Lucy's Lost Bag

April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

Today is the day! Lucy a tall, brown haired girl was 13, and her sister Gina a taller, brown haired girl was 12.  Everyone in her family is going to Europe. Lucy, her younger sister Gina, and parents all pile into the car. The ride to the airport was long, but we finally arrived. The airport was busy with rushed people looking for their flights. After we went through security we were off to Europe! Ugh, the only thing I hated was that Gina got to sit by the window because mom and dad let her have her way. I fell asleep on the plane only to be awakened buy an altercation going on with a man and a mother. The kid would not stop kicking his seat so he yelled at the mother. To terminate this, the flight attendant called the captain, so that could he take care of it. Thankfully we arrived soon after this! Gina and I were happy to get off the plane and stretch. Dad went to get our bags so we could head off to the hotel. Once we arrived at the hotel, we started to unpack. The moment I opened my bag I knew it was not mine. This was a dilemma because I needed my dress for dinner tomorrow. During all of this chaos, my sister was crying because she was hungry. My parents argued who would go back and find my bag. It was either one goes back and gets the bag, or one goes to feed the kids. I was very irate. I had all of my valuables in the bag. Later on that night, we had a mediocre dinner. I did not like the European food. Gina absolutely hated the food and was spitting it everywhere. My mom admonished her behavior quickly. She was very embarrassed that Gina would even think to do that. We arrived at the hotel late that night, I was praying that my dad could find my bag. Then we heard a knock on the door, it was dad. He had found my bag after all. He said it was about to go to a flight to Africa. Thanks dad you are the best!

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