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Son's of Death

April 23, 2018
By J.B-Sir SILVER, Park City, Utah
J.B-Sir SILVER, Park City, Utah
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I smiled as I drew back the string of the bow. “Come on Fel! Faster!” I let the arrow loose at the now incoming horde of demons. I smiled as the arrow exploded creating a void in the earth. “Quick more are coming get to the Falcon!” I heard my sister Emily call out. I pulled another arrow out of my quiver and notched it in the string of my bow. I heard my best friend Zezerous yell out “Fel and I will hold them off get the Falcon running!” The blonde elf with golden eyes and bright pale skin nodded her head and basically flew towards our Falcon, Zezerous yelled to his sister “Follow Emily! Alexis now!” The pale elf with black hair and silver eyes followed Emily into the shrubbery.
  I pulled back my arrow to my cheek as the first Warbeast arrived. It was similar to a mix of a Dragon and a Dog, it had scales and walked on four legs with the speed and accuracy of a wolf, it’s body was super heated to the point where if a human touched it there skin would probably melt.
I let the arrow loose, time seemed to slow down as the arrow pierced through it’s skin and come out the other side breaking a tree in half. I smiled and pulled another one out of my quiver, Zezerous gripped his glaive and yelled “Switch on my mark!” I nodded shot the arrow at a war beast and then instantly put away my bow and replaced it with my two daggers. “Mark!” He yelled out, I instantly replied getting ready to launch forward at the endless onslaught of beasts. “Sync!” I yelled back. I could see his face start to grin creepily in slow motion, “Mark!” He dove backwards and I shot forwards.
The first warbeast to come at me I jumped over and midair slashed through it’s back revealing it’s red steamy blood to Earth’s atmosphere. I spun around and slashed through three more of them with my daggers, I saw a beam of energy shoot past me and looked back to see Zezerous spouting out incantations at the Warbeasts. I let myself slowly start wearing the same grin he was. I unfused my blades with wind energy and shot forward. I slashed through demon after demon with almost no effort at all, a trail of bodies laid in my wake as I slaughtered them.
“Fel we need to get out of here the last one has come out of the portal…” Zezerous’s voice was cut out by the sound of a horrible shrilling sound that shook the earth bellow us and the clouds above us. Out of the forest appeared Ishtar, or the king of the Pyrmidian other wise known as the place we were stealing from.
It looked like a machine of some sort, it was t least twenty times my height and it had a giant sword hefted up in it’s hand. Zezerous and I looked at the beast dumbfounded. It took a step forward and the earth shook once more. I put my daggers back and pulled out my bow, I took out my last arrow and infused it with wind and light energy. I notched it in my bow and pulled back the string, Zezerous yelled into his com “Where’s the Falcon!” We both heard back from what seemed to be Emily’s voice “Were on our way!”
“I’m going to provide a cover fire shot to get us out of here okay!” I yelled out. Zezerous nodded his head and I started the incantation. “Šù Fëélà Hà?â Ašta?ô!” My bow lit up with a brilliant blue radiance along with my arrow. I let the arrow fly through the air towards the head of the beast. It looked like a shooting star flying through the sky with only one wish in it’s mind, protect it’s master. It hit Ishtar and instantly an explosion appeared around it’s body and head.
I heard behind me the rhythmic humming of an engine, I turned around to see the Falcon with it’s back open and its two wings jutting out with it’s rusty brown paint job. I jumped in with Zezerous and the doors closed behind us. I heard Alexis yell “Do you still have what we came for!” Zezerous pulled off the item that was wrapped from hilt to tip in bandages and tape, “Yes! Now gt us the hell out of here!” The thrusters started humming and our ship lifted above the trees. We started flying away from the temple as fast as we could.
Just when we were getting out of the enemies territory I felt it, our ship suddenly jerked to a stop then started moving backwards. “What’s going on back there!” Emily yelled. I looked out the window to see a beam of purple light surround us, “Cášôtó,” I whispered under my breath. My vision suddenly increased by nearly twelve times, I was staring at the Ishtar it only had one arm and half of its plating had been ripped off to reveal it’s mechanical insides.
Zezerous screamed out “Energy build up! It’s getting ready to shoot us down!” I pulled my bow off my back and pressed the compartment to our turrets opening up all the large arrows used for the ballistas. I took one out and opened the opening hatch to the top of the falcon. I climbed up and the hatch closed instantly. I heard in my com “You sure?” I shook my head and smiled “Of course I’m sure Emily, just be ready to go as fast as we can okay.” I heard a ruffling sound then the com turned off.
I pulled back the arrow almost as tall as me and infused it with light and wind energy once more, “Šù Fëélà Hà?â Ašta?ô Hár?à Šëñ Abó?ô!” I shot the arrow and it sped forward at the speed of sound, I could see even without the spell shrouding my eyes as an explosion shook the sky. The tractor beam broke and the ship launched forward faster then I expected. I tripped from the sudden jerk and started sliding off the top of it. I turned around and grabbed out for a cable from the ship and barely caught it.
“Fel there is still something there! Wait… no! Look out!” I heard Zezerous scream but his voice seemed to cut out from the static after that. I looked back to see a beam of light fly at our ship and strike right through it. Time seemed to stop at the moment, the ship exploded and I flew off eventually landing in the Earth, I closed my eyes and all that was around me disappeared.

