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The Eighth Star of Solomon

April 23, 2018
By J.B-Sir SILVER, Park City, Utah
J.B-Sir SILVER, Park City, Utah
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I woke up a couple days later after the new arm was installed. I woke up next to Will, I looked up at him and he smiled. I heard Professor Pendleton’s voice in the back round “He already had a tremendously powerful weapon! Whats the point of giving him two!” Will shot back “Just think about it, he could be a complete and total movie badass.” Professor Pendleton replied “Thats what you see in movies! Not real life!” Will shrugged and said to me “Hey, how do you feel?”
I replied groggily “Good, I guess.” I put my hands down on either side of the bed and examined the new arm. It was made of the same steel as my right one. It also had the slot for the sword if I remembered correctly. I slowly got up and walked around then looked over at Professor Pendleton, “Can we get started?” Professor Pendleton looked at me with surprise and replied “Are you sure? I mean you just got a new arm, you must be feeling some pain.” I shook my head and said “Lets begin,” He sighed looked at Will then we teleported into the arena.
He pulled his sword out of its sheath and said “So we decided to go against the original plan, it turns out that you get to stay here no matter what. Welcome to the class, the first order of business is getting your rank down. So are you ready?” I eventually nodded and thought of a blade on my arm.
Then both my arms had a sword’s blade protruding out of it. The right one was the same was as a couple nights before but on my left it looked strange but something I had seen before. I looked at it more closely and realized I was using Will’s recovered sword.
Professor Pendleton yelled “Begin!” He launched forward and I blocked it with one of my swords. I spun my body around and tried to attack him with the other. He jumped back and got ready to attack again. This time much to everyone surprise I took the offensive. I felt a twinge in the back of my mind just saying thats where I would fair best.
I launched forward with blinding speed and attacked his blind side. He created a wall of ice which blocked my sword for only a second before it was cut in half. I jumped up did a misty and tried attacking him. He blocked it with almost no time left then I dropped down and sweep kicked his legs out from under him. I stabbed at him on the ground except he blocked it again. I took the other sword and tried attacking with it then he spun out of the way and stood up.
Professor Pendleton spat on the ground and I heard from above us a bunch of excited screams from the watching students. I ran forward running past him then changing my trajectory so I would kick him with my left leg. He dodged the metal leg’s attack barely then I launched forward again trying to score a lucky hit with my sword.
He blocked it then kicked me. My body flew backwards but I caught myself midair and dug my limbs into the ground. I spun and tried slashing with both swords, he dodged both times then he punched me. I went flying up into the air and when I landed he had his sword pointed at my that and he said “Deathblow” I sighed and let myself slump to the ground.
“Congratulations! For weapons you’re now the number one student!” Professor Pendleton yelled throughout the chamber. I looked up at him with bewilderment and then he said “In element use you are now third!” I gave him a strange look as if he was playing with me now. Then he said “For Element Control you are now twelfth!”
“What?” Was all I said before he continued “Get down here students! Meet your new partner!” I heard ruffling sounds coming from above us as people started running downstairs. I asked “Why did you give me those scores?” Professor Pendleton replied “Your speed was enhanced with your lightning ability and your skill with those swords with near perfect, and using ones element to enhance them self takes quite an amount of control.”
I stayed quite trying to put everything together. The doors burst open revealing the charge of students waiting to meet me. Instantly I was surrounded and was being asked questions, I tried answering them all to my full capability but eventually it was to much and Professor Pendleton let me go to my dorm.
When I got there I heard will say “Damn… That was one hell of a fight,” I said “You put your sword in me?” He nodded and replied “You could use it, and you found out what those runes meant, it should be yours.” I stuttered at first and then said “Th-Thanks Will,” He nodded and then I heard “Jesus Christ what the hell was that?” I turned around to see Belle standing up perfectly fine. “Your okay?” She nodded and I sighed in relief and “Thank God,” Is all I said before I felt my world turn upside down.
The lights shuddered on and off for a coupe seconds then they stayed off. Belle and Will yelled at me “Come on! We have to get to the safe room!” I launched out the door along with them and we followed the running flow of students until we were all inside the vault. Once we were all in Will shut the doors and immediately turned on the security cameras to watch the professors.
Most of us shuddered in horror, others stayed silent to scared to speak, but the smart ones, they were getting ready to die. On the security camera wasn’t just a bunch of low to mid level demons. Instead there were five high Warbeast lords, the killed off every professor leaving us the only one’s in the school. Then the last shot of footage was a grinning face that looked oddly familiar to me. The lights in the room shut off as well as the security cameras. “Shit,” Was the only thing we all heard as claws started scraping on the door.



