We are the Warriors

April 23, 2018
By J.B-Sir SILVER, Park City, Utah
J.B-Sir SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Chapter One
What it Mean’s to be a Dragon Slayer


I opened my eyes and gasped for air that felt like was finally there. I looked to my left and there was a white wall. I heard a beeping sound to my right and saw a monitor saying ‘Patient Sleep Time: Two Year’s, 3 Months, 14 Day’s’ I tried speaking except my voice was hoarse and I couldn’t speak at all. I tried standing up and I looked at a mirror across the room, I  then realized what I looked like. I was about 5’11, Had blonde hair, and my right eye was blue then my left eye had a scar across it and it was white. I realized I also had a scar just above the left side of my and just below it as well. What happened to me? I looked around the room again and I realized that there was more. To my right there was a lot more hospital equipment but to my left there was a Sword with a weird star on the blade and symbols in a language I couldn’t read. Hello Sir, My name is Delta I am your personal A.I interface assistant. I tried speaking the word ‘what?’ But my throat wouldn’t allow me to. It’s okay sir, you can just think what you want to say and I will be able to understand.
Who am I?
You are Soldier 0004 of Project Xavier, Test Subject 2408.
What do you mean?
Well Sir, Two years ago you were in a terrible accident and you were brought here for us to save you.
No I mean what’s my name? How old am I?
Sir your name is Sol Tracer, you are seventeen years old.
Okay may you explain what exactly happened to me?
Well Sir, Two years ago you were at a school meant to train gifted individuals to fight off the demons that are trying to take over our planet Cane. Some of them found a way into the school and almost killed everyone, if it weren’t for you then the school would be destroyed along with the faculty and students.
I heard the door being opened and I heard a new voice say “Hello Jason, my name is Harvon. We will get to know each other well soon enough.” A red light appeared next to me and it took the form of a man. Harvon said “Delta, please explain to our guest what is going on. The doctors will be here in ten minutes.” Delta said “Yes sir”
I will give you the short version, you are going to be going back to that school which starts in one month. There is a placing test at the beginning so you will be training here everyday for the next month. You will start tomorrow with an elements teacher. We have found out that you have lost a lot of your memories, they will come back to you in due time.
Wait what do you mean?
Your new name is Sage Alstair Grace and you are a new student at The Tower.
The door opened again and doctors started coming in, one stabbed me with a needle and I felt myself slowly falling asleep.

