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The Metal Man

April 13, 2018
By EthanMTeter BRONZE, Holton, Kansas
EthanMTeter BRONZE, Holton, Kansas
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Innen is a silent robot who woke up in a underground lab, partially destroyed, and once leaving immerges into the african savanah. Many dangers await him out in this survival of the fitest landscape. Will the mystery of where he came from and what he is ment to do be solved?

Chapter 1: The Metal Man

Sometimes I think back to that moment. “Think…hmm do I really?” Or do loops in my cerebral just reboot. No matter, that instance comes back to my attention many times.  Life. A slow release from the locks on my eyelids almost like they were in pain, they squeak as they open.  However, the sight befallen them is still just darkness, nothingness.  Slowly power reached my limbs. I started to retch forward to no avail.  Something was holding me down to that metallic slated table.  Creaking blared out of my neck as my head turned to look at the restricting objects.  All of this was so new it didn’t register its unusualness in my mind. I unleashed my extremities from their cable restraints.  I stepped down off the table with a heavy footfall. I managed to balance myself with a few locks and springs setting into place.  I stood about seven feet tall, only four feet below the apparent ceiling in this room. Slowly I raised my steel palms up towards my eyes.  A few open and closed fists later things started to fit together.  My yellow eye lights unfocused from my hands and started to survey the room.  Rubble and broken technology surrounded the slanted table I stepped off of.  Directly above the table was a rusted steel door.  It had two panels that sealed in the middle.  Off of instinct, my giant metallic arm reached up.  My fingers roughly grazed the bottom of the two panes.  Suddenly the room began to rumble as the two panels shakily let their grasps of one another go revealing a bright light that seeped in like rushing water.  After my eyes adjusted I could see the prettiest view of my life.  The blue sky filled all of my vision.  Air rushed in against me and on my metal exterior.  My shoulder cuff rotated with the forwarding motion of my giant arm stretching for the blue abyss.  Just a few inches from the edges of the doorway my fingers reached ecstatically.  My knees cranked down and released sending my large metallic for out of the darkness and into the light.  The ground shook as I landed.  I stood firm and scanned the area curiously.  Nothing…Trees and fields and some distant lakes, other then that nothing.  My body stayed completely still as my head swiveled back and forth.  I looked for any sign of other life.  With no answer to what I sought I chose to start walking.  The field grass reached just above my ankle.  With no resistance I trudged through.  When all the sudden a terrified gazelle sprang up and sprinted away.  The life that pumped through every ounce of that creature intrigued me.  I tilted my head to see it for as far as I could.  I kept moving on my course while I processed this new information.  Without having to stop for eating or drinking meant I could go long distances in a single night.  The full moon over the flatlands cast very few shadows.  One of the few was off my rotund body. Hunter like, another shadow crept up.  Slowly I innately became aware of its presence.  I slowly turned to face this intruder.  A blur of movement, a roar, and the sound of scarping metal was all there was before I saw the figure who had pinned me to the ground.  A giant furless lion, pale grey skin pulled taught against the bone.  Pink scars decorating its dark hide.  Dangling loosely from its mouth was a piece of bloody gazelle flesh.  Its eyes moved at an unnatural pace almost as though the mind inside was eating itself away.  Furious uncalculated strikes rained down from its paws.  My curiosity was peaked, “why was it after me?” “What did I do?”  I decided I would need to assess its behaviors.  My large metallic hands grabbed it by the torso.  With an unleashed hiss a jet propulsion blast from my hands launched the lion into the sky.  My form bent at the waist sitting me up straight then my legs rolled under me.  Standing me up to my standard position.  A loud thud sounded as the lion finally landed.  A few growls and hisses came from the aggravated squirming beast attempting to stand.  Once it manages to stand, it quickly disappeared into the tall grass. I scanned the grounds for any movement.   My eyes looked right into the glossy eyes of the lion leaping towards my face.  Its jaw opened unnaturally wide.  In that moment I understood it. Why it chose me, and what I did.  It had nothing and it hungered for something…anything.  My experiment was over.  The lions lower teeth sunk under the left side of my chin and its uppers into my eye socket.  In these milliseconds it had me it began to crunch down.  Fed up, my giant hands grasped it by the skinless head.  Twisting and jolting the beast vertebra.  Before it could pop my illuminated eye out, I snapped its surging neck.  With a slight yelp it fell limp onto the dirt ground.  For a being like me to experience both life and death in such a short period of time was extremely… educational. 

The author's comments:

This story was written for my best friend.

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