“Guys we can’t get in, the threat level is to large. That’s Lucifer at his full power,” Locus said to us. Miriam stepped in and replied with forcefulness “But theres a bunch of trainees in there!” Locus replied “Were going to have to wait for now, lets hope it isn’t a total blood bath.”


Most people were shaking on there knees and I said to Will “Hey is there anyway we can get power in here?” He asked “Why?” I replied “I have a plan, where’s the back up generator?” The claws scarping on the door was still the same set of claws but it was getting deeper. He shuddered and said “It’s down the stair In the basement third door on the right, why?” I didn’t say anything else because I feared that if I did, I would stop myself. I ripped open the doors and kicked the warbeast waiting outside for me. I shut the doors behind me with students screaming my name. The warbeast growled and all I did to reply was “Lets go bitch!”
I launched forward activated my swords flipped over it then ran from its behind. I heard the steady rise in fall of its heaving chest before I beheaded it. I started running to the stairs hoping that I wouldn’t run into anything. I got to the back up generator and looked at it. It was in near perfect condition and everything around it seemed to be fine, and it said it was on. So what was it…
A memory hit me then I said “Oh shit…” I turned around and all the lights turned back on, but standing before me was a man with pitch black hair and pitch black eyes. “Lucifer,” I whispered. He half grinned have growled at the same time. He pulled a black sword off his back and said “I hear you stunted my come back human,” I stayed silent not truly knowing what he was talking about, “For that you will pay…” He launched forward and brought his sword down on me. I put up both arms creating an x-block motion which caught the sword with my blades.
I launched past him and started running up the stairs working on a pure primal instinct… fear. I heard the sound of students taking my idea to fight off the threat, the whole class turned around the corner and I yelled “RUN! HOLY SHIT RUN!” A tendril of steel launched out of the ground from under me. I turned around to see Lucifer laughing while holding his hands up at us.
The whole class followed my lead as I slashed through the remaining warbeast’s. I got to the schools doors which were already blasted open, the students started running out and I made sure nothing followed us. When it was just Belle and I left we turned to run through but as soon as we turned the steel shut itself. I turned around to see Lucifer still smiling holding his sword.
Belle pulled her own sword off her back and I got my blades ready. He laughed forward an I barely blocked the attack. Belle tried to stab his blind side except he flew upwards and stayed there for a while. I yelled “Belle! Open the doors the run! Do you understand!” Before she could say anything Lucifer blasted an attack at her. I went in the way of the incoming fire then my swords absorbed it.
Belle finally nodded then made a temporary whole which she instantly closed as soon as she was through. I turned to him and a snake like tongue licked around his lips. I started charging my body up with electricity then I said “You ready to die?” I launched a blast of lightning so large at him it should have disintegrated him. But instead he stood where he was laughing. “You know, that kind of tickled…” Lucifer replied to my past statement.
“Well shit,” He launched forward and we went flying through the roof of the school. Then we dropped into a free fall. He launched forward at me attacking my now somehow lightning infused blades leaving blasts of red and black running through the sky. Once we pasted all the clouds and the ground was coming into view I realized that I wasn’t in the best of situations.
I blocked more attacks and returned with an equal amount. Then just before we hit the ground I felt something touch my body and I was launched a tiny ways back up. I looked at the ground seeing a couple of people getting ready to attack Lucifer. I heard someones voice yell “Get to safety! Now!” Lucifer growled at the retort as I ran away.
I reached the hill with the rest of the students until eventually Lucifer summoned forth a portal and a torrent of demons, then he ran back through it and was gone. The fire teams made quick work of the demons around them then they came up to us. I put my hood on so people wouldn’t notice how much I was bleeding around my neck. When the teams got here they instantly started asking questions like, ‘Are you alright? Do you need medical support?’ We all shook our heads eventually and they made us board a hovercraft. I ripped off a bit of my shirt and wrapped it around my neck.

Two Days later

I walked out of the medical bay after I feinted last night from the blood loss. I saw the girl called ‘Miriam’ waiting for me, I put on my shirt and she said “Can we talk?” I nodded and replied “I don’t see why not,” She walked down the hall with me and she said “Do you know who I am Sol,” I bobbed my head up and down and said “Miriam, defender of Earth, Legend among elvish kind and the girl that showed Sol what it is to lover or something like that.” She shook her head and said “Do you know who I really am?” I eventually shook my head not understanding the question then she said “Do you know who you are?” I opened up the door to my room and activated my right arm sword. I started cleaning it and shook my head. She looked at the weapon intently then sighed “Okay, thank you for the talk.” She walked out with her shoulders slumped and her head looking at the ground. “Well we can’t all be winner’s” I whispered under my breath.

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This is a spin off of the 'I am Sol' series

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