The Mysterious Land

March 26, 2018
By Colin11227 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
Colin11227 BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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Adventure is a curious and exciting trip. You might have took a adventure in local park or a local Mcdonalds play place. But have you ever went to a mystical mysterious land?
My name is Landon and I have went to a mystical land before.
tick* toc* tick* toc*
My body jolting up with my heart pounding like I just ran a three mile marathon. I get up to see my dog Peanut come jump onto me like he has never seen me before with excitement in his face. As I walk to my dinner table to read the news paper, I look inside my raspberry color fridge to find my chocolate milk. I go to reach for the icy handle that it attached to the container and I grab it to go pour me some chocolate milk in my foot ball cup.
As the chocolate milk nearly flows off the rim of the cup, I take a drink the feeling of the icy chocolate milk going into my stomach refreshes me giving me energy to wake up. I take a couple small steps towards my table, I reach out with my free hand to grab the slightly dark wood chair. I put  my icy chocolate milk down on the table and pick up my old fashion newspaper. To see a advertisement of a picture of a boat and the words under it saying,
  Need a break from your normal boring lifes take a cruise to italy and see all the unique places to visit there only $79.99.
I was thinking to myself, do I need this? Part of me wanted to jump up and down and say, Peanut were going on a cruise, pack your stuff!
Then I remember dogs can’t pack there toys- silly me- as I call the number that was labeled beneath the advertisement they said that i’m lucky that I called because I was the last room that was aboard. I got so excited I was stuttering talking to the person on the other side of the phone. Once I ordered the cruise, I got so much energy I started to pack mine and Peanut’s stuff.
The next day I loaded my leather suitcase and Peanut’s doggie bag into my small little car. When Peanut and I were going onto the highway the news was playing over the radio saying,
Today tuesday leading onto tomorrow wednesday is going to be raining.
When Peanut and I got to where the cruise was located at. I put Peanut on his blue leash I get out the car and pick up mine and Peanut’s bag. As Peanut and I were walking toward the entrance of the cruise we were asked our last name’s to clarify we paid for the trip the nice man said have a nice cruise and smiled and gave us our key to our room. When we were walking to our room we seen three families having fun on the deck up top when we finally arrived to our decorated door that had blue waves and white clouds I swipe the card and the door unlocks.
As I turn on the lights peanut gets excited and pulls hard enough to get away from my grip going two thousand miles per second he zooms onto the beds and looping the whole entire room. When I went to go get some saucy red spaghetti the workers kept saying to each other that the storm today was supposed to be bad. As I got back to the room i set Peanut’s plate in the tub so he doesn’t get stains on the carpet. As me and Peanut fell asleep I woke up in the middle of the night from the boat rocking left to right more and more every time i looked out the circle window in the room and seen the ocean rain down then laid down and went back to bed. As I woke up for the second time it was seven am there was something different than the last time I woke up before I could just tell the boat stopped rocking as hard. As I look outside it was raining black licorice. I thought I was seeing stuff I bought this trip to go to italy not to see black licorice it was amazing. As a couple hours go by I was awakened with a big boom and I hear things crashing down and I hear screams as I go investigate as I get to the docks. I was suddenly wide awake looking at the the other boat barely connected as I go and run down to get Peanut a lightning strike crashes into the side of the boat im in as i fall down into the water everything became slow motion and a voice said landon stay calm and dont go to far they will pick you up. Then everything become normal again and while i'm in the water 15 seconds later I see a life raft and wave with my life in my hands as one little boy spots me. As I get into the boat they said the boat was filled up so we had to go to land. As we got to land it wasn't a normal island the trees were twizzlers and the animals were gummies it was so weird that it was cool. As me and the little boy named Jason and harold his father were exploring the mysterious island we thought it was a land of joy and love because everything was candy.