The Next Day
Day One
Twenty Nine Days Before School

I woke up on a new bed, I looked to my right and there was a closet along with weapons all over the walls including that weird sword. I looked to my left and there was a suit. It was almost all red with black highlights along it. There was a hood and one sleeve was like a t-shirt sleeve and the other went all the way down my arm. Put that on.
Hey it’s you
Put the suit on and follow the red lights to your first class room.
I nodded and walked over to the suit. I put it on and turned around.
Good now as I asked follow the red lights to your first class room
I walked out the door and saw a red blinking light across the wall. I started walking and followed the lights to a room with a door that looked like it was something straight out of a fairy tale. I opened it up and there was middle aged man in there. He had black hair, weird sideburns, and glasses over his eyes. He said “Hello Jack, My name is Sain. You may call me Mr. Sain. I am your elements teacher, I will teach you about how they work, what they are, and how to use them.” I nodded and he said “Take a seat” I walked over to the only desk in the room and he said “Now I bet your wondering what the elements are. There are 10 basic elements, 25 advanced elements.” I nodded and he went on “Today we will only focus on the ten main elements.” I nodded again. “Now the ten main elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Dark, Life, Metal, Sound, Ice. Now those are the ten basic elements, most people have the ability to use all the elements but only have an affinity towards two. For instance I have an affinity for Dark and Ice. However the people that have an affinity towards the advanced elements usually can only posses there one element. The way the elements work can be simple but also it can be hard to understand. The elements are gifts from the Gods, every person that uses an element is a descendant from the Gods. For every time you use it you borrow a bit of there power, there are weapons with elements infused into them, these weapons however don’t borrow the Gods power because they have already been infused with the element. every time you use your element you should get a tiny bit better with it.” I nodded and he said “Good now I will test you to see which element’s you posses.” He pulled out a glass jar. “Come over here and put your hands on the jar” I did as he asked and almost immediately, it started flashing different colored lights and I could see bits of dust, then water droplets, then a fire sparking in and out, metal shards. I could see it all then it stopped. Inside the jar there was a tiny bolt of lightning. Then it started flashing again and it settled on a mirror reflecting huge amounts of light everywhere. Then it started doing it again this time it settled on a tiny tornado. Sain looked at me strangely and then he wrote down some stuff on the white board. He said “Wow, You have an affinity to three elements… Wind, Lightning, and Divine Light.” I tried speaking and my throat again wouldn’t let me but I coughed though so I assumed that was a good start. Sain said “Yes that is very rare, that also means your going to have to put the work into three elements. So Lightning and Divine Light are advanced elements, I will teach you about those tomorrow, for now we will work on your affinity to wind.” I nodded and He said “Okay wind users are very rare these days because of our environment. But we do have some people, and I know uses that I can teach you. So most wind users back in the old day used there abilities in four main ways. First off, you can make blades of wind to attack your opponents with. Second you can build up a wall of wind to deflect blades or other elemental attacks. Thirdly you can use your wind to build up armor around you and your allies to help both defend and attack. Fourthly you can use the wind around you to create blades around you  and attack your enemies close range. After you learn how to use those basic things I will teach you the ways of a defensive wind user, seeing as your other two elements are strictly offensive. So come with me we are going to go to the training room.” He walked out of the room and I followed, he brought me to a wide open room with targets on one side, a boxed area that looked like it had ballistas pointed towards the middle. Sain said “Okay we will start off with building a wall, follow my movements with my hands.” He moved his hands outward along with his arms, I followed. Then he brought them up along with one of his legs. I followed. Then I felt something around me, moving across my body, testing me. Then it all left and in front of me there was what looked like a gale force wind wall. My eyes went wide and I fell back down. Sain said “Good your a fast learner, this shouldn’t be to hard then” I got back up and he said “I will be back in two hours I want you to be able to create a wall with hardly no movement at all by the time I am back.” I nodded and turned my back to him and started through with the motions again, I felt the same sensation under me and over me and around me. I concentrated on making a straight wall in front of me. I felt the sensation leave me and go in front of me. I opened my eyes and looked again and there was a wall of fog in front of me. I put my hand out and touched it. It was as solid as a rock. My eyes went wide then the wall exploded again. I landed on my but and I got back up.
Sir, you have to stay calm and focused through out the whole process.
I nodded and tried again. I started the movements and created a wall again, this time I stayed focused and maintained it for as long as I could,
Good sir now I am going to plant some extra movements into you mind to create a dome around you instead of just a wall.
I felt something weird in my head kinda like a shiver.
My body started moving on it’s own. I put my hands out further and jumped up and did a side ways 360. I put my hands out and doing flips and kicking my feet then my body stopped and I put my hands out right in front of me. I stopped moving and realized all around me there was fog.
Good sir, now just think of making the wall transparent.
I did then slowly but surely the fog started leaving. About ten minutes later it all left then I touched the area around me and there was a solid barrier. I thought of building up another wall around that and I could see fog appear around the dome. I heard a clapping sound from the other side of the room. The walls broke and I fell down. I heard Sain say “Good job that only took you 42 minutes, that was faster then expected.” I got up and he said “Good now that you have mastered that you should be able to make armor pretty quickly as well.” I nodded and he said “Good now you have 42 minutes to master that.” I nodded and started the motions for the dome. I then stopped halfway and made a new motion with my hands. I felt the wind move around me then I turned around towards Sain, I turned just in time to see a spear be thrown at me. Without thinking I consecrated all the wind to one area of my body then the spear hit that area and snapped in half. Sain said “Wow you are better at this then expected” I nodded then moved the wind back around me. I concentrated on it to making a blade out of wind on my arm then I slashed it at the remains of the spear. Sain said “Hmm, Trying to impress my or are you mad?” I thought of that same blade and tried launching it at him. A wall of darkness appeared around him and I heard a crash as the blade hit it. Sain said “I’m going to assume the second one. But on the bright side you have learned all four main uses of the wind.” I nodded and he said “So for the next three days we will focus on your wind element and figuring out how to make defenses with it.” I nodded and he said “Good, let’s begin” I got up and said slowly “Okay… I will do this…”

