My Brother

April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

My brother and I have always not gotten along. My brother is older than me and sadly better than me in everything I do. No matter what I accomplished my older brother would always one up me. I could get my high school diploma but then my brother got his college diploma.

Because of this I always had a vengeance to my brother. We were living in california, near the capitol at the time. My family was lower middle class. My father loved sports he would always sign us up for sports. Such as, baseball,football and basketball.

I was good at all those sports but not as good as my brother. I would have a good game and put up 17 points. My brother on his game would scored 22. I would go the championship game and lose. My brother would be the reason his team won the championship game. I hated my brother for always shadowing over me.

Making my accomplishments look like less of one. Later in my life, I didn't speak much to my family. Till however one day my brother called and said he wanted to take me hunting since we hadn't seen each other in a while. I tried to come up with an excuse but it seems my brother was already at my house.

Great I thought, just what I wanted to do. Hang out with my brother who I loathe so much. My brother took us to the woods and found a camping spot. We set up our spot and just relaxed after. Once it begun to get late we made a campfire. Once it was built my brother told a story.

The story of how he won the championship game. I heard this story many times and everytime I hated it. It just bring about my bad memories. My brother seemed to not notice my disgust of his story as he went to tell the whole thing.

The Next morning as I awoke my brother was eating my breakfast. I looked at him as he just said “What?” I didn’t answer knowing that I only had bad things to say.

    Then we set out to hunt. My brother and I had been hunting before so you could say we knew what we were doing. My brother is however dimwitted. I started to think about my breakfast again and when I was about to call him out on it he said “Shhhhh!”

    I looked over and he pointed at a deer. The deer was slowly walking away from us. My brother slowly stepped towards the deer and I followed. The Deer slowly began to pick up his pace. So we did the same. We followed the deer for at least 30 mins before it stopped. Once it did stop my brother took aim. I also took aim. We both fired and heard two loud shots fire off. Of course Mine missed. My brother’s however struck the deer killing it instantly. My brother began to talk big about his kill. All I said was “Cool can we head back now?” My brother thought for a second and said “Which way is back?” Once I heard that sentence fear struck my body as I realised I too didn't know the way. I panicked while my brother decided to just pick a direction. We walked down this direction for what felt like miles to no avail. While walking down this path I began to get mad at my brother for getting as lost. Once I brought up my displeasement he got angry and stormed off. A little later I heard a loud scream. Thoughts began to rush into my head as I sprinted towards my brother. I was terrified at the thought of him dying. When I arrived to my brother it turned out he broke his ankle between a rock. This was terrible but for some reason it made me feel better to know my brother wasn’t perfect. I picked up my brother and began to walk into another direction. Dying of exhaustion I set my brother down. During our short break my brother asked why he could tell I disliked him. I told him about how i'm always in his shadow. But he told me that in his eyes I was the favorite. I was the kid to go down the right path and have a decent job. I said “yeah right, you have a perfect life.” The my brother began to explain his lonely bachelor life with nothing going on. Once I heard this I was dumbfounded to learn I was the favorite. Shortly after I apologized and my brother and I made up. We sat there still stranded thinking we were going to die till we could hear cars drive by.

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