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Visit to a Popular Resort

April 16, 2018
By Anonymous

The frosty and gusty air flew across my pale, white face and the numbness slowly was taking over my scrubby, ruby fingers. Looking around, it was astonishing to see the stupendous, white, frozen snow that covered the ground like frosting on a cake. At night, the ravishing and divine resort seemed magical with sparkling colorful lights of cherry red, olive green, azure blue and amber yellow covering each and every building from top to bottom. As I passed by the cozy and elegant coffee shop, I could smell the scorching and luscious chocolate aroma of the hot coco a divine lady in an appalling, burgundy Christmas sweater was drinking. Beside her, was two eager, stubby children wearing matching sparkling, pea green snowman sweaters with black, thick sweat pants jumping up and down for a sugary, sweet Christmas cookie covered in vivid, dazzling, red frosting and rainbow colored sprinkles.
Next door was an enlivening and resplendent restaurant with blissful and ecstatic people outside crowded and packed together into a line just to wait for a tiny caramel table. The enthralling and joyful restaurant was decorated with azure blue and milk-white blinking lights on the elevated high ceiling. There were two petite radiant Christmas trees on each side of the gigantic opened door way, welcoming customers into the Christmas spirt. Inside, festive and jolly Christmas music was playing “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey with the affectionate and sweet couples were singing along to their love ones. The smell of the sweetened, caramel chocolate in a scarlet crimson heart shaped box captivated my tastes buds as loving couples presented it to each other.
Inside a diminutive and crowded snowboard shop, there was thousands of hyper and agitated customers packed inside the congested shop like mini particles in ice. It was located at the very bottom of the 60 feet tall hill next nothing but piles of enormous filled snow. A statuesque man in a luminous, orange, fluffed-up coat was racing back and forth like an uncontrollable toy car, from customer to customer, delivering everyone’s fresh innovative snowboards into their blush red miniature hands. He moved swiftly but gracefully into the rhythm of the spirited Christmas carol that was playing in the resplendent and stunning store.
The massive hill was filled with enthusiastic and enlighten people skiing from all directions. In a distance, there was cute, mini, alluring snowman dressed in a crimson ruby hat and a cinnamon caramel colored scarf. Its pleasant and cheerful eyes were made of hard, black, miniature pebbles with a bright orange carrot as an adorable nose. The dark avocado trees were hiding behind the alabaster white snow standing next to each other. The chilly, frozen snow fell heavily covering everything and everyone like an icy blanket over a colossal bed. The cheerful and stunning resort quickly turned into a magic show where everyone disappeared out of sight and nothing left but enormous bundles of snow.

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