Edwards Adventure

April 30, 2018
By gpdipietro BRONZE, Delray Beach, Florida
gpdipietro BRONZE, Delray Beach, Florida
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Edward had arrived to his hotel from the airport, and the building towered over him so high it casted a shadow for miles. The bellhop has taken his belongings into a cart and they soon began to proceed towards the lobby. The bellhop then placed his baggage next to the desk, and Edward proceeded to check in. The next word would change Edwards’s whole vacation. “Passport?” As Edward had franticly searched his pockets, he had realized, he left it at the airport. All of a sudden, the thought of taking a taxi was shut down immediately due to the fact that a huge parade was just going on in the city. Of course with Edwards luck, the parade had literally just started, so now his real trip started. With no other options, he decided to walk. The cool air hit his face and the noise of lined up people had slammed his eardrums. The sidewalks were far too heavy to get any progress to the airport, so Edward had decided to walk on the street. Looking both ways, Edward had noticed that there were no cars in sight at all, which was quite weird for a city with lots of people. Edward was headed west on the street, the direction of the airport, he started to see very weird creatures in the distance, but ignored them as they were probably just in his head. Suddenly Edward had noticed clapping and cheering somewhere off in the distance, but it was odd because he was still the only thing in the road and everyone was facing him. Suddenly, a bright yellow dragon had come over him, with no other options, Edward had curled up into a ball and hoped he said his prayers. After laying there for a second, Edward had realized it was all over and the dragon was controlled by people. Edward sat in shame the moment he realized what was going on, he was in the middle of the parade. All of the crowd apparently loved it because they were all clapping and cheering. Edward proceeded down the road and looked at all of the magnificent parade floats and paper machete animals created for this magnificent event. One of these flats stood out to him the most, the bright neon green dinosaur. It was almost triple Edwards’s height and had huge white teeth that could consume anything in its path. Right behind this monstrosity, there was a pack of miniature dinosaurs that were a vivant red and orange mix. Edward proceeded down the road and there was an artist portraying her paintings on a moat. These colors were all sprawled against the picture posts and Edward had never seen such a beautiful display of colors in his life. He truly thought he was in heaven, but he was really just on vacation. After the parade was over he had smelled some delicious meat. The smell was so present he could taste it on the tip of his tongue. As he approached the food truck, he realized his little trip made him very hungry, so he ordered some French fries and a drink to quench his hunger and thirst needs. Nightfall was approaching and the street lights soon began to turn on in their orange glow. Edward had no perception of how far he was away from the airport and he was getting tired. Edward knows it’s not a good idea to be in a foreign country by himself without a passport but this was his only option. Soon the night sky lit up with stars in a million speckles of white. Soon a red and green star appeared out of the air, then a loud swoosh made him cover his ears. Edward had realized he made it to his destination in one piece. The airport was right in front of him and the journey was the best part of his vacation so far, Edward had finally gotten his passport, but the reservations were at the wrong hotel, just another journey to take for Edward.

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