My heart rate was spiked but it seemed like I couldn’t not move. I was scared to die but also to take another life. 4 people left. The shooting still kept going. Someone has spotted me and the shooting started shifting. I took the low ground and started crawling away. But then someone was in front of me. I crawled right into someone. I quickly pulled out the knife. but then there was blood all over me. Someone had shot him right as I was about to defend myself. He landed on me and I was in shock. Someone had saved me. As I walked out of the dome the two other people who had survive were 2 women. Every time I tell this story rage boils in me against the world leaders. I only wish they were also out there through all that traumatizing experience. People who have survived have made a secret community. We plan to revolt. And we will get results. I’ll tell you more when we have executed our mission, our goal, our dream. Until then, enjoy your childhood my son. I have to go for a while. Your mom will look after you.

The author's comments:

This piece was written with a lot of thought. i just let whatever came into my mind into my paper

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