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Mr. Crab and Mr. Whale

May 1, 2018
By Anonymous

A few years ago on the coast of Grand Isle, a team of fishermen went out on a sunny day hoping to catch some crabs for a nearby restaurant. Mr. Crab was living happily at the bottom of the ocean with his wife and two children. One day as Mr. Crab was looking for food on the ocean floor, he felt something on his back. He looked behind him and saw a net. Before he knew it, he was in a net with a bunch of other fish. He started to panic because he knew where he was and where he was going. He did not want to leave his wife and children. The net began to rise, and Mr. Crab started screaming, “ Help! Help!” All of the sudden Mr. Crab saw a huge shadow swimming under the net. He was startled because he knew that it must be a shark. Then he felt the net jerk and then open. All the fish swam out quickly, and Mr. Crab ran out onto the bottom of the ocean when he saw the same large shadow under the boat from where the net had come. He thought that the shadow was the one who had saved him. He slowly approached. It was not a shark, but a whale. Mr. Crab relaxed but was surprised. He knew that whales did not live in Grand Isle. He walked up to the huge animal and said, “Thank you!” The whale looked at him blankly. After staring for a while, the whale finally said, “ For what are you thanking me?” Mr. Crab was very confused now. “ You saved my life. Remember, you saved me out of that net?” he replied. The whale was still very confused. Then he remembered, “ I guess I did. I was swimming and my tail hit the bottom of the fishing boat. I think the boat must have tipped or something.” Mr. Crab then asked what the whale’s name was. The whale said that he went by the name Mr. Whale. He said that he was looking for his family because they were separated when he was a baby. On his journey, he got lost and found himself in Grand Isle. “ I will do anything for you- anything. I owe you my life!” exclaimed Mr. Crab. “All I ever wanted was a friend. Will you be my friend?” replied Mr. Whale. “Yes!” replied Mr. Crab. The two have been inseparable since that day. 

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