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The Singing Hero

April 26, 2018
By ash.grace BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
ash.grace BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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I have a power, a power only my sister knows about. I never realized I had it until my sister told me about her power. I am Emily and I have the power to charm people with my voice. I am different from my sister, Ashley, who can dance fight. I have always felt alone and like no one understood until Ashley found out. She has helped me to control my power and use it to my advantage. This thing, this power, has changed my life. I can help to stop the evil of my world and change it forever. Ashley has told me about others who have talents we can only imagine. They are all over and are part of a secret group called the Talented. Our favorite talents have become our greatest power. I am now one of them. Our group is unknown, but we are constantly working and saving our world from the next evil. I have received my first assignment with Ashley and it is in our hometown of New Orleans. There are a group of people who are trying to kill our family. My parents both work in government and are extremely important. We need to protect them this weekend. It is my very first mission and is the most important. We begin tomorrow and no amount of training can really prepare me. I go to sleep hoping and praying that everything will be fine.  It is today. My first mission. My sister wakes me up with swift movements of the curtains and we are quickly out the door. Our parents have no idea of our mission but think we will be home all weekend. We follow and watch their car closely, looking for any imperfection that will lead us to the criminals. We get to the office safely and the rest of the day is pretty easy. We watch all of the people and all of the faces. We watch to see if there is anyone not in our system who could be the criminals. Our first-day finishes and everything went smoothly, and our parents are safe back at home. We kept them safe that day, but I was not prepared for tomorrow. The morning was the same as yesterday and everything was perfect, but everything changed at noon. We had found someone that wasn’t in the system. If I had not been trained to find him, I would not have ever noticed him. He was tall, dark, and mysterious but he still looked normal and unimportant. This was our chance. I went through the plan in my head again. I would sing a song, luring the man towards us, and then Ashley would come and take him out. Easy right. He walks into the position and then I realize that I know who he is. He goes to school with him. It’s Carl, the Carl I have a crush on Carl. I couldn’t believe this. I couldn’t bring myself to do it then I realize this is for my parents. I begin to sing and he hears it. He enters a trance and hears towards my sister. I watch Ashley come out of position and prepare. She has done this so many times that it is quick and we are on the move. In my head, I’m wondering why would Carl do this. He is so sweet and kind, but it must have all been a cover. I watch as he is interrogated and hear all the things he would have done to my parents. I realize he wasn’t the boy I knew. My sister can sense my distress and new about Carl. She told me how proud she was of me because the first mission is always the hardest. Until next time I guess I better put my voice to some good use.

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