Three Days Later
Day Four
26 days Before School

Sain said “Okay we will now test your wind attributes in the arena.” I nodded and He said “Along the arena and inside the arena there is ballistas, they shoot spears essentially at you all over the place. Your job is to protect yourself while taking them out.”  I nodded and he said “Good kid, I believe in you, go show those inspectors and the director what you can do.” I nodded and said “Thank.. you… sir…” he nodded and smiled and opened up the doors for me. I walked into the center of the room and I heard “Grace! Are you ready?” I nodded and they said “May the test begin!” I nodded again. I heard a whirring sound and I started concentrating on areas around me before I created the wall. I heard a whistling sound and I created the wall just in time to block the incoming spear. I then created a dome and then I felt the wind around me drop. I smiled and remembered how Sain said that they might try to take some of the air around the arena to make it harder for me. I started concentrating on the spots where the spears where hitting me. The ballistas stared moving around on metal beams and shooting at me from all directions. I kept up with them moving the wind barriers around the areas where they were shooting. I made the first blade of wind and threw it at one of the ballistas. I continued over and over until there was one left. I smiled and threw one last blade at it then I felt all the air leave the room. I looked up to the stands and saw a protective barrier of wind so they could breath. I drew some air from the living critters around the arena and made a little ball around my head so I could breath. The Ballista started shooting and I ran across the field dodging the spears. I saw another spear shoot in front of me and I did a back flip to back away from it. I landed and saw a spear coming straight at me. I did another back flip and kicked up the point of the spear then I landed on my hands jumped back up and kicked the blunt end of the spear back at the ballista and it lodged itself in the firing mechanism. I realized that there was no air around me and then realized that there was about to be an explosion meaning it would be brief but it would be able to hit me easily. It blew up and instinctively I took the air bubble around my head and created an armor suit around me. The fire hit hit and I tried withstanding the attack. The air returned to the room and I heard clapping sounds and I looked up. I smiled and looked up and I heard Harvon say “Test passed! Welcome Grace to Project Xavier!” Workers and inspectors started cheering and I turned and walked out of the arena. Sain was waiting for me and he said “Kid I haven’t seen someone like you ever.” I smiled and said “Thank you sir…” Sain said “Good, your voice is coming back. Tonight you and I will celebrate. You will meet the other soldiers of Project Xavier and tomorrow we will train with lighting!” I smiled and said “Of course sir…” Sain nodded and he said “Go to your room, clean up there should be a tuxedo in your closet.” I nodded and started walking towards my room.
  I walked into my room and went into the bath room. I turned on the shower and I took off my shirt. I heard someone behind me say “That was impressive.” I made a blade of wind and held it to the persons throat. She said “Woah woah hold up! I’m not here to hurt you!” I said “Then what are you here for…” She said “The way you manipulated the wind, I have never seen someone with so much control over an element!” I nodded and she held out her hand “The name is Amber, I will be sent to accompany you to the school. I am Soldier 0003” I shook her hand and she said “I will start coming to watch you as you train, as well as give you pointers and tips.” I nodded and she said “Good okay I’m gonna leave you be now” I nodded once more and she disappeared. I stepped into the shower and started messing around with the water by creating air bubbles around them and making them float. I felt a little twinge in the back of my head then I heard a voice. “Jackson! come on out! Have some fun for once!” Everything started going black then I was in a room. I turned to the voice and there was a lady who was about my height. She had black hair green eyes, and was wearing some sort of party suit. She said “Jackson come on have some fun with me!” I replied “Stella tomorrow is the final test. We should be sleeping.” Stella said “Jackson you and I will have no problem with that test! Come on were the Void Duo, The controllers of Space and Wind, The Destructive Forest! Come on Jackson have some fun and don’t worry about studying all the time.” I smiled and said “First off those names suck, second off… fine” She smiled came over and kissed me. She said “You know what I think your right we should rest” She came over into the bed with me and she whispered in my ear “Don’t worry I’m here to protect you, this test shouldn’t be to hard.” I smiled and said “See your worried to” she touched my nose then kissed me, “If I am will you have my back?” I replied “Always” I felt her arms around me then I started getting a wet feeling and I was back in the shower. I fell down. What was that?
It was one of your memories sir, who was that girl?
I don’t know, she felt so familiar though…
I will take it up to Director Harvon, right now you have 10 minutes to get ready.
I nodded went over and put on the suit. I put on a watch and added some glasses that were on the table waiting for me. I walked outside the door to see Sain waiting for me. He said “Your looking sharp, getting ready for the ladies?” He elbowed me playfully and I smiled and shook my head. He smiled and said “Well can’t blame me for trying” I nodded and he said “So your test today, how do you feel about that?” I created a ball of wind and launched it at the wall. Sain said “So I understand what they did was a dirty trick, but look at it this way. You had the smarts and the know how so you could protect yourself. I rolled my eyes and he said “Whatever tonight you me and someone else your gonna meet, are gonna go out for food in the city.” I nodded once again.


