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Double Bubble Wish Fairy

April 9, 2018
By Anonymous

“Stupid toy” Julie mumbles, rolling to genie ball off her bed.  The genie ball begins to glow, while seven-year-old Julie lays face down on her Elsa blanket.  The words on her blanket begin glowing too. It says Magic Within, Julie stares at it.  The ball begins rolling toward the blanket.  Julie stands up while the ball meets her blanket on the floor. 

“What is your magic wish number one” the ball states, Julie snatches her blanket up.

“JULIE” screams her annoying five-year-old brother.

Ignoring her brothers call Julie said “I wish my brother was silent” she said. Throughout the day her brother tried to talk but nothing came out! Julie giggles watching her brother struggle.

Later she ran back to her room wrapping her Elsa blanket around her shoulders. “I wish, I was in a magical place with magic things,” she said hopefully.

“Granted,” said the ball as J\=lie picked it up and closed in soft blue eyes. Just when she opened them, she was in a field.

A field of candy! Lollipops, Hershey kisses, gummy bears, and more! A sign points left and are labeled Flower Friends. I loooove flowers Julie thought.

She skipped following the signs until she reached seven little daisies.

They sang to Julie “one flower can save, one can kill watch your back, it'll be a thrill.”

Julie looked curiously at the ball, blanket, then flowers. Julie skipped on until reaching a huge group of roses. The roses sang “brave girl, brave girl, be ready for a while”. Julie looks around confused. Then skipped on, she got passed the roses.

“OUCH” Julie screamed all the roses shot thorns at her, she sits and pulls the thorns out of her legs. Julie then ran with her eyes closed all the way until she ran into it, a unicorn.

It was tall, majestic, and beautiful. Julie stared up at it.

“You have one wish left miss Julie,” says the ball.

“I wish that I was a unicorn rider,” Julie said proudly.

“Last wish granted,” said the ball. Then her blanket began to glow it slid under her and plopped her on the unicorn, and it became the saddle. She rode all day and all night with a smile bigger than a banana across her face. She laughed and giggled.

She explored the unknown kingdom and then saw a new sign. “Mix n Match” she read.

“Yeepers noodles,” said an unfamiliar voice. The voice high pitched like a mouse but loud too.

“Yeper noodles?” Julie said, “who said that”

“Me, hello,” said the unexplored voice. Julia's eyes wandered. Her blanket lifted her from the unicorn to the ground she grabbed her blanket and tenderly wrapped it around her.

That's when her eyes discovered the unknown sound, it was flying it was rainbow and beautiful, like a nice bee.

“I was told to bring miss Julie a message,” said the mystical creature,

“Yes, yes continue” she stammered.

He cleared his throat and rolled down a small piece of paper, then began “miss Julie, we can do wonders, but we are deadly now go back home before bad occurs, the trip has been fun, a satisfying journey but shes after you so you must scurry, go quick home and speak nothing of this place” the bee-like creature finished. “I must go, I must go” the began to leave.

“Wait what does that mean” Julie called after him, but no answer came. She starred, probably just a joke, I mean what can go wrong, with my unicorn by my side. She reached back for her unicorn but it was gone. “oh no” she cried “he's gone”, she peers around then sits grabs the ball and says “I want to go home”. No answer came, “I WISH I could go home” she says again.

“All wishes are empty,” says the ball she slumps down. Finally, she falls asleep, but then she is awakened by a frog.

“This-a-way, no that-a-way ugg,” says the frog as he hops back and forth. “I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!” he exclaims.

“Late for what,” Julie asked tenderly.

“To meet the fairy of course if I'm late ill be beheaded like my brother, aww my poor brother,” he says.

“I can help wich way is she,” says Julie.

“This way, no that-a-way, here” he hands her a map.

Julie picks up the frog, she moves him closer to her slowly like he was delicate glass. Then she runs following the map.

“Did you know the fairy could grant any wish possible?” says the frog.

“Really, I can go home?” she asks.

“Well anything you want, but there's always a catch”.

“Like what?”

“Oh just have to grab her a little something”

They pass through the flower garden again. “Ohh look,” says a daisey, “the weed,” she says giggling along with the other flowers. Julie pouts and stomps on. When she exits the garden a weed laying almost dead outside gives her flower petals.

“You'll need these,” he says in his last breath.Julie falls in love with the three flower petals and shoves them in her pocket.

After the long journey of twist and turns she finally arrives at the fairies palace. It has sparkles but it black like she's a dark queen. Julie sets the frog down carefully, then skips inside.

She explores the palace then finally arrives in the fairies wish boutique.

Its labeled double bubble wish fair. They confront the dark fairy. “Hello I'm Julie, and um” she hesitates “I want to go home,” she says getting a nervous vibe.

“I see you need one wish, one bubble,” says the fairy scarily. “Ill need three rose pedals then you can have your wish,” it says.

“Here” Julie hands the pedals hesitantly “Can I keep one,” she asked.

“Of course not” thunder the wish like a fairy.

Julie hands over the pedals, sad, and scared like a lost kitten. She stares desperately as the last pedal slowly drifts into the large fairies hand, it as dark wings but bright clothes. Julie shreds a single tear and then waits,
The fairy blows a bubble and tells Julie to say her wish. “I want to be at my home” she whimpers. Then the fairy and the bubble are gone like a twinkle in the night, she's back home.

She runs downstairs where she proceeds to tell her parents the story, her little brother laughs, her parents too. Then her mom walks away and giggles saying “the imagination of a kid”.

Then Julie says “wait” reaching into her pocket for the rose petals but there but they're no longer there. Then she pouts off to her room angry and upset. Then she plops back on her bed and stares dead at the ceiling reviewing her long adventure.

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