As we explored further into the movie we discovered a spot were no animals were around we didn't know why into we get to the middle of the island. When we hit the middle we were astonished to see a hole that was about as deep as three eiffel towers stacked but going underground. As harold got a twizzler off the tree he threw it down into the whole and after about seven minutes we heard a slight noise like it reaching the ground. Then as we went back to the beach we went back to the beach and made little tents out of twizzlers when i went to go take a midnight stroll and look for stuff I saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex that was made out of hard candy, still managing to keep together, I seen it eat a whole gummy bear in one bite and there bigger than us. So when we all woke up yesterday I told harold about the situation and not jason because I didn't want to scare him.

While we were thinking on how to get off the island as I was playing with this rock I found throwing it up and down i threw it a little to far behind me. While I was trying to reach for it i fell back and seen a mountain but it had a little shack on the top of it. As I spotted it the island shook a little so me and Harold look around and looked at each other and Jason wandered off into the jungle. So as me and Harold were shouting his name we arrived at the middle of the island with the big hole then we seen a tribe of gummy monkeys were carrying around Jason as they were walking closer to the hole we ran to Jason and picked Jason up. And started heading back to the beach. When we knew we all had to get off of this island we started to make a small boat out of twizzler and small broken pieces of wood. When we were gonna take for sail the monkeys came and destroyed the boat and ripped it piece by piece.

So after the monkey incident we decided to explore a little bit more of the island we found a hut and as we approached it we heard noise coming from inside of it so we peeked in and seen a guy that looked about 36 with long hair. We were glad we were not the only people on the island as we walked threw the door his eyes became really big like his first time being able to see. He got up with a jolt and grabbed both my arms and looked in my eyes and got excited about it and he said my name is brian and told us he knows a way off the island he just needs a little help and we sat down and talked about his plan on escaping. It sounded correct and gonna be able to work but he said he needed on thing and that was a tyrannosaurus rex bone. As we were thinking of ideas to slay a T-Rex it slowly became night time and Brian stands up. I got it and reaches under his twizzler bed and reached for some sharp wood tools. He said that if we want to get off this island we need to slay the t rex so we charged at a t rex and after one swing to the leg it collapsed and i thought to myself i know they wouldn't be able to keep together. After we made basically the same boat but with the t rex bone it stood together as we were planning to leave tomorrow at mid night the island started shaking a little bit more every few minutes till it was a magnitude 10 earthquake till the point where we couldn’t stand up no more we crawled are way to the boat and I told them it's now or never. As me and Brian were crawling dragging the boat to the water while Harold and Jason were scavenging for anything Brian had left over as we reached the water Harold and Jason were right behind us.

As we all got up for a second to jump onto the boat the it fell apart than I was launched into the sky all I heard was a big boom and I felt my body feeling pressured like i was holding a boulder by my shoulders and going so fast I couldn't open my eyes and when I started to lose altitude and speed than I was able to open my eyes. As my eyes were still blurry from the speed I seen good ocean blue as I was going to the water at fast speed I used all my will power to make a ball form so i didn't risk breaking to much bones laying flat. Than faster than sound i heard a loud splash like doing a cannonball into a pool and half a second later everything went black.

When I awoke from being unconscious I was washed up onto shore as I get up in a hurry I check my surroundings for people. As I see a man fishing I run to him full sprint in excitment and worryness. I get to him and ask where we are and he says the great lakes of michigan. After awhile walking I got to the airport and with the remaining balance i had in my bank account I got everything out that I needed and got a flight back to chicago and when I returned home everything was the same but no Peanut. A few days later I got a knock on the door as I open the door there were two federal agents and they said here is $30,000 from the incident and here is your dog Peanut we some other people found him when the boat sank and decided to rescue him.

So after this, Peanut was excited to be home and I was excited to be home and have Peanut by my side again and especially have $30,000. I learned not to take fishy cruises and decide to stay home then take vacations.

The author's comments:

My piece is about a man named Landon him and his dog Peanut buy a cruise that takes him to a mysterious land.

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