The Next Day
Day 5
25 Days Before School


Sain said “No, no, no, your thinking of it wrong your trying to control it like its wind. Wind is a free element, there is no creating or losing it. Lightning is concentrated it is supposed to be there but not there at the same time.” I said “I don’t understand sir” Sain shook his head then said “Here look at it this way, Wind is forever moving and flowing kinda like water. But see lightning is a circuit, it’s there for a while but then it cuts out. It moves but only forwards.” I nodded and tried again, I put my hands together and  started the movements for a ball of lightning. I felt static move up and down my body, I took all of it and directed it towards my hands. I felt a tiny little beam of energy in my hands. Then I felt it growing bigger. Sain said “Good now lightning only moves forward so it is hard to control, one thing many lighting users do is separate there beam into tinier bits of itself so it is easier to control.” I nodded and tried thinking of an atom slitting apart over and over again. Then when I opened my eyes there were about 14 balls of plasma the size of my head floating around my body. I said “Is this right sir?” Sain was gone then I heard a crack. I turned around and there was a ever so tiny mouse on the floor. I went down to touch it then I heard Sain yell “Get back!” I stopped my hand and brought it back and where there once was a mouse there was now a twenty four foot monster. Sain said “Changeling… But how did it get in here?” I shrugged and he said “Step aside” I did as I was told and he pulled out a tiny knife The monster charged him and he dodged out of the way then through the knife at the monsters hide. It bounced right off then it swiped at him with its claws. He got hit then went flying into the wall. I yelled “NO!” I felt all the balls of lightning become one in my hand and I felt it the shape. I looked down and in my hand there was a sword made out of pure electricity in my hand. Without thinking I started walking towards the monster. It looked at me and took its attention completely off of Sain. I slashed upwards and a blade of wind came up and hit the beast. I kept on walking and I started feeling the gale forces around me. The beast started running at me, I started walking again towards it. I felt the winds get stronger then the beast got close enough for me to stab it. It brought down its claws and I held up the sword above my head. The paw came flying off along with blood everywhere. It screeched then I walked forwards once again and stabbed it in its heart. I heard Sain say “That was actually pretty impressive, but in my defense I was set up so when it would touch me, poison would flow through it’s veins and die.” I nodded and the sword went away along with all the wind. I fell down and he said “That’s enough for today, We will start again tomorrow.” I got up and nodded. I walked out of the training room and headed to my own room. I put my hand on the scanner to get in but it stayed red. I heard a voice behind me say “Not so fast Sage” I turned around and saw Amber, I said “What?” She replied “You and me are still going to train a bit,” I rolled my eyes and she said “Look I have an affinity to Fire, Space, and Ice.” I nodded and she said “And you know there is an entrance exam we have to take right?” I nodded once more and she said “Do you know what it is?” I shook my head and she said “It’s a battle Royale between teams. The teams aren’t determined at the spot you have to submit by yourself or submit with team mates or under a team name if there is a lot of people. You and I are a team, we have to figure out how to play to each others strengths and weaknesses.” I said “Fine what are you thinking of?” She said “Fusion attacks, there very hard to use but if we can figure it out together then we can be almost unstoppable.” I nodded and she said “So follow me, I’m going to bring you to the advanced training room.” She turned around and I followed. I saw some people run by and I asked “What are they doing?” Amber said “They are probably checking out all the wards to see if one was broken.” I nodded and said “So these fusion attacks I don’t think I quite understand them” She replied “Think of it this way, one you fought that monster today you combined Wind and Lightning. That is an example of small fusion, doing it by one’s self. Great Fusion is when two people with different elements combine there attacks to create one singular attack, or have a switch system. A switch system is when two or more people use tactics of switching from offense to defense with each other to play to each others strengths. You and I will be learning both of these tactics. Every day after your done with your element training you will come here with me and we will work on combining it.” I nodded and said “Okay I will try it” She smiled and said “So I know what type of elements you specialize in. But I have a question for you, do you know what class you are in those elements?” I said “Class?” With a surprised look on my face. She said “Yes, each person that has an ability to posses an element has a class within that. For instance I am a dragoon overall for my classes. That means I specialize in range attacks. You on the other hand from what I can tell is a Blade Dancer. That means that you posses great defensive abilities for long range combat and Great attacking abilities for close range combat.” I nodded and she said “So a Dragoon and a Blade Dancer. That’s gonna be hard.” She held out her hand and said “Hey Beta you there?” A purple little hologram appeared in the shape of a man. It said “Yes what do you need ma’am?” She replied “In what instances have a dragoon and a blade dancer used a great fusion move without failing?” It replied “Never ma’am anything else?” She shook her head and it disappeared. I said “So you said hard right?” She replied “Make that impossible” I shook my head and said “Nah we have to try at least, have some fun” She smiled and said “Okay, first off were going to need to get to know each other, in a fight…” My eyes went wide and she smiled “Yes, you and me on the training floor all out fight. You loose when you get knocked out or on the ground for ten seconds. Or you can surrender. Weapons are allowed.” I nodded my head and she said “One second head into that door over there, I’m going to set up the arena and make it an official match.” I nodded and walked into the door. When I opened it I was standing in front of a huge metal circle arena. It had a roof and the walls on the top were made of glass for onlookers. I saw Amber step in on the other side and I heard a voice saying “Setting up training room floor, Agents Amber and Sage prepare for battle.” Big metal boxes started appearing around the arena, and a table rose up in front of me. On it there were swords, spears, axes, knives all sorts of weapons. I hit a button and it went back down. “Battle begins in three, two, one. Good luck Agents” I heard a boom then saw a blue spear of light coming at me. I created a wall of wind and the spear dispersed. I saw more spears coming at me, some made of ice and fire others just made of fire. I Created a wall in front of me then made a wind blade and launched it at her. I heard a clang as it cut through the boxes. I looked up so I could see her where she was. She forced her hands out and muttered some words. I felt a strange sensation like suddenly my body was heavier. I heard her say “How do you like it? Gravity control comes with the space affinity!” I felt myself falling down. I tried focusing the lightning like Sain had taught me to except nothing was working. I felt something happening to my head, again like the feeling I had when I was In the shower. Then everything went black.

Two Years Ago
Final Entry Exam

I turned my head to see Stella to my left and the other team to my right. I looked ahead and there was a best, covered in flames. It smiled showing its gleaming teeth wet with blood. I saw its hand coming down to destroy me then I heard someone scream “NO!” I did a short distance teleport onto of the beast hands and ran up the side of it. I made a sword of light and stabbed it through it’s head. I felt myself leaving my body and the beast leaving it’s. Again everything went black.

