The Awaken Spirits

April 16, 2018
By Anonymous

On a charcoal cloudy afternoon with violent winds, a group of teenage boys were playing around a beat- up, abandoned castle. Among the group of teens, was a boy named Nick who wore an oversized gray hoodie and black baggy pants. He and his friends had been a closed for 3 years. Every once in a while they would meet up and come to an abandoned area to explore and mess around. One of the teenage boy suggested that it would be fun to explore the worn-out castle and to see if there were any priceless hidden treasures inside of it. Thinking that it would be an exciting idea, they cracked open the enormous wooden door and rushed inside.
Inside the abandoned castle, there was a repulsive odor that smelled like decaying moldy green cheese. It stenched up everyone’s nose and lead one boy’s nose to start gushing out dark scarlet red blood. Determined to find something, the group went on, searching for anything that looked valuable. “Legend has it that the owner of this castle was filthy rich and stored all of his valuable jewels in a secret wall.” Said one of the boys. “Then how come one has found it so far,” said Nick. “It’s because before the owner died, he created an invisible but deadly protector.” “Like a ghost.” Said one frightened boy. “No a creature more menacing and revolting, a spirit of a MONSTER!” A moment of silence fell between the boys as they all looked at one another. “HA HA HA! You should have seen the looks on your faces.”  “That not funny! You scared all of us,” said Nick.
Continuing to search the castle, the group went into a strange room. Out of all the rooms in the house, this particular one was empty and had a very strong stench of moldy cheese. The bizarre and unpleasant room contained dark wooden floors with dusty wall that were covered with ashy like thick spider webs. Observing the dark, spacious room there seem to be nothing that was there. Suddenly, Nick felt a rush of freezing, cold air flow pass him. “There must be something pass this wall,” said Nick. Everyone then rushed towards the replugulant, charcoal colored wall. Removing all the long, dusty spider webs, the wall appeared to be covered with symbols. Each symbol was different and none of the boys understood what it meant. Accidently, Nick touched a moon shaped symbol with thin lines coming out of it while stepping on a button disguised as wood on the floor.
Suddenly, the wall popped open and showed a mysterious, gloomy hallway with a path to hidden stairs. The dusty, shadowy stairs lead the group into a dark deserted laboratory. The frightening laboratory looked as if someone had broken in before them. The place was cover with pieces of glass on the floor and there was a bunch of coal black spiders everywhere. “Hello?” said one boy. There was no response. Suddenly, Nick spotted an ancient box with unrecognizable craving. Gathering around Nick, they told him to open it.
Opening the box, violent winds came pouring out, sounds of voices kept whispering, and powerful strikes of light shined. All the boys were able to run away terrified of what they had witness. All but Nick safely got out. Slowly Nick, who was unconscious, was floating in mid air. Together the ash-like spirits surrounded and chanted unidentified words towards Nick.  Suddenly, a compelling explosion happened and Nick was laying on the floor. “Ahh, what happen?” Waking up, he could hear a faint whisper. Walking toward the sound of a voice, he discovered a dusky spirit like the ones he has seen earlier. “Please do not be scared! I will not hurt you,” said the spirit. “Who are you?,” said Nick. “My name is Jay.”
“You are probably wondering what just happen,” said Jay. “Well, it all started 100 years ago with a man named Dr. David Acton who was humiliated and fired from his research academy for studying spirits and souls. This ruined his reputation and lead him to be unemployed for many years. Despite Dr. Acton’s effort to find another job, his family was embarrassed and enraged by his useless study of mythical creatures. One day when his father and him had a huge argument, Dr. Acton was kicked out of his own home. Using all his money he had left over, he bought a broken down castle and converted all his anger into creating his next project to prove to those who doubted him wrong. For 20 years of his life, he lived in the worn out castle researching how to capture life and release it. Figuring out the answer, Dr. Acton designed a machine, powered by lightning and electricity, that would capture a life and turn it into a soul.
On a stormy, gloomy night, he experimented by using rats. He was able to successfully power his machine that captured their soul and store it in a box. However, while sucking the life out of my little rat body, Dr. Acton accidently unplugged the machine and allowed my spirit to run away. When Dr. Acton tried to replug the machine back, he fell into it and ended up turning his own life into a soul. After that he was forever trapped in the box. According to the prophecy, as written on the box, anyone who opens the box will be cursed by the spirits inside,” Said Jay. “I was cursed by the spirit. What will happen to me?” Asked Nick. “Slowly you will turn into a monster,” said Jay. “WHAT? How do I stop this?”  “The only way to turn a soul back into original life is to reverse the machine and power it when there is lightning,” said Jay. “If you have been trapped here so long, why have you it done it yet?” Asked Nick. “It is because I am a spirit who cannot touch or feel anything. Everything goes past me. I am a spirit who is not really alive but not really dead,” said the Jay.
“It is starting to happening!,” exclaimed Nick. Suddenly, both of Nick’s hands turn hairy with hazelnut fur and sharp tiny claws as fingers. The thick coat fur continued to spread to his whole body. Slowly, all of Nick’s body was covered fluffy coffee colored hair. His eyes grew to become enormous with dark, scarlet red pupils. His massive charcoal nose extended out with colossal alabaster white whisker. His prolonged ears were giant sized and turned every time he heard a sound.

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