An Autumn Adventure

March 30, 2018
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The Small town of Willow Creek there live two young teens whose lives were about to changes.

The small town of Willow Creek has a population of 2,498. It was the season of autumn, was the
time when the town's trees were decorating the grounds below with it leaves dotting below in
color of vibrant ruby red, golden yellows, and ginger oranges. In the town park was where most
of those striking color were located. It is also where this story takes place. A scarlet color
squirrel was gathering acorn for the winter. While it was scrounging for scarce acorns on the
ground, a young teenage girl was strolling with her bike through the park when she saw the tiny,
scarlet squirrel looking for something. A few minutes later, the girl approached the tiny squirrel
and crouch down. The squirrel looks at her questioning her being so close to it. Right then, the
girl opened her left hand. Inside her hand was an acorn. The squirrel examined her very
carefully. Until she whispered "Go on ahead and take it, I won't hurt you" The squirrel examined
her one more time before grasping the acorn, packing it in its mouth, and dashing up an oak tree
nearby. As it dashed off she said "Bye little squirrel, hope we meet again my name is Lily," she

After watching the squirrel leave Lily got up, dusted off her school outfit, picked her backpack
and purse and headed toward her bike. She put her belongings on the casket on the front of her
bike and checked her phone to see what time it was and she got on her bike and pedaled quickly
through the park because she was late for school. Lily made a right turn once she got to the
entrance and went downhill from there.

Meanwhile, a young boy around Lily's age was coming from the opposite direction. He was
munching on a donut that he bought from a café he passed by a few blocks away. Ambling towards the same school Lily was traveling to, the young boy knew that he would arrived on lime
to school. In the distance there was someone yelling something like "Gettysburg" multiple times.
Though the young boy paid no attention to it until he heard a scream "GET OUT OF THE
WAY!" At that moment he looked up and saw a school girl with long black hair racing toward him. She said something before she accidentally hit him with her bike. Thereafter everything went black.

In the meantime, Lily was close to school. She was happy she was going to make it on time.
Unfortunately, there was a person in the opposite direction. She hoped that the young boy would
not be going all the way toward her destination. After a few seconds of waiting, she knew that
they were going to the same place because they were wearing the same school uniform. Lily
crashed her bike into the young boy because the brakes on her bike were not working. Lily tries
to slow down her bike as best as she could in order to avoid crashing in the young boy, but she
could not. So, she screamed as loud as she could to get out of the way. The boy must not have
heard Lily's cry or was not fast enough so that is why Lily crashed in to him. After crashing into
him, they both landed on the sidewalk outside of their school.

A few minutes passed before either of them got up

"Ouch." The young boy said in pain "Why did you hit me."

"I didn't try to hit you." Lily bluntly stated

"I warned you to get out of the way repeatedly. But, no you don't listen. Not until I am way too
close, and even then, you don't even move when I said it"

"Oh, so this makes it my fault," he argued back "Because I'm the person who got hit"

"Yes, it does." lily stated

"Wait a minute, wasn't this accident your fault because you couldn't stop"

Lily stare at the boy and then mutter "yes it was," Lily mutter, then spoke in a louder voice, "I'm

sorry, okay."

The young boy answers kindly "I forgive you." He added with a teasing smile, "Just don't crash
into other people because most of them won't be as forgiving as me."

"Yeah, you wish" she answer. Then added "thought I still don't know your name. So, will you tell me?”

"Oh yeah" he remembers then stated in a formal tone "My name is Sam. It is nice to meet you."

Adding in a causal tone "what your name?"

My name is..." she pauses as she gracefully climbs up the stairs and then continue "Lily." She
boldly questioned him, "now do you want to be late to school or what."

"No" Sam answered. He quickly ran up the stairs to catch up her as she headed into school 

Meanwhile, an evil doctor named Doc Fin, he had a small amount of gray hair and amber eyes,
had a small laboratory not far from Willow Creek. Doc. Fin was building a machine with his new
assistant, whom had gorgeous red hair and forest green eyes, Rose.