Present day
Test Fight

I put one fist on the ground and got up onto my knee. I said “Now that is just not nice…” I started standing up slowly but surely. I got up completely and took one step forward, then another. I heard her say “What! How are you doing that!” I took another. I put my hands together n the motion to create a wind hole. I felt all the air leave the room and go into four separate places. Around the black voids, and around my head. The voids disappeared and I launched forward at her, I created a sword out of lightning and swung it at her. She dodged and I heard her voice behind me “Got to be faster!” I turned around and tried to slash her except she was already gone. I heard a whistling sound and I put up my hand out of instinct. My whole world went red then what I was expecting to see a tarnished destroyed hole in my hand instead I was holding a spear of ice. I heard complete silence, Amber was looking at me with a strange look in her eyes. I looked up at the gas and I could see tons of the workers and cadets staring at me in awe. The spear melted away then I started feeling a strange feeling in my gut. I looked at my hand and in it now was a little beam of red light. I heard the voice saying “Adding variables, Agent Amber’s team has been updated.” I saw little doors open about half way up the arena. Five people jumped down. One of them said “Amber, we heard you needed some back up.” The guy took a second look at me and then he said “But with this guy, he looks like an amateur” She shook her head and I said “What was that?” I heard the sound of metal behind me, I ducked and shot a beam of what looked like concentrated light at him. I saw another jump at me with a katana. I dodged the sword then turned around and kicked him. I made a tiny tornado around him and he started flying round still he hit a wall. Next two girls came up and attacked me, I jumped back and shot two beams of the light at them, they dodged and returned with a fire ball. I rolled out of the way and created a bubble around there heads. Then I sucked all the air out of it. I walked forward and I said “Where is she! Where Is Stella!” I felt the two girls fall to the ground. The boy got into a fighting stance and Amber did as well. The both started launching spears at me. I put my hand out and caught them all with the wind and made them turn towards them. I didn’t launch them but I kept on walking, blocking and taking. As soon as I got half way across the room I said again “Where is Stella!” I pulled back one hand and all the spears started coming back. Then I heard Amber say “Stella, is at the school… And you are her enemy!” I felt a pain to my gut again then all the energy left me. I saw the boy next to Stella kneel in front of me. He said “Welcome Dragon Slayer…” I said “Wha… What!?!” The doors opened up and I could see everyone kneeling. The director started clapping his hands then he walked to me. He held up my hand and he yelled “I give you Sage! The Light Dragon Slayer!” I heard everyone start chanting “Sage! Sage! Sage!” I looked up to the director and I said “Sir, I don’t understand. Dragon Slayer? I thought those were myths.” He said “Listen son, the point of the project was to find decedents of the once great God Slayers, But you are something even more rare, You are a Dragon Slayer. See Amber and the others only have a quarter of there ancestors abilities. But you just displayed the power of the old dragon slayers. Now get some rest.” I saw a blue light around me then everything went dark.

The Next Day
Day 6
24 days until School

I opened my eyes and jumped out of my bed. Was that just a dream? I looked down at my clothes and they were in shreds. I shook my head and I said “No, no, no, no, no!” I hit the wall then I heard Amber say “Hey calm down there big shot! Everything is chill, My A.I got enough data for us to do the fusion move.” I turned away and she said “Look I’m sorry that my cadets got involved.” I nodded and she said “But in my defense we found out what your blood line really is because of it.” I glared and said “So God Slayers and Dragon Slayers, what’s the difference?” Amber said “So God Slayers, they didn’t have to borrow power from the Gods to use there elements. They had the ability to use there own unique element and draw from there own strength and power. In the first great war they were the one’s who fought side by side with the Dragon’s and the Gods to defeat Lucifer. Xi the first God Slayer, destroyed himself to trap Lucifer in a cage for hopeful eternity. But that didn’t last long, 463 years later his followers used the moons light to break him out of the cage. He then rose again and the next year he decimated almost the whole of planet Cain. But from the darkness rose a light, a man who was stronger then the God Slayer’s. As Lucifer came to destroy the last standing Gods temple where all the God Slayer’s, Gods, and People were being kept. He stepped out of the darkness, and defeated Lucifer. He killed the dragon and then once again tried killing Lucifer but he failed. Instead he sent him back to the under world for as long as possible. Over the past 1600 years there has been other events of people like him pooping up but they all ultimately die by something stronger then anything can handle, and we suspect it is the same thing. It awakens when ever a Dragon Slayer is born and comes to kill them. Your lucky you are alive still.” I said “That’s off topic, I mean like what am I supposed to do if it comes after me?” She replied “The Tower’s School is the most secure place besides the temple of the gods on this planet. So if you can get in there we can save you a little bit longer. So you need to train…” I nodded and said “Thank you” I turned to start walking away then she said “Wait one more thing!” A little void appeared next to her and he pulled three items out of it. She gave me all three. One was a gauntlet that went over my left hand. It was made of leather and it had strange writing all over it. The next was a little red gem in the shape of a diamond. She stuck it to my right arm and started murmuring something then I felt a burning sensation. I looked down and it was melded into my arm. Then she took out a sword, it was a one handed long sword, all black. She put It in a scabbard and handed it to me.  She said “These three items are what the first Dragon Slayer used to kill Lucifer’’s Dragon. The Brace of ignition, The Gem of burning lightning, and The Dark Repeller” I said “Thank you?” She nodded and said “Now we have about three weeks to get you ready for this.” I nodded and I heard some one say behind me “So are you ready… Dragon Slayer?” I smiled and said “Here I come Lucifer, Here I come…”


