April 25, 2018
By idontknowww BRONZE, Madison, Nebraska
idontknowww BRONZE, Madison, Nebraska
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The breeze on the coast was fresh and peaceful. My friend Yung Gravy and I were on a boat and were relaxing, looking out to the sea. He said he had to meet up with his respectable friend Charlene later, so we decided to head back to the riverbed which was where we initially had came from. When we got back and had tied up the boat to the dock, we started to hire an uber to take him to Charlene’s house, while I would wait with him and then walk back to my place because I lived only a few blocks away. We found a bench to sit on, and were having a nice and pleasant conversation about cleaning and cooking for a solid ten minutes.

We then saw a police car come into view, and got slightly nervous, even though we had done nothing wrong on this day, so we decided to be extremely polite in hopes of no accusations. It slowed down, and then a man inside rolled down his window, parking the car in the road to talk to us on our bench. “Hello there Mr. Gravy and Mr. Gravy’s acquaintance, I have something important to discuss, but don’t let it phase you, would you mind holding this loaf of bread for me? I will be back in 10 minutes, just do not eat it whatever you do,” the deputy stated. “Yes sir I will be sure to watch your loaf, anything to help out the ones who protect our community,” replied the good citizen Gravy. The deputy sped off, and after a few moments of sitting and observing the appetizing loaf, our uber arrived. We wanted to eat the loaf more than anything. We decided to do the smart thing and split it and he could take half to Charlene’s house, while I could go home and eat my portion.

Weeks later, there had been no recent hearings about the loaf or sightings of the deputy, we had forgot about the loaf. We saw on the news that the police was about to conduct a town-wide census in search of us, the bread stealing, cash making and hygienic residents. But that was insignificant, Gravy was busy at splash mountain.

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