"This machine will be perfect for destroying that disgusting village." He cackled as he added
more gears into place on the machine. "Bring me my wrench" he orders Rose

"Ok" she responded. As she walked away. Combing the tool box, she found an orange wrench.
She picks it up and walked back to Doctor Fin. "Here you go," she stated, she was about to lose
her job once he finished his machine. That machine named "The Invisible 2000" would cause
everyone in the town to disappear, if it worked, she hoped it wouldn't. That way she would be
able to snatched his building plans for the machine and report it to the police. They didn't believe
her the first time because she didn't have proof. Now she would have proof, and they wouldn't be
able to call her insane. She was going to wipe that smug look off their face that they gave her. She was finally going to become an undercover Police officer. She felt her heart filled with glee. Until she came back to reality when she heard that doc. Fin needed her for something. Soon she thought “Soon, I will achieve my dream."

As the days went by both Lily and Sam became good friends. Now as the weekend was slowly
approaching Lily and Sam as school was over. They were now very good friends and were
chatting with each other as they walked out of school.

"Can I ask you something?" Sam asked

"Sure. What do you want to ask?" Lily answered with a question.

"Well" he asked desperately "can I come over to your house today"

Sam was worried that she would want to know why he was desperate to come over to her house. A while back his mother and father started arguing. He knew that it would always get better, and it did for a while. After a while the arguments started becoming longer and were terrible than the last. Then recently Sam's parents, his father specifically, implied to him that they might get a divorce. After that day he would purposely try and avoid his house on the weekend for as much as can. So, he didn't have to face reality of his family breaking apart.

"Um," Lily questions herself before answering "Sure why not,"

"Thank you" Sam sighed in relief.

"Though," she interrogated him "Why are you so relieved to come to my house?"

"Well not to lie or anything it just a terrible time to go home" he said wearily.

"Ok." Lily decided to not to question him anymore. "But," she added "know that we have a long way to go and you might as well pack your PJ and your clothes and other stuff for the next few days. "

"Ok," he answers cheerfully "1 will go to my house and pick up all of those items and drop off my binder. Let's meet up at the café near the school, kay."

"Oh," she remembers and added as Sam ran toward his house "Don't forget to bring your bike if you have one."

Around that time Doc. Fin finished his Disappear 2000. He was tired from working on it for the past two years, but he was joyful and couldn't wait to test it out tonight, rose his assistant was happy too. During the two years they had been working on it, he noticed that she was always sad about something. He thought it might be because he was using her for the small thing like grabbing him the wrench and etc. So, when he gave her a bigger job like fasting a bolt she became happier and she smiled. Since Doc. Fin like seeing her happy he decided that it was better to give her bigger job. So, after finishing the Disappear 2000 he was going to miss her when she decided to leave, but he would still be happy because he would finally get rid of the town that cause his father to leave him forever. "Good bye hideous town," He cackled "because so I will never see you again after sundown."

"Sundown!" Rose immediately yelled

"Yes," he questions "Sundown what did you think I was going to use it at?"

"I don't know maybe tomorrow" she laugh sarcastically "or tonight"

"Either way how are you going to use it from here?" Rose immediately question him "Because we are so far away."

"Don't you remember?" He asked quizzing her "the beam on the roof has the perfect view of the

"Oh" she said and stop asking questions. After that she quickly yelled “be back in a bit” and dashed off.

"On no" she muller as she enters her navy-blue car and speed toward the town. She had to hurry or else to town would be gone. But she knew she wouldn't be able to evacuate the town in time so she hurried to her sister house where she would save her sister daughter, Lily. After that, she would figure out a way to reverse the machine.

While that was happening Lily and Sam arrived at Lily's home. The house was on the outskirts of the town. Her house was on a sloping hill that lead upward. Lily was in the lead as she climbs up the hill. Usually you could only get up there by car. But Lily spend time practicing how to get up there on her bike. So, when they finished biking up the sloping hill, Lily was not tired but Sam was, and as soon as they hit the flat part where her house was Sam got of his bike and collapsed on the grassy ground.