Day 30
School Entrance Exam

I turned and said “Were submitted?” Amber nodded and said “Us two are team name is  Beta” I nodded and she said “So, think we can win this?” I smiled and said “Are you starting to doubt us?” She also smiled and said “Never” A blue light appeared around us and I said “Well let’s do this…” She held out her hand, I took it and we teleported into a flat plains area. It looked like we were onto of a plateau. I heard someone yell “There Attack!” I saw a spear fly at me and I dodged. I heard Amber say “As we planned these guys aren’t to long range there your problem.” I rolled my eyes, I saw an arrow being fired at me. I rolled under it and I started running at them, by looking at them I estimated about 300. I heard the same voice say “Long range attackers! Fire!” I saw spears, balls, and squares of different elements coming at me. 14 long range attacks, speed types sir. I nodded and saw the first one come at me. I flipped over it, the next one I side stepped and kept on running. I heard the same two spears turn around and follow me behind me. I smiled and said “Huh… You guys are actually somewhat good.” I saw the 12 elemental attacks in front of me combine to create one big wall that was flying at me at a very high velocity. I kept on running forward and just as the wall was gonna hit, I did a short distance teleport and I was on the other side of it. I smiled and did another one. I landed just behind the one giving the orders and said “Not quite enough…” I smiled made a blade of wind and stabbed him in the gut. He said “Who are… you…” I heard someone yell “The Commander has fallen! Retreat!” The commanders body disappeared in a flash of red light. I smiled and said “ah ah ah, you can’t leave now.” A crazy grin appeared on my face. I made a spear out of lightning and I held it in my hands. I jumped up and hit it against the ground, bodies went flying everywhere. I heard the people who launched the initial attack on us murmuring. I through my spear at the ground if front of them and half the plateau was cut off. I smiled and I heard someone say “Holy s***… That mark on his arm.” I smiled and said “Your friend earlier was asking who I was, when you see him. Tell him he hand the honor of being killed by a decedents weakest element.” I created a ball of wind in my hand and then I said “And so do all of you…” I pointed towards them and launched it. I heard screams then I felt an explosion rock the mountain. I heard Amber say “A little much if you ask me” I shook my head but my hands in my pocket and said “Meh, it was fun” I heard a cough and I looked to the left. A kid was still standing, he stood up and he said “Not yet, I hid with that team for as long as I could… But you just massacred them all! What type of monster are you!” I smiled and said “Remember those guys that saved the human race a good 1000 something years ago, yeah those Dragon Slayer dudes, then you all betrayed them? Well there back and there not here for revenge, yet… but for the monster part…” I smiled and said “I did that all for fun!” The mans eyes went wide then I said “But how are you not dead?” I took a closer lookout him and he said “My name is Viole Dragneel dependent of the 7th known dragon slayer! And I will destroy you” I smiled and said “Huh seems fun, you want to fight me meet me in the finals.” I turned around and started walking away. He yelled “No! Don’t leave me here I want to fight you now!” I  put my hand up and said “Good luck kid, hope you make it to the finals” I heard Amber say to me “Huh, I can tell he’s just a dependent of the Dragon Slayers but he is still pretty strong.” I nodded and said “I don’t know enough yet, but he seems like a good kid.” She nodded and said “Come lets keep walking” She put her hand out and started murmuring. A ball of light appeared next to her and it started floating away from us. She said “It records anything we need to see from the rest of the arena.” She put her hand out and said “There are 32 teams left 5000 people, thats quite fast out of the original 10,000 it’s only been 24 minutes.” I nodded and said “So this is where the real game begins?” She nodded and said “There is an estimated two days left so our plan is to move to the jungle area and camp out there until the death match begins” I nodded and said “Sounds like a plan let’s get moving we’re sitting ducks out here” I heard some yelling and said “Seriously another group…” I looked in the direction where it was coming from. I looked down from the mountain and I saw two teams that looked like they were about 800 people each fighting each other. I said “So should we interfere?” She said “Hmmmm just as a test, those two teams are the second and third best on the roster. Fire a Gale Ball at them see how well they fare.” I smiled and said “Right away” Put my hand out and started creating a ball of wind in my hand, I felt it getting bigger then I felt the blades firing around it. I summoned all the wind in the area then, BOOM! It hit the center of them all. A shockwave shook the entire battle field, people could feel it for miles. When the dust cleared I looked down and there was another crater in the Earth. I said “So how’s that?” Red lights started appearing. We jumped down and she said “Dude you have issues or something, that was insane.” I nodded and said “Yeah but just one second, you said those were out of the top three teams? Whose the first?” I saw Amber thrust her hand out, an Ice Speer appeared and she shot it over me. I saw a wall appear then millions of attacks hit it. She said “That would be them…” Delta I need a head count
2362, Testing Variables… You have two options sir, if you stay you have a 96.7654087% chance of dying. If you run you have a 99.999 percent chance of surviving.
Hmmm, well it doesn’t matter either way were already getting into the academy with the amount of kills our team has.
Yes sir I understand good luck.
I said “Okay on my Mark!” She nodded I said “Mark!” She replied “Sync!” I jumped over the shield it broke down and she started firing her own attacks. I took my sword off my back and attacked the first wave of enemies. I cut a high speed elemental attack in half then stabbed my sword into the ground. I put my sword on my back and said “You guys wanted a fight? Well you should have brought more men…” I started gathering up wind in side my hands. I felt it expanding and becoming stronger. I heard someone scream “Everyone go run he’s creating a sonic boom!” Then another voice, a girls one that was familiar. “No everyone hold ground create a shield! Together!” There were screams of Yeah! I smiled and whispered “Arrogant fools” I saw the wall materialize a couple yards in front of me. Then I felt it all, everything. Then there was an explosion as I launched the attack. It hit the wall and almost instantly it broke. I heard screams then nothing. Again once the dust cleared I expected nothing to be there but then there was something. The kid from earlier creating a wall out of water. He had his hands out forcing back the attack then it all blew up and he fell down. He yelled “I said I wasn’t done with you!” Then it all hit me, everything. I said “Viole right? Fine beat me here and now and I will  let you do whatever it is you want to do with me.” He said “Okay fair deal” Everything and everyone was silent. I saw something being shot in the air then. Boom the kid started running at me. He punched my chest then I went flying backwards. I smiled and said “huh, okay you were serious… Well lets do this” I launched forward and kneed him in the chest. He was knocked off his feet straight upward. I jumped up did a front flip and hammer kicked him into the ground. I landed and said “So you wanna keep on going?” He nodded and said “You know it…” He spit some blood out and I said “Okay your choice just give me one second.” I took the sword off my back and gave it to Amber. I said “Okay now its just you and me, yo can use elements I won’t.” He smiled covered his body in fire and yelled “I will not loose to scum like you!” I smiled and just as he was about to kick me, I disappeared and reappeared behind him. I tapped him in the head and knocked him off balance. He fell face first into the ground. I said “So see the difference in our power levels yet?” He shook his head and said “I’m just getting warmed up.” I shook my head and said “Fine okay I will end this” I shot forwards and went behind him, before he even realized what was going on I already hit him into the side of the mountain. I took another step forwards and said “See kid, I really think you have some spark but I am to far ahead of you to make things even remotely fair.” The kid picked himself out of the mountain and said “I am here to destroy the last of Lucifer’s beasts… So I will destroy you…” My eyes went wide and I yelled “Did you just call me a demon! I may use the same elemental magic as them but I am not a demon!” The kid smiled and said “That’s just what you believe…” I felt another force, the one from before. I heard someone scream “everyone get out of the way!” The girl stepped forwards, the one that was shouting the orders and said “My name is Stella IronHeart! You will stop this right now!” I felt a twinge in my gut and head then everything went to black.

