Growing Spirits

April 25, 2018
By Anonymous

I was laying in bed late at night when I suddenly heard a noise. I stopped my youtube to go investigate. When I went down stairs I turned on the lights and nothing was there. I thought to myself that I was tired and I should go to bed. The next week I heard the same sound but this time it was more distinct. I quickly ran towards the noise and saw a dark figure standing in the hallway. I was scared but this figure gave off a vibe that was comforting. I asked what its name was. It replied with Phil. I asked why it was in my house. Phil said that it had lived here a couple of decades ago. Phil vanished into thin air.
A few weeks went by and I thought about Phil and wondered why it had not made an appearance again. As halloween approached the leaves changed colors and the temperature cooled down. As I was making a late night snack the distinct noise came back and there it was. Phil was back. I asked Phil if he was a guy who really lived. He said yes I was a man who once lived on this earth. I asked Phil why he had been gone. He replies with I was finishing a project. That surprised me because I also just finished a major US history project in school. I gave him part of my snack and we talked the rest of the night about life.
As time went on we started to form a friendship. The thing is that he started appearing at anytime and just not at night. We would do many activities together like going to the park or eating meals together. One day we went to the park and we played on the playground. Phil and I had a blast. But the other people around were just staring at us. We went home and chilled around for the rest of the afternoon. Phil also helped me with my chores and tasks like doing my homework. As six o'clock came around my parents called me down for dinner. I asked Phil if he wanted to come eat with me and he said sure. As we came down the stairs I announced “Mom, Dad, do you want to meet my new friend?” They said “sure, who is he?” I replied “His name is Phil.” As we ate my parents were acting a little strange around Phil. After dinner Phil and I went back to my room and I apologized for my parents behavior. Soon we went to sleep.
During the weekend Phil and I had a blast. We went to the park, played games, ate together and did random activities. I started to realized that I had made a good friend. Phil had a vibe to him that I had never felt before. I felt like we connected on a different level. As if he was apart of me. One day I came home after school and did not have a pleasant day. The kids at school treated me like straight up trash. They were teasing me and making me feel bad. I did not do anything to them. I went to my parents and talked to them about the kids at school. They just said to try harder to make friends with them. They will like you once they get to know you. I got frustrated and went to my room and thought about the situation I was in. As I pondered about the kids at school Phil appeared and we talked about the mean kids at school. I felt like he understood me, my feelings started to repair. At this moment I felt that I could only count on Phil. My family, my friends and the kids at school were the enemies. Phil made everything better. Every time I spent with Phil was a good time. Night came quick and I was excited for the next day.
When I woke up I knew today was going to be a great day. Even though yesterday was not as good, I knew that today was going to be great. Last night Phil and I talked about the kids at school and we both came to the conclusion that school sucks and that I should not go back, at least not for a while. We planned to have a fun day. I got up and quickly got ready for “school” I said bye to my parents and Phil and I got in my car to go to “school”. When we left we decided to go to our favorite breakfast place Butterfields. After breakfast we went to the park and played together. Next to the park there was a forest that was intriguing to Phil and I. We ventured into the forest and found an abandoned bridge. I walked along the railing and pondered to myself how it would feel like to fly. Looking down to the ground I had an impulse to jump, and before hitting the ground hard I would save myself by flying. I did not jump because I knew what reality would have in store for me. But it would be cool to fly. After the park we decided to go to Chicago. We went to Navy Pier and explored the pier. At the end there was a fun haunted house that we went into. It was scary but I had Phil by my side to make it less daunting. We ate lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and I had their famous fish and chips. After lunch we went on a speed dog boat ride. Phil and I were amazed when we saw and felt how fast the seadog went. I probably enjoyed the boat ride more than Phil because he was at the stern of the boat trying to fight his impulse to throw up. When we got home we just chilled for the rest of the afternoon playing video games in my basement.
When my Dad got home at six he called me up and asked me why I did not go to school. I said that I took a break from school and had a fun day with Phil. My Dad was not happy with me. He said “After dinner you should go to your room and think about the poor choice that you had made.” After dinner I went to my room but I did not think about the poor choice I had made. I believe that it was a great choice and that I deserved the day off. I turned on spotify and was jamming to my music. I was also planning my next fun day with Phil. Phil apologized for the day and said sorry about my Dad getting mad at me. I said that it was fine and we started planning our next fun day. I briefly looked over to my calendar and saw that it was only a couple of days until Halloween. I said that we should do something epic for Halloween. For the rest of the night we planned out Halloween. As we were planning our Halloween excursion I felt like tonight was the first night that Phil seemed off. For some reason Halloween did not excite him as much as it did for me.
Halloween finally came around the corner. I went to school looking forward to the end of the school day because I knew that this Halloween would be awesome. When I got home Phil and I quickly went to start off our Halloween plans. We first went to the local pumpkin patch and collected two plump pumpkins. When we got home we carved them. I made a scary scarecrow face and Phil made a black circle with a hole in it, which was strange. I was so excited for Halloween that I did not really notice that Phil was a little off. Dinner came around and my parents made chili. Phil and I quickly gobbled down the food and set off for our next adventure on Halloween. We went to a haunted house and it was really exhilarating. Scary creatures would pop scare us and we would scream. Going through the haunted house was one of the highlights of the nights because I felt connected with Phil and we had a blast exploring the house. Later we went trick or treating. We must have gone to at least two hundred houses collecting candy. I dressed up as a werewolf and Phil dressed up as a clown. Everyone at least liked my costume. I could not say the same for Phil. People acted like Phil was not important and they all focused on me. As we started wrapping up trick or treating, Phil was starting to become disconnected. On our way to one of the last houses for the night Phil randomly disappeared. I did not know where he had gone and if he would come back. After going to the last couple of houses I began to walk home in the dark. I felt happy, sad, disappointed and lost. As I walked home I felt as if I did something wrong. Did I hurt Phil’s feelings or did I do something to make him leave? I felt as if he was still there but he was not. I felt that the friendship we had savored was not for nothing so I wondered, Why did he disappear? Did he get lost? Is this my fault, did I lose him? I passed a few houses and started to remember the fun moments we had together. The times where he had help me through rough times and the times where we had fun. Like when we went to the park to play and when we chilled at home playing video games. I remember the multiple fun days that we shared together. Thinking about all of this made me very depressed. During my walk home I always came back to the question of Why did he disappear? This is not how my Halloween was supposed to end. Things never happen as they are suppose to do they? As I felt the chilled air and heard the crinkles of the crispy leave beneath my feet I felt a vibe. A similar vibe that I felt when I first met Phil. Finally I arrived home. Standing outside I saw my parents through the window watching my siblings go through their bag of candy. Feeling really abandoned. I finally went inside. My parents asked how my Halloween was. I ignored them and went straight to my room. Throughout the rest of the night I kept thinking about Phil and what had happen. Nine, Ten, Eleven o’clock came around. I felt so abandoned but with the same mysterious vibe that Phil gave off. What would I do now? Will Phil ever return? I began to feel sleepy but at the same time I was alert. I close my eyes as the sun sank beneath the earth and came up on the other side.

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It is about personal developement. 

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