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The island

April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

He landed on the island, dressed in camouflage pants to help him blend into his surroundings, being as stealth as he possibly could. He looked around seemingly knowing exactly what he needed to do without even remembering any of the surroundings around him. It was like his brain had a mind of its own. He could see in the distant plains, a house had sprouted up. His mind told him to go for it. Dashing towards the house, gunshots could be heard in the distance. Determination overcame him. He opened the door to the house cautiously. He could see different loot scattered across the floor of the building which he swiftly picked up and headed out of the house prepared to fight whatever came at him. A sound could be heard in the distance, the storm was closing in. He had to run to the next city over and get into the safe zone. He entered the safe zone with seconds to spare. Looking around he could see buildings had been broken into. He was not alone. He felt a presence and that’s when a gunshot rang past his ear. He ran to cover and eluded the bullets on his way there, peeking around the corner of the tree to see where they had come from. In the distance he could see another person standing in a window, eyes locked onto him. He decided to pull out his sniper. He could get the other person easily with it. Quickly, he peeked his gun around the corner and pulled the trigger. A message came up that read “Player Eliminated”. It was some sort of game. Hastily he pulled out his assault rifle to run to the next zone. This time entering with lots of time to spare. Nervously he decided to go into a building and wait it out. A few minutes passed when he heard someone's footsteps outside of the house. The door to the house opened. A girl walked in carrying potions in his hand. He swiftly pulled out his shotgun and eliminated the girl with one blast. He wondered if the people could feel pain when shot, this was just a game after all. He went outside. Over a loudspeaker he could hear “2 people remaining”. He looked around, something moving in a bush caught his eye. They were looking right at him. Quickly he jumped, barely evading the bullets and pulling out his sniper before hitting the ground once more. He scoped in and held his breath to take the shot. The last thing he could remember after pulling that trigger was a message on his screen. Victory Royale.

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