Two Years Before

I screamed “Get out of my way! It’s going to kill everything!” Stella said “That includes you! Your not strong enough to face that thing!” I yelled “At least let me try! I have to!” I started running forward then Stella grabbed me by my hood and threw me into the ground. She yelled “My name is Stella IronHeart! You will stop this foolishness now! As your commanding officer I order you to stop!” I stopped trying to get up then I said “Then I am sorry.” I took off the band that went around my arm with the emblem of the tower and Stella's emblem. I threw it to the ground and said “Thank you, but if this is what it takes to try to save you, I quit” I jumped forward and activated my sword of light. I started screaming then my vision went back to my current time. I was on my knees and I got up slowly. I said “My name is Sage, and you should know this by now that I am strong enough, and I will win this. So let’s do it, pick out your best five soldiers. I will fight them all if you guys win I will leave, forever… But if I win I continue climbing up the tower. Oh and by the way, Stella right. You should be more careful about how you show that band of yours, on it was her emblem the towers and three roman numerals.” She looked at me in surprise and I said “So how bout it, you and four other year threes against me?” She didn’t say anything then she nodded. Two men and Two woman stepped forward. They all pulled off different kinds of weapons. I summoned my sword to me and it flew into my hand. I put my hood over my eyes and I said “Just one thing before we start this, I regret leaving you…” Her eyes went wide then I jumped forward and punched one of the girls in the stomach. She went flying backwards. One of the guys did a side ways 360 and brought down a scythe. I blocked with my sword then stabbed at him. He disappeared in a flash of red light, Next the last three jumped at me, I did a back hand spring to avoid there attacks then I threw my sword down into the ground. They flew backwards then I saw it, it was so brief I didn’t have time to process it. I saw the blade of one of the guys about to slash through me then, midair I tried dodging and he cut my arm. Everything started getting hazy then I felt it, the same feeling as I did the last time I got angry. I felt another worldly force and I said “Don’t ever try that again” I walked forwards and I slowly put my hands up. I activated my divine light and my hands started glowing. I heard someone scream again, I looked at Stella then I heard her say “It’s you…” I launched a spear of light in there direction, it zig zagged through everyone then it stopped in front of Stella. I heard Amber yell “Stop right now! You are going to hurt yourself!” I started spinning the spear in front of Stella’s face then I took heard someone say “Stand down cadet!” I looked to the right and there were five men all dressed in Tower Uniforms. I got rid of the spear and stopped floating. I felt the power leave me and my arm started bleeding hard again. I heard them say “That’s enough for now cadet Grace. You have proven that you are worthy of coming here. Now you will be sent to your quarters immediately so we will tell you your rank now. You are Private Grace of Fire Team 2217. As for your team mate she has been sent back to the place where she came from. I looked back and Amber was no longer there. You will meet up for your first team meeting in two hours, follow the flashing yellow lights to your team’s room. Where something suitable for a fight, leave your weapons though.” I nodded and I disappeared in a flash of blue light. I reappeared inside a bunk room. I saw my stuff on the top bunk already and I said “So this is my dorm for now…” I felt a growing pain in my arm then I heard someone say, “Oh my gosh are you okay!” I said “Who are you?” I could see there face now. She had light blonde hair green eyes, and was a little bit smaller then me. She said “My name is Emma Year Two, I am the Sergeant of Fire team 2217. I specialize in Water and wind.” She took some water out of the faucet and without even telling me what was happening she put it over my arm. It started glowing and my arm started feeling a little bit better. I said “You can use water to heal people? Huh first time for everything” She nodded and said “What’s your name? Also what Fire Team are you in? We should get you there.” I said “My name is Sage Grace, I specialize in wind, light, and lightning. I am private Grace of Fireteam 2217.” She said “Oh so your the new kid. Well this Is my room, well our room now. I am your Sargent.” I nodded and said “Yes ma’am” then she said “Wait are you the guy that just broke the record for most kills in a beginners test?” I was about to shake my head then she said “You are! I thought you were using Divine Light though?” I said “Huh… Really… I don’t think I was” I put my hand to the back of my head and said “Yeah doesn't sound like me…” I made a nervous laugh and she said “Okay… Well first off lets get you some clothes.” I looked down at myself and saw that my shirt was burned off and my jeans had