On the flat land there was a quaint wooden house with two floors and a porch sitting in front of them. Lily collected both of their belonging and drop them on the porch before going to help Sam. As she helps him, a navy-blue car speed into the parking lot of house a young lady came out of the car dashing to them and waving her hand precariously in the air. The lady yelled "Bring him over here." As soon as the lady finished Lily knew who it was.

"Aunt Rose" Lily yelled

"Lily" Rose yelled "get in the car," then she added "bring that lump with you, kay" she said breathlessly.

As Lily dragged exhausted Sam to the car. The sun started to set. Lily finally dragged Sam into the car. The second she got in the car speed off.

"I thought you went on vacation," Lily stated

"No, I wasn’t on vacation, I went undercover" Rose answered bluntly, and then added "Who or what is 'that'?"

She said while looking with one eye through the front mirror.

"Oh! This" she pokes at Sam.

"Yeah. What exactly is" Sam interrupted Rose.

"Good Morning" he said drowsily.

Lily poked Sam harder,

"Ouch!" he stated in pain "Don't do that." He stated in pain, "It hurts" he said before noticing that he was in a car then he asked two questions "Who is she? When are we going?"

"My name is Rose" Rose stated in a brave voice "and we are going to a laboratory where we will stop a machine that is supposed to wreak havoc on are town."

"Ok well let's do this" Sam said with fierce determination,

"Ok" lily said in shock "But what exactly is happening. And where are we going" she asked in curiosity.

"Well we are almost there" Rose said ignoring Lily questions with a hint of fear "we are doing
this to save are town."

As they were closing in on the laboratory. Lily looked outside the car window and saw a small
white laboratory with and large telescope and a laser on top loading a machine. As the car stop
they ran toward the lab. Lily was frightened about the future of herself and the town. Until Sam stated.

"We are going to save the town" in a clear voice.

As they charged in, they faced doc. Fin. "What are you doing here?" he cried "I thought you left."

"I came here to save Willow Creek and I will," she stated as she got the toolbox and then continue "so how do I stop the Disappear 2000?"

"I don't know?" the Doc stated "I didn't build an off switch nor reverse switch."

Rose was about to ask a question but Lily cut her off with a question "why were you miserable?"
"Because" he stated "I missed her." He pointed to Rose "I was tired of being lonely." he then continue "it hard to have no one to talk to, to joke with, so in a way I hired an assistant so I wouldn't be lonely, and I wasn't until now. And I figured out where you were going so I decided not to make the town disappear, for your sake. So I tried everything to destroy the machine," his voice cracked with sadness, "but I couldn't stop it. And now the town is going to disappear."

As the sun dropped to sundown the 'Disappear 2000 went off. A beam sliced through the sky.
Lily, Rose and Doc. Fin looked outside the window to see if the beloved town of Willow Creek
was gone. Their eyes sparked in amazement of what occurred before their eyes. The beam shot
off, above the town. They all looked at each other in amazement and then heard a muffled voice
talk behind them.

"Did I do it?" Sam questioned "is the town safe?"

"Yes!" Rose, Lily, and Doc. Fin cried and then cheered. "Thank you, Sam."

"Well can I get some new clothes" he asked crawling out of under the machine "I kind of want to

be clean now" He stated while dusting of the clinging dirt.

A few days after the incident. Both, Sam and Lily where at the café near their school. Soon it
would become winter for Willow creek and all it resident, but at the time, both of them decided
that they would enjoy a pumpkin pie while was still in season.

"That was one heck of a day wasn't it" Lily said while eating the pie. "Yeah, it was, wasn't it" Sam stated and then continue after taking a bite of the pie. "It was one Autumn Adventure, wasn't it?"

"Yep. One Autumn adventure" Lily echoed.

The author's comments:

Well, what inspired me to write this story was that I adore fantasy story and I thought what better than to write a fantasy story with some of my favorite names as characters. I hope that people read this story just for a simple entertainment.

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