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I Almost Died

March 26, 2018
By Anonymous

“ I  was a corpse laying across the back seats of a car. Then a miracle happens, I was able to breathe, just not very well.  I could just see my wife and those and those blue eyed twins that I love so much.  I don't know how I could die rate now.” I heard a familiar voice and to my surprise one of my friends was trying to get, the police officer to let him come to my corpse. The police officer said, “ The only thing in there is a corpse”.
“Can I please just go and pray for my friend?”
The police officer said, “ No sorry”, but he did it anyway.
  I was a father of two kids who I would give my life for, and a loving wife,with beautiful hair, that would do anything for me.
How could my life end like this?
My worst fear was happening. It had come true.
I was born in New York, but ever since I was 10. I wanted to live in Texas. So my dream came true, my wife agreed. We moved to Texas about an year before the accident happened. I was on my way to work in the morning, and to my surprise I t-boned an semi. I died right there and then. 

  My friend opened the front passenger door, and started to pray. Then when he stopped praying, I left heaven- I guess God wanted me to do more down on earth. 
Then I started to make an nosie...
My friend got out of the car and went to the parametric and said, “ He is alive, Josa ia alive!”
Then the parametric said, “ Are you sure?”
“Yes why would I lie about this?”
He finally got the parametric to come over to Josa.
Then to his surprise he called the rest of the team. When they got Josa in the ambulance, they put an oxygen mask on him to get his breathing back to normal. “ When he got there they told him you shatter your knee and collapse a lung, you almost died, but you should be fine now.”
I whispered under my breath,  “ Why does God want me to live?  what does he still want me to do for him?”
“ Do you need anything before I leave?”
“ No. Thank you. I am fine, thank you for asking.”
“ No problem.”
I saw something in my pile of messed up clothes, so I got up. When I grabbed it I realized it was my phone, and there was ten missed calls, most of them was my wife. It was my kids

school, and my wife. So, I decided to call my wife, she probably had to go to the school and pick the kids up.
She picked up really quick, “ What’s wrong you always pick up,and you weren't at your work?”
“ No. I got is a  accident with an semi, will you come to the hospital, please don't bring the kids.”
“Yes, sure.” she said very worried.
I woke up and there was an butten rate beside me. When the nurse came in she said “ If you are in an lot of pain you can push that button, you can use as much as you need.
Then my wife walked in and said “ are you ok, did you really die and then come back to life?”
He said “ Yes It was truly an miracle.”
She stayed at the hospital until I got out of the hospital. 
I asked her, “ What did you do with the kids?”
“They are at my mom’s house”.
I rolled over, so I was facing away from her. “Why did this have to happen to me...why now. I am not ready to go to heaven.”
“ I know baby, but God does stuff for a reason. Look on the bright side, you are getting better not worse.”
I said “Did you tell the kids what happened?”
“Yes and they are really nervous, you should call them and explain what is going on.”
I grabbed my phone “ Ok, I hope they are alright.”
It was ringing, and my mother and law answer the phone, “ Hey can I talk to Gabe, and Ariana.  I want to tell them what is going on”.
“ Yes but, what is wrong?”
“ I got is a accident with an sumi, and I died and came back to life.”
  “ Oh” she said as I could hear her sobbing(we have been so close since my mom died of cancer, my dad left when I was 10.

Gabe picked up the phone, “Hi daddy”
“ Hi honey, can you put the phone on speaker , said Jose.
“Yes”, said Gabe.
“ Is Ariana around”.“ Im rate here daddy.”

“ Good, look I was in accident with an sumi. I am ok but I am going to be at this hospital for 3 more months.”

3 months later

When I  opened the door of my house my little girl, with her sparkling smiles and warming personality, ran and jumped in my arms. I thought to myself. My little boy came and gave me an hug and said” I am so glad you are home and are feeling better.”
“ So good to be home.” My mother in law came over and gave me a hug. “I am so glad you are home.”
“So am I.”

The author's comments:

It is based off of the movie 60 min in heven 

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