holes in them. I nodded and said “Of course Sarge.” She went into a separate room and came out with a uniform for me. It was all white with blue highlights. It had a white hood and on the left hand it had some sort of built in glove. I put it on then I put on the pants. She said “So if I am guessing correctly, your a blade dancer?” I nodded and she said “I myself take pride in being a Caller.” I said “Ma’am if I ay ask that means you have a rather strong summoning ability right?” She shook her head and said “No Sage, it being a Caller means you have an affinity two to elements who can react with each other early and if one needs help ever, the other will come to help without the casters permission.” I nodded my head and she said “Well your all cleaned up now let me give you a tour.” I nodded and she said “So obviously this is our room, over there leads to the kitchen and over there is our living room.” She jumped and pointed at another door “Oh also that leads to our teams training room.” I nodded and said “If you don’t mind me asking may I ask the names and ranks of the people?” She nodded her head and said “See that emblem on your right chest? It means your a private” I looked down at it and there was a single slanted sword. I looked at my arm band and saw her emblem. Blue and white, with three upwards arrows. I said “But what about the others?” She said “Well there is Private Jone’s, Private Forehand, and Private Grace. Then there is Corporal Sin and Wisland, Then there’s me Sargent HailHeart” I said “and so are these living arrangements permanent? Or what?” She said “Yep just you and me having the time of our lives.” I nodded and said “What about this glove thingy?” She said “Oh, that my friend allows you to pull up your schedule, rank, team status, everything. Look you just move your hand like this” She thrust her hand down, then a screen appeared across her arm. I said “Seems legit, If you don’t mind may I ask what we have planned tonight?” She said “Ohh, looking to get with me already?” My face went blood red then she said “Geese don’t take it so seriously. Were going to go meet up with the rest of the team in an hour and thirty minutes.” I nodded my face still red then she said “So how bout we get to know each other? Play a game of truth or dare?” I said “Sure what’s the worse that can happen?” She nodded and said “One second I’m gonna go grab something.” I nodded and took out my delta chip. I set it next to the rest of my stuff then said “So whatcha got there?” Emma put it down and said “This little buddy generates dares for us” I nodded and she hit a button. She said “Truth or dare?” I replied “Truth” She said “Why did you decide to take the entrance exam?” I replied “Cause I made a promise… and I felt like it.” She nodded and said “Your turn” I said “Truth or dare?” She replied “Truth” I said “What about you? Why are you here?” she replied “Eh my family made me come here at first then couple years back an accident happened and now this is the only place left for me.” I nodded and she said “Welp truth or dare?” I said “Truth.” She replied “What is your strongest element?” I was about to answer wind then I heard the door being pushed down and a couple people walked in, One of the guy’s said “Sarge! We heard your motion sensors go off from an enemy we came as soon as possible!” I got up and said “Who are you!” I created a blade of wind then I heard Emma say “Everyone stand down!” I put my fist’s down and so did they, she said “We are teammates! Private Grace! Meet Fireteam 2217!” I made the blade go away then said “Are you sure? Cause I can get rid of them right now…” The guy got into a fighting stance again and Emma yelled “I said stand down!” I said “If I don’t?” She said “Do you want your face to be a painting on the wall? I think I may have forgotten to mention to you, were all second years and we all have Blood of the Gods in us, were God Slayer descendants. As a pure mortal who was lucky enough to be gifted with the power of elements don’t mess with us, now you will obey me. Private Grace stand down!” I put my fists down and so did the other kid. She said “Guys we have team battles tomorrow! Now is not the time to be fighting each other! Understand!” All the other said “Yes ma’am…” With a sigh then Emma said “Good now play nice and meet each other.” The guy stepped up and said “I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. Corporal Wisland” I put my hand out and said “Private Grace” The next person a girl stood up and she said “Corporal Sin nice to meet you private.” I shook her hand then a guy and a girl stood up. The guy said “Private Forehand, and this here next to me is private Jone’s” I shook both of there hands and said “So what did you mean team battles?” Emma said “You will see now get some rest i’m counting this as our team meeting. Everyone meet up in the mess hall at 6:30 don’t be late!” I said “So what should I do?” She turned around and said “Private get some rest.” She started walking out the door and I went up into my bed and closed my eyes.

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