The Separation of Summerville

April 30, 2018
By livemoss BRONZE, Cleveland , Ohio
livemoss BRONZE, Cleveland , Ohio
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In the small town of Summerville, everyone goes on with their day avoiding the other side of town. The other side of town has one large house. Actually, I will restate that one castle that is under dark clouds. Ever since I was born I was always told to stay away from this castle. I never knew why and honestly never even questioned that, until that one day. I don’t want to jump ahead of myself just yet, let me start from when I woke up that day, July 7th.

It was 6:00 am when my dad yelled up the stairs, “Jack! It’s time to get up for your morning run.” My dad has been making me train everyday in the summer for football tryouts. I am running for captain, and I need to be the best. Everyone already assumed I will make captain, but I always have to be prepared. When my run is over I meet some of my buddies from the football team to grab some breakfast. Basically, whenever we get food all we talk about is sports and girls. Today was different. Today we talked about the gloomy castle that is always there, but never noticed. My friend Sam said he thought he saw someone in the castle. Everyone just laughed. No one has ever seen anyone leave or enter the castle before, like no one is even there. Honestly, no one in the town even knows if anyone lives there, but everyone is afraid so no one has ever bothered going near the castle. There have been many stories told about this castle. The one I heard was about the witchcraft days. Supposedly, decades ago it was a house full of witches. They were very open about their witchcraft, until the town turned on them and tried to burn them all at the stake. The town killed a few of them, but some escaped. Years later the witches returned with revenge on their mind. The rumor says that anyone who came near the house was never seen again. They just disappeared. I am not sure if I believe it or not, but I have never gone near the house. The whole town hasn’t gone near the house. After everyone was done laughing the conversation ended. I was full and ready for a nap, so I went home.

When I woke up from my nap I got a text about a party. Couple of my buddies came over before to pregame. We kicked back a few beers, maybe a little too many, and headed off to the party. Sam and I danced and socialized for hours. It was late when the party ended, but we were not ready for the night to end. Sam had this crazy idea to sneak to the castle. He was still convinced he saw someone. I felt like this was a bad idea, but I was not in the right mindset to make rational decisions. I was a little scared, but if I ever said that out loud Sam would never let me forget it. We arrived at the house. It actually felt colder on this side. We sneak past the gate and somehow still alive… not that I believe in witches or anything. Sam is unusually calm, but so am I so it could all be an act. We sneak in through a broken window. Everything is so dark and covered with cobb webs. I think we were in the basement; so trying to be quiet was not easy. I felt like every move I made there was something in the way. I heard footsteps upstairs. I have never felt my heart beat so fast. It was hard to see, but two shadows moved down the stairs. The next thing I know I was grabbed by my hand and shoved into a corner. Then a sweet young girls voice saying, “it was just the mice again!” The lady shrugged and went back up the stairs. The girls’ big blue eyes stared at me. I have to say that even though I am about to pee my pants, I think I am in love. The girl goes back up the stairs and Sam and I book it out the window. When I got home all I could think about was the girl with the soft hands and big blue eyes that lit up the room.
I have never been the one to think about a girl. I always have focused on sports and sometimes school. I mean yes I love girls, but I don’t want anything serious not at a time like this. I just could not get the girl in the castle out of my head. I know I am going to see her again.

I was born in a castle under a dark sky in a town that ignores our existent. It has never been my choice of lifestyle, but I don’t have an option. I have never experienced everything different. I was raised by my grandma and mother and taught to basically hate civilization. I am a 16 year old girl named Megan, and I have never stepped foot outside. My mom and grandma want me to study under them, the study of witchcraft. I do it because I am told, but I know this is not the life for me.

I was taught to hate the people in the town of Summerville and to never leave the house because it is dangerous. The story they remind me of every time I express my desire to leave the castle is that the town turned on our ancestors. They say we lived freely and did magic in the open, but then one day the town attacked our ancestors. They burned most of them at the stake, but a few lived. The story made me fear the outside world until July 7th, when I met a boy.

It started out as a normal day. I had to wake up to study spells. They really push my education; it is pretty annoying most of the time. I mostly did it because I knew my loved ones lived in fear and it makes them happy when I go along with it. When they aren’t around I move a board in the window and look out it. I love to see the sun on the other side of town. I wonder what it feels like to hit my skin. I bet it is wonderful. It is a waste that the cruel people get to be under such a beautiful thing everyday when they don’t deserve it. The day is coming to an end and it is time to write in my diary, take a shower, and then get into bed. When I was about to get into bed I heard a noise coming from downstairs. It sounded like a crash, but a crash from what? I was intrigued and apparently so was my mom who heard it as well. I walked a step in front of her and that’s when I saw him. I had my mom go in the opposite direction so I could grab the boy by the hand. I have never touched a boy’s hand before; well I have never even touched a boy before. The hand felt a little hard but masculine. It was different, but I liked it. I lied to my mom. I told her it was only mice. She believed me, since I never lie. I mean what would I lie about? I looked him in the eyes and told him to leave. His eyes were so warm; they didn’t look evil or dangerous. I didn’t want him to leave, but he had to for his own safety.  I went back up to my bed, but I couldn’t sleep. I was so curious about this boy.

This boy changed my world. I know I don’t know him, but he was not dangerous like my mom and grandma said. He was only curious about us, just like I am curious about them. I want to be able to talk to this boy or feel the sun on my face. I can’t be stuck in the castle forever under the gloomy clouds. There will be a day I go out and explore the outside world. I have to see this boy again.

This morning I woke up feeling inspired. Inspired to go outside for the first time. I was going to take it step by step. When my grandma and mom are busy I am going to step outside for the first time ever. I go downstairs for my study session. Everyday around noon they walk into a room and perform spells. They say I am not ready to be introduced to this kind of magic yet, so I wait for them to be done. All morning I have been patiently waiting for the clock to hit noon, and now it’s time! They walk into the room, and I walk to the door. I put my hand of the door and feel the coolness of it. I open the door and embrace the outdoors smell. It is the smell of the thin air and damp nature. I take a step outside and feel the air going through the hairs in my arms. The moment is over. I begin to feel nervous that I am going to be caught, so I hurry inside. I return to my book to study and picture myself outside with the strange boy. I plan my next move. This time it is going to be at night, and I am going to hit the town.

Megan and Jack both had each other on their minds all day. Megan was determined to reach Jack in the outside world. Jack was afraid to return to the castle, but he was going to if he had to. Night had fallen and Megan put on her nicest clothes and was ready to go. Jack had yet another party to go to and of course he went. Megan snuck out of the many doors in the castle. She stayed on the porch for a good 30 minutes because she was too afraid to leave. Finally, she gained the courage and started walking to the other side of town. Jack wasn’t having any fun at the party because he could not stop thinking about the girl in the castle. He decided to go on a walk to clear his head. Megan heard noises and crickets and was scared. She was about to head back home when she heard a boy shout, “hey”.  She turned around and it was the boy she met with the hard hands and warm eyes. Her heart sank into her chest from how nervous she was. Jack felt the same way, but couldn’t resist her. They ended up talking all night, but the sun started to come up and reality sunk in. Megan knew she had to get home. She also knew she would never be able to return to town again. Before she left Jack she let the sun rise a little more just so it could hit her skin and feel the warmth. The fantasy was over. Megan returned to the gloomy castle never to be seen again and Jack returned to early morning runs. They would never forget each other though. Jack would never forget the truth behind the gloomy castle and Megan will always know she does not need to fear the people of Summerville.

The author's comments:

In my english class we had to roll dice and land on three things. We then had to write a story and incorperate those three things. 

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