I shot out of bed and screamed. There was sweat covering most of my body, I heard the girl next to me ask “Bad dreams again Fel?” I turned to Reese and nodded my head, she was a human just like the rest of my Party was. We were called the Fellowship of Hexa, a team that had been known for there ability to stop catastrophic events in the absence of the Legend Sol. There were six of hence in the name, There was me a brown haired elf with blue eyes and was about 5’8. There was Reese who had blonde hair and was about my height as well, then there was John who was much smaller then us except his skill with a bow was notorious, after that there was Cala whose skill with spears proceeded her reputation as much as she blows stuff up. Then after that there was Zack with his black hair and muscular body, he used hammers and was quite skilled with them. After that there was my favorite of the group Chad who used throwing knives to end his enemies without a single word asked.
I got up and took the sword I had taken almost two years ago from my bedside counter. I put on a shirt and then quickly put the sword over my back, it was called The Time Key according to the man who I brought it to a while back. When I held it it allowed my to do thirty second jumps back into time but every time I did so something horrible happened, such as a natural disaster or maybe a friend of mine died. Reese went back in her bed as I walked down stairs, it was 4:00 in the morning like it always was when I was woken up by that dream.
Cala was waiting for me downstairs, I nodded to her already knowing what she was going to ask. Her brown hair flowed behind her and and her small frame, for what it was worth she was pretty cute and we were only a couple months apart. “I know what your going to ask and the answer is no,” Her face fell and said “but it’s something new today,” I snapped my head towards her with a playful grin on my face, “And what is that something knew?” She pulled out a scroll and handed it to me, I opened it and saw instantly reading the title ‘Join the exploration team through the Pyrmidian! We leave on April 24th! When we find what were looking for we will be awarded with great treasures!’
She was right, it was something new. “I’ll do it but the team has to agree to it first, and I am only doing it because I need to check something in that area, might as well do it with others.” I regretted every word I said after that. She jumped up ran to me jumped on top of me put her legs around my waist and kissed my cheek. “Thank you so much Fel! You won’t regret it!”

Four hours later

“I regret everything…” I mumbled under my breath. Cala looked at me and said “What was that?” I rolled my eyes and replied “Nothing sweet sweet human girl…” She nodded her head. We had just arrived at the encampment of the expedition. A man came up to us and asked us our names and what we could provide for the team. We introduced ourselves and explained our skill sets and abilities. The man came up to me then finally said “We don’t like your kind around here,” His voice went from cheery to hostile in an instant. I put my hands up and said “Okay sir I’ll walk away then,” He shook his head then finally said “But we can use for cleaning the barracks and dishes.” I sighed as he instantly slapped a name tag on me saying my name and what I would be doing, he pointed to one of the smaller tents and said “Go over there their will be an instructor to tell you how and what you will be doing in complete detail.
I sighed and slowly started trudging towards the small tent. My team walked away into one of the larger tents following the man. When I stepped in the slimy smelly place I instantly furled my nose from the stench. There was a lady waiting for me with her hands on her hips looking like she was going to rain down fire from the heavens upon me. In a heavy accent she said “Starting tomorrow,” She looked closer at my tag, “Fel… you will be cleaning the barracks and dishes starting tomorrow kid get ready.”

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'I am Sol' spinoff 

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