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April 20, 2018
By Dark_Moon117 SILVER, Chamberlain, South Dakota
Dark_Moon117 SILVER, Chamberlain, South Dakota
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"You call it music, I call it my therapist" - NF

It began like most stories do. The typical tropes you might see in a comic book, movie, or a video game. The seemingly, unimportant struggling kid who’s usually an outcast for whatever reason it may be. Perhaps they’re a rebel, a nerd, or just some lonely person with no friends (hell, this meta introduction might be a trope by now). The character of this story is the latter. Matt Mayer. Sounds like your average to-be superhero name, right? Like Peter Parker (my favorite by the way), Bruce Banner, or even Clark Kent.

Matt didn’t participate in much of anything at his school. He lived in a smaller town, and moved there at the start of high school. But the fact that it was a small town meant that everyone knew each other already, whether it be because they all knew each other since childhood, or at least middle school. He was the newcomer that year, and he didn’t talk much. Which is why no one paid any attention to him, or what he did. There was the occasional question or two, but never a full-on conversation.
He’s now a Junior, still not doing much of anything besides going through the motions. Earlier in the year he actually dated a girl, but it didn’t last very long. Hurt him a lot in fact, going through a short phase of pain and eventual growth. But nothing changed at school, if anything, less people tried talking to him at all. Although, he understood it. Matt had lacked the confidence to talk to anyone. Not to mention, he was terrible at starting conversations. Or at least he thought so, hence why he never bothers because he’s afraid he’ll say something no one wants to hear.
Life was a slow, dull, depressing drag for him. He had no one to confide in, all he had were his hobbies. Games, music, and occasional writing. He loved them because he could feel a sense of joy, which was far better than what he feels at school. Matt only really had himself, and he opened up to no one. Not even his own parents, for he did not want to put his burden on anyone. He felt it was his responsibility to take care of his own problems himself, that he didn’t deserve help. Hell, he probably didn’t even want help.
But now that you know who Matt is, let us get into the nitty gritty of this tale. Like most of these superpowered stories, our protagonist’s life will get turned upside down, maybe he gets the girl, etc. You get the gist. So without further ado…

The author's comments:

Title basically explains it. I put a lot of myself into the character which makes this a lot easier to write to be honest. For now, this is just the introduction. I went for a meta type of intro, it's pretty rough too so I'll go back and smooth it out later. 

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on May. 3 2018 at 9:30 pm
Dark_Moon117 SILVER, Chamberlain, South Dakota
8 articles 0 photos 9 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You call it music, I call it my therapist" - NF

Thanks! I have more on the way, and I'm working suuuuper hard on building the lore of the world the story is based in.

on May. 3 2018 at 2:42 pm
reach4mars PLATINUM, State College, Pennsylvania
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I already know how it ends, I'm just here for the ride :)

What an opener! This is actually really interesting, I